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Ceremonial Dance Hoe


Western Zambia




Miniature hoes called Katemokavamwali were danced at Chokwe, Luchazi, Luvale and Mbunda female initiations called mwali in Angola, DRC - Congo and Western Zambia. Katemokavamwali literally means the hoe of the female initiate. Katemo is hoe,  vamwali is of (va) women (mwali) or female; Katemo ka vamwali. Katemokavamwali also dances at boys Mukanda ceremonies.




        Ila Speaking Girl with a Katemokavamwali - Zambia                                  Initialled Underside


The wooden blades underside has the initials IVD or MD - carved into a backdrop of a larger "D".





Blades were carved from wood or forged by an ironsmith. This example has a wooden blade, was once part of the Southern African Heinz Papen Collection and most likely dates to 1900 -1920.






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