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Rare and/or out of print Southern African Tribal Art Books







Makishi Lya Zambia


Marc Leo Felix       Manuel Jordán





Makishi Lya Zambia - Marc Leo Felix - Manuel Jordán





Detailed Maps by Charles Meur - Luchazi Mupala Mask with Costume


Makishi Lya Zambia is the work of specialists Manuel Jordán and Marc Felix, who together - focused on the masked characters of western and north-western Zambia, eastern Angola, as well as southwest Congo - DRC - Zaire. The masks are those found in and around the larger Chokwe speaking complex of young boy initiation camps known as mukanda. Meanings and functions - similarities and differences - are discussed in detail, in this well researched account, written in both English and German. The "Contents" goes far detailing the importance of this work.



Pwevo Mask - Chisaluke Mask - Masterworks



 9 Foreword


11 Introduction

13 The Geographical and Environmental Context
     Geographie und Umwelt

17 The Prehistory of the Area
     Die Prahistorie des Gebiets

22 The Protohistory of the Area

     Die Urgeschichte des Gebiets

26 The History of the Southern Savannas

     Die Geschichte der Sudlichen Savannen

36 The Linguistic Context

     Der Sprachliche Kontext

40 Masking in the Upper Zambezi Basin
     Der Maskengebrauch im Oberen Sambesibecken

53 Ethnicity and Masking in the Core Area

     Types of mask used by the Lunda, Ndembu, Chokwe, Lwena, Luvale, Luchazi, Mbunda,

     Lwimbi, Mbwela and Ngangela

     Volker und Masken im Kerngebiet

     Maskentypen der Lunda, Ndembu, Chokwe, Lwena, Luvale, Luchazi, Mbunda, Lwimbi, 

     Mbwela und Ngangela.





Fantastic Drawings by Charles Meur are scattered throughout.





 85 Mukanda and Makishi
      Male initiation and the context for masks in Zambia

      Mukanda und Makishi
      Die männliche Initiation und ihr Maskenumfeld in Sambia

127 Plates


129 Pwevo, Pwo or/oder Mubanda


159 Mwana Pwevo and/und Nalindele

175 Masks Depicting Female Chiefs

       Masken-Darstellungen weiblicher Hauptlinge

183 Kashinakaji

195 Katoyo or / oder Chindele

223 Sachihongo

243 Lwimbi Male Masks

       Männliche Masken der Lwimbi

       Animal Masks - Tiermasken

251 Hundu - Baboon Masks / Pavianmasken

265 Ngulu - Pig Masks / Schweinemasken

273 Mbambi - Antelope Mask / Antilopenmaske

277 Chisaluke

291 Mupala

297 Chikunza or / oder Chikuza

303 Ngaji




One hundred eighty three striking photographs document the masks and their wearers of the vast region.




307 Maskmaking Neighbors: The First Crcle

       Maskenproduzierende Nachbarn: Der erste Kreis

318 Maskmaking Neighbors: The Second Circle

       Maskenproduzierende Nachbarn: Der zweite Kreis

327 Maskmaking Neighbors: The Third Circle

       Maskenproduziernde Nachbarn: Der dritte Kreis

336 Hypotheses - Hypothesen

367 Bibliography - Bibliographie



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