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Rare and/or out of print Southern African Tribal Art Books








Seltene Afrikanische Kurzwaffen


Rare African Short Weapons


Rares Armes Courtes Africaines






Seltene Afrikanische Kurzwaffen - Rare African Short Weapons


Rares Armes Courtes Africaines - Manfred A. Zirngibl




Seltene Afrikanische Kurzwaffen - Rare African Short Weapons - Rares Armes Courtes Africaines by Manfred Zirngibl, is written in German, English and French. This is the second Zirngibl visual 'must have' for anyone serious about their African weapons library.





Manfred A. Zirngibl has devoted more than 50 years studying the weapons of Africa. His autodidact expertise acquired through readings, museum visits, travels and excellent contacts with scientists, Africanist and collectors throughout the world make him a recognized authority.





Zirngibl collection and fine fantastic eye are celebrated with colour and black/white photography, as well as detailed drawings. Photography is complimented with appropriate field images.





Rare African Short Weapons - feasts the eye with fantastic wooden, ivory, iron, copper, bronze and brass African masterworks, which include axes, daggers, knives, swords as well as ornamental cult and throwing weapons are shown.





In the Congo region - the large number of tribes are masters in the arts of forging. There is a wealth of design in this highly skilled concentrated region. Often, individual weapons have a variety of purposes. To that end - a number of categories are detailed. They include; combat weapons, functional knives, cult knives, ornamental status weapons, throwing blades, and currency weapons.





An ivory hilted Zande status throwing knife and a rare copper Fang - Kota bird head status blade.





Teke - or Balali (Lali) - Mfinu (Bafumungu) - Bangi chief / king with status axe - edged weapon.



Price: $750.00 plus postage.



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Central and Southern African Tribal Art


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