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BIZARRE PLANTS -   Magical - Monstrous - Mythical

William A. Emboden




Coco de Mer


'Bizarre Plants' is a book about plants so monstrous, mythical or magical that to ignore them would be to discredit man's sojourn through his fantastic world. It contains little known and forgotten histories of nature’s marvels that transcend the ordinary - the upside down looking baobab tree whose fruits resemble sausages - the fabled Coco de Mer from under the sea whose seed is like a giant female pelvis and more...






'Bizarre Plants' details those plants which are so spectacular, grotesque or unusual that they have expelled bad dreams, expurgated madness, inspired love cured melancholy and rendered man invisible. Plants that have tumbled houses, brought about the defeat of armies and induced the entire population of towns to scandalous behaviour. It describes plants that when exhibited, have drawn crowds of reporters and film crews from Paramount Studios to record the events. 


The book details Ginseng... which has been called the wonder of the world, manroot, man-essence, thunderbolt root, seed-of-the-earth, holy herb...


It also details Welwitschia mirabilis..... a contorted giant growing in the deserts of South West Africa which is estimated to live between 1000 and 2000 years or more!


And...........  Plants that eat animals.


 Price $30.00 plus Postage

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