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By Aubrey Elliott



Traditional Xhosa life and culture is recorded in over 70 full colour photographs, celebrating the dress, customs, beliefs and strong social ties that distinguish the traditional culture of Xhosa speaking people.




THE XHOSA - And Their Traditional Way of Life - Page 15


The booklet provides the reader with a visually grand insight into a colourful and proud people, The Xhosa of South Africa, as witnessed by Aubrey Elliott. Above, a typical page layout.




Aubrey Elliott with Barbara Tyrrell - Circa 1960


Aubrey Elliott was born in South Africa and learned to speak Xhosa at the same time as English. He developed a lifelong interest in the fascinating social life of South Africa's native peoples through a passion of photography.




THE XHOSA - and their Traditional Way of Life - Page 18 (portion)


Photographs in the booklet were taken over a 30 year period and are highly personalized. A good example is the text associated with the above image that reads: I came across this group of young Pondo ladies one stormy afternoon in 1968, when I was taking photographs in a remote area far up the Umzimvubu River towards Tina bridge. They were quite unresponsive when I asked if I could take their pictures. Then a young Pondo boy, who had previously taken delight in posing for the camera, came to my rescue and, after some teasing and cajoling, they silently chose and too up their positions. I managed only one or two photographs before the storm broke and everyone scattered, and I could obtain no information about their unusual dress. My young friend, though, told me that they were indeed Pondo, of the same clan as the conventional red-blanketed one of the area, and that the kneeling posture of the two in front was normal. He said they could maintain the posture for hours. The Pondo people, incidentally, believe that smiling (baring the teeth) indicates aggression, which may account for the girls serious expressions.




THE XHOSA - And Their Traditional Way of Life - Page 4 (portion)


This image with caption emphasizes the personalized rarity of the images Aubrey Elliott choose to share with the reader. I.e. When I was travelling on a dusty road in the Bizana region Transkei one day in 1979, this girl of the Tshangase tribe came galloping across the veld on her splendid horse. She was the only Xhosa girl I have ever seen astride a horse.





THE XHOSA - And Their Traditional Way of Life - Page 8 (portion)



THE XHOSA - And Their Traditional Way of Life - Page 07 (portion)




THE XHOSA - And Their Traditional Way of Life - Page 9 (portion)


This is an 'as new' original of a long out of print work, signed by Wayne Elliott, Aubrey Elliott's son.



Price: $20.00 plus postage.










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