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Paris Dakar Rally - Le rallye Dakar




DAF - the badass racing truck of all time - PARIS - DAKAR



Rallye Paris-Dakar




Drawing a line 'in' the Sand - Motormorph


The Dakar Rally was founded by Thierry Sabine in 1978. He lost his way and nearly his life, in the Libyan desert on the way from Abidjan to Nice riding a motorbike in 1977. From the experience - he decided to organize a race from Paris through the Sahara to Dakar - his route covering 10000 kilometers. One hundred and eighty two competitors joined him at the starting line, of which seventy four finished.




South America - Drawing a line 'down' the Sand -  Jonathan Moore - 2012


The Dakar is an endurance race more than a 'rally'. It is the toughest motor event of the year and the most challenging off road competition in the world. Daily distances reaching up to 900 kilometres are covered (560 miles), always through harsh conditions, crossing dunes, mud and  rock.  There are three competitive classes - Motorcycles - SUV's & Trucks, virtually all of which are modified for the event.




Drawing a line 'over' the Sand - Motormorph





Thierry Sabine devoted his life organizing every Dakar rally that followed from 1978, until he lost his life in the Dakar 1986 race, when his helicopter crashed in a sandstorm in Mali. Today, the event is organized by the Amaury Sport Organization, the entity behind the Tour de France cycle race.




Thierry Sabine on the Dakar: A challenge for those who go. A dream for those who stay behind.


The first Dakar rally and most thereafter, originated in Paris France and ended in Dakar, Senegal. In 2008 the race was cancelled due to security threats emanating from Mauritania. In 2009 the race was moved to South America, where it takes place through Argentina, Chile and Peru.








 The Legend


Team de Rooy & DAF Trucks




'Team de Rooy' led by Hollander Jan de Rooy, made DAF Trucks 'LEGEND'. They assisted designing DAF trucks and drove DAF Truck in the Dakar Rally from 1982 to 1988 and again from 2002 to 2005.




aris Dakar Rally Route - 1986                                   Jan de Rooy - 1979


DAF was one of the first truck manufactures to introduce turbocharged diesel engines. During the 1980's, rivalry between DAF and Mercedes-Benz led to vehicles with twin engines driving separate axels with more than 1000 hp. The result would be three DAF win in the category over 10 tonnes GVM.





                  DAF 1983 FAV 3300 DKX2 - DAKAR                                         The Bull - DAKAR 1985 WINNER




Jan de Rooy - DAF Double Cab - Dakar 1985


In 1985 DAF built a truck that could travel in either direction, should one side be damaged.




DAF 95 Turbotwin X1 and X2 -  Reputedly the most badass racing truck of all time!


In 1982, 1985 and 1987, DAF DAF 'Team de Rooy' won the Truck Dakar Rally. In 1988 they literally launched the two most daring - badass racing trucks of all time, the DAF 95 Turbo Twin X1 and X2. Each truck was powered by two 11.6 litre diesel engines and each engine fuelled by three turbochargers. Each truck produced 2400 horse power, or 1765 KW. The eleven ton trucks flew past motor bikes in the desert and were faster than the Porsches and Peugeots - reaching speeds of over 240 kilometres an hour (150 mph).



DAF 95 X2 destroyed -  Dakar Rally 1988


The Dakar Rally is notorious for fatal accidents. It has seen more road kills then events. In thirty four years of rally (2012), sixty people have been killed, twenty five competitors and thirty five spectators. Tragedy stuck at the 1988 race when DAF X2 went airborne at 180 km/h and somersaulted several times. Navigator/engineer Kees van Loevezijn was killed instantly. Driver Theo van de Rijt was airlifted to the Netherlands where he eventually recovered. DAF and the team pulled out of the rally and DAF itself terminated motorsport activates. In the same year, three Africans were killed by vehicles involved in the race.




Jan de Rooy at 66 - Winner of the Africa ECO Race (to Dakar) in 2009 - Retired


Jan de Rooy and DAF only returned to the Dakar Rally in 2002. Jan's son Gérard de Rooy raced with his father. In 2006 the pair were excluded from the race over 'paperwork' issues. Team de Rooy entered and won the 'Africa Eco Race' from Marseille to Dakar in 2009, where upon Jan de Rooy retired. In 2012, Gérard de Rooy won the DAKAR truck class, held for the fourth year in South America.



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