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Gallery Ezakwantu

Southern African Tribal Art





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                     African Tribal Arts                    


Tribal Art from Central and Southern Africa - Arts of Africa


Art Africain  頂级菲洲艺术品中心  Afrikanische Kunst    Außereuropäische Kunst


Gallery Ezakwantu       Southern African Tribal Art       Gallery Ezakwantu


African Adornment

African Axes



African Beadwork

African Beer Cups

African Beer Pots


Colonial Figures

African Containers


African Costume



African Dolls

African Figures

Hair Combs

African Headdress

African Headrests

Imbenge Pot Covers

Masks - Masques


Meat Platters

African Milk Pails


Musical Instruments

Jewelry - Jewellery

African Pipes


African Shields


Snuff  Spoons

Snuff Bottles

African Spoons - Ladles

Stools - Thrones


Status Objects



African Staffs


Tobacco Bags


Weapons - South Africa

Weapons North


Weapons - Central Africa


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Contemporary South African Art



South African Art - Oils - Watercolours - Ceramics - Pencil Drawings





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African Tribal Art Books


Rare and out of print Southern African Tribal Art Books



The Material Culture of the Cape Nguni - A rare complete four volume set.


Native Life in SA

Art and Ambiguity

Sleeping Beauties

Ten Years of Collecting

African Art of Zimbabwe


FNB VITA Craft Now 1998

Beadwork of SE Africa

Asking  for Eyes

Magic World of the Xhosa

Hair-Styles, Head-Dresses, etc.


The Material Culture of Zimbabwe


Making Links

Evocations of the Child

Tribal Peoples

Engaging Modernities

Ngola - Weapons



Red Blanket Valley



African Elegance

Tribal Art Books


Barbara Tyrrell


Dungamanzi -   stirring waters





Zulu Beadwork


Bizarre Plants




The Thembu


Makishi Lya Zambia




Zulu Treasures


Beaute Fatale


Afrikanische Waffen


Rare Short Weapons


My Life, My Collection


SWA - Kavango


Zulu Basketry


Africana Notes and News


Traders and Trading Stations


Transkei Heritage


The Zulu


The Zulu -Traditions


The Xhosa



Armi Bianche Dell'Africa Nera




South African Tribal Life Today


Suspicion is My Name


Ezakwantu - Beadwork


The Horstmann Collection of Southern African Art

Spirit of Africa

Southern Africa by Design

Tracing the Rainbow


Speaking with Beads








Southern African Book Title Guide



Congo and East African Titles










Southern African Tribes - History


An information portal to Central and Southern Africa Tribal Peoples



                                                                                                                               African Tribal Names






Tribal Migrations - Tribal Peoples - Tribal Wars







The Great Lake Region of Central Africa



..............  and the Southern African Connection




The Suto-Chuana Clans


North Sotho -South Sotho - Tswana - Bechwana


The  Ba Tlokoa  

The Lobedu

The Sotho 

 North Sotho

The Pedi


The Ba Roka

The Venda





The South Nguni

 Gcaleka - Fingo - Mfengu - Thembu - Pondo and Xhosa Clans


Lister Hunter












Petroglyphs - Herero Genocide - Rock Art




                                            Twyfelfontein Rock Art                              Namaqua Genocide - Nama Genocide              The White Lady of Brandberg






'Dancing on Wheels' - Across Angola to the Upper Zambezi



Flamingo Lodge - Angola  /  Nchila Wildlife Reserve / Barotse Tiger Camp





Likumbi Lya Mize



A Traditional Luvale Cultural Event





The 19th Century Nguni Prepuce Cover




A Vanished Aesthetic Locus





Angola - Fifty Shades of Pink




An exhibition - Presley Lawrence-Roth






FACES -  Art of Angola - and surrounds




                             Chokwe Chihongo    Luchazi Nalindele             Chokwe Pwo             Luvale Chisaluke    Luvale Mwana Pwevo



                 Chokwe Ngulu         Luvale Nalindele              Luvale Pwevo               Luvale Ngaji           Mbunda Pwevo   Mbunda Sachihongo



An exhibition of Chokwe and related masks.









          Salampasu Mask  Mukinka                  Salampasu Mask  Mufuampo                  Kete Mask Eastern                                  Yaka Mask





Salampasu Warrior Regalia







Luchazi Chindoka - The Flying Drunk Calabash







African Tribal Information - Fun Stuff



African Lip Plugs

Dolls from Angola

African Headrests

Angolan Coiffeurs

Body  Scarification


Zululand 1933

South African Art


African Potters

Zulu Pots

Mangbetu Pot


Tsonga Vessel

Who is Who

Bambara Marriontette

Lamidi Fakeye



Mwali Ceremony



Brandberg White Lady

Trade Beads

Chokwe Divination



Ricksha Attire


Arne Grosskopf

Cape Dutch Homesteads

African Arrows

Royal Kuba Costume

Zulu Trophy Staff


Barbara Tyrrell Centenary

Paris Dakar Rally

Social Economic Crisis



                                                                   White Gold, Black Hands                       Art Central Africa (pdf)                        Itangi-Itangi / Itangui Itangui



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Video Clips - Slide Shows




Zimmer Collection

Candid Camera



Sahara Desert

Amazigh - Libya

Lion Whisperer

Body Modification


African - Images

Africa - Images

African Sunrise


 Drunk Animals

Africano Beats

Christian the Lion 1

Christian the Lion 2



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Central and Southern African History by Country





DR Congo









South Africa

















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Gallery Ezakwantu and Associates - have sold tribal art objects to museums and art galleries around the world for over 35 years. These include the following entities.






British Museum - London - UK


Musée Français de la Brasserie - Saint-Nicolas de Port - France


Warner Bros. Studio - Hertfordshire - England




South Africa


Johannesburg Art Gallery - Johannesburg


Local History Museum - Durban

National Art Gallery - Cape Town


US Embassy – Pretoria

William Humphrey Art Gallery - Kimberly

Wits University Art Gallery - Johannesburg


KwaZulu Cultural Museum - Ulundi  Kwa Zulu Natal






Art in Embassies - US Department of State


Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University

Indiana University Art Museum

Fowler Museum - UCLA - Los Angeles


Musical Instrument Museum - Phoenix

Seattle Art Museum - Washington


The Cleveland Museum of Art

The University of Iowa Museum of Art


Yale University Art Gallery












Galerie Ezakwantu

Southern African Tribal Art - African Art 


Central and Southern African Tribal Art


Art Africain      頂级菲洲艺术品中心     Afrikanische Kunst     Außereuropäische Kunst




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Afrikanische Kunst - Art africain -  菲洲艺术 - 部落艺术書籍 - 近代南菲艺术


Masques Africains - Afrikanische Masken



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Annang Anzika Apono Asalampasu Asante Ashante Ashanti Atemne Attie Atye Awemba Ayemba Azande Babemba Babembe Baboa Babua Babuye Babwa Bacouba Badjo Badouma Bafo Baga Bagga Bagoma Bahemba Bahoma Bahoyo Bajokwe Bakanu Bakongo Bakono Bakota Bakouba Bakuba Bakusu Bakwele Balega Balegga Balualua Baluba Balumbo Balwalwa Bamana Bambagani Bambara Bambole Bamileke Bamoum Bamoun Bamum Bamun Banmana Banun Bankanu Banyamwezi Bapende Bapunu Basa Basalampasu Batsilele Bashibiombo Bashikongo Bashilange Bashilele Bashileele Bashilyeel Basonge Basongye Bassa Bassongo Basuku Basukuma Batabwa Bateke Batshioko Batsilele Baoule Baule Bavili Bawongo Bawoyo Bawule Bayaka Bayembe Bayombe Bazenda Bazombo Bemba Bembe Bena Biombo Bena Lulua Bena Luluwa Bena Moyo Benembaho Benin Bete Bidjogo Bidjugo Bidyogo Bijago Bijogo Bijugo Binji Biombo Bissago Boa Bobo Boboa Bobo-Oule Bobo-Ule Bonkese Bouaka Boyo Bsande Bua Bulu Buluba Bushongo Buye Buyi Buyu Bwa Bwaba Bwaka Bwamu Camba Chamba Chokwe Cuabembe Dan Dan-Gioh Dekese Dengese Dogo Dogon Dowayo Doyayo DRC Duma Eket Ekoi Ejagham Eve Evhe Ewe Fan Fang Fante Fanti Fo Fulse Gbaka Gbandi Gere Gio Gioh Goma Gouro Grassland Grebo Guerre Wobe Guro Guruguru Gurunsi Gwere| Gwio Gyo Habbé Habe Hemba Homa Hongwe Hungwe Ibibio Ibo Idio Idoma Ife Igbo Ijaw Ijo Ivili Jokwe Kado Kakongo Kaluba Kaluena Kanu Kibisi Kisi Kissi Kongo Koro Kota Kouroumba Kran Krepi Kuba Kulango Kurumba Kusu Kuta Kwaro Kwele Kweni Landuma Landuman Leele Lega Lele Ligbi Lo Lobi Loma Lontomba Lorma Lorube Louba Loumbo Lovale Luba Luena Lulua Luluwa Lumbo Lumbu Lurale Lwalu Lwalwa Lwena Maasai Mahongoue Mahongwe Mahoungoue Majombe Makonde Malinke Mambila Mambilla Mangbetu Mangutu Man Mano Manon Marka Masai Massai Mayombe Mayumba Mayumbe Mbagani Mbaka Mbede Mbete Mbeti Mbole Mende Mendi Mogwandi Mongwandi Mole Mom Mombouttous Mongbutu Moose Mosi Mossi Mpangwe Mpasu M'teke Mumoye Mumuye Mum Mun Nalu Namchi Namji Namshi Nbaka Ndengese Ndenkese Ngata Ngbaka Ngbandi Ngbetu Ngbwaka Ngere-Oube Ngoma Ngoyo Niam-Niam | Niamwezi Ntomba Ntumba Nkanu Nourouma Nuna Nunuma Nuni Nuruma Nyamwesi Nyamwezi Nzombo Ossyeba Pahouin Pamue Pangwe Pende Phende Pindi Pinji Pounou Puno Punu Rega Salampasu Schilele Senoufo Senufo Siena Sienna Shilange Shilele Snan Songe Songhay Songye Suku Sukuma Taabwa Tabwa Tchamba Tchokwe Tege Teke Temne Teo Tere Timne Toma Tombo Touareg Tshokwe Tsio Tuareg Tumba Vili Wabembe Wabemba Wabuye Wagoma Walega Wangara Waluba Wamakonde Wanjamwezi Wanyamwezi Warega Warka Warua Waschamba Wasonga Wasukuma Wasulunka We Wee Wemba Wongo Woyo Yaka Yacouba Yacuba Yakoba Yakuba Yaoure Yaure Yohure Yombe Yorba Yorouba Yoruba Yumbe Zande Zombo Zoombo Zukuma Unattributed Pipes Tshokwe Bali Bangubangu Banja Bemba Bembe Binji Biombo Boa Budja Buma Bushoong Buyu Bwende Dengese Ding Goma Hemba Holo Holo Hunde Hungaan Jonga Kakongo Kalundwe Kanyok Kasongo Kete Kete Lulua Kumu Kusu Kwese Lega Leka Lele Lengola Luba Kasai Luba Upemba Lula Lulua Lunda Luntu Lwalwa Lwena Manngbetu Mbagani Mbala Mbole Mbole Mboma Mbuun Metoko Mfinu Nande Nala Ngata Ngbaka Ngbandi Ngeende Ngombe Ngongo Nkanu Nkutshu Nsapo Nyanga Nzakara Pende Pere Pindi Pyaang Rungu Salampasu Shankadi Shi Shoowa Solongo Songola Songye Suku Sundi Tabwe Teke Tetela Togbo Tsaam Tshokwe Tumbwe Vili Wongo Woyo Wuum Yaka Yanzi Yela Yombe Zande Zela Zimba Zombo Zula Gcaleka, Ngqika Ndlambe, Dushane, Qhayi, Gasela, Ntinde, Dange, Gqunukhwebe, Gwaki, Mbalu, Eskimo Inuit south pacific American Indian South Pacific