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The Art of South Africa






An Eclectic Mix of Diverse Cultures





                 Mr. Hermanus                                                      The Willie Bester Home


A characteristic that defines our species is the making of art. (Art; from Latin 'ars' meaning worked or formed from basic material.) Art as a medium of exchange is the gift in the hand of its creator, alive in the mind of its beholder, converting the private to a public good, and thereby adding it to the common store of human energy and hope. Art is the creative output by human beings, that allows other people to be infected by the inner feelings of one another.


People say Africa gets into your blood. The fact is Africa is already in your blood no matter where or who you are. Archaeology and genetic mapping confirm that Africa is the birthplace of humankind. The first word ever spoken, the first fire lit, and our first home - all were of Africa. The origins of all art, culture and science is African. As humans - we are able to explore our consciousness and through art, understand our precious world. With art and from it, we feel profound integrity for our own design. South African art and more particularly its contemporary art, brings millenniums of diverging cultures back to their African roots. South African art blends humankinds past with the present and moves forward into time... 




Hand Axe dating from 250000 to 500000 Years - Franschhoek South Africa



Long before people first engraved and painted on stones and rock faces, they invested objects of their existence with meaning. Care and thought went beyond mere functionality in stone tools from Middle and Late Stone Age sites.



Blombos Cave - Ochre Tablet - Circa 73000 BC


Dating to 75,000 years, this ochre tablet found at Blombos in the Southern Cape, bears cross-hatched markings. It is thought to be one of the earliest examples of human abstract illustration.




Blombos Cave Shell Beads - Circa 73000 BC


Small drilled snail shells unearthed from Blombos cave show patterns of wear on the shells, revealing they were worn as parts of necklaces or bracelets, making these shells the earliest known objects of African adornment.




Blombos Cave -  Archaeologist Chris Henshilwood



The significance of the discovery represents an occurrence of behaviour that communicates abstract information through the medium of a symbolic objects.




Kisalen Grave - Democratic Republic of  Congo


Forty thousand years ago, stone and bone pendants, shell ornaments and ostrich eggshell beads were widely traded throughout Africa. Their inclusion in burial graves, confirms people used objects to signal social relations and rank with others.



 Paleolithic Rock Art




Drakensberg Rock Painting -  Kwa-Zulu Natal


Between 20000 to 30000 years ago, people started leaving more obvious signs of their presence. Detailed cave paintings (so-called Bushman paintings) are found depicting hunting, domestic and ceremonial activates.




Distribution of Southern African Rock Engraving and Paintings.


San rock art is distributed from Angola in the west to Mozambique and Kenya in the east, throughout Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa - wherever cave conditions have favoured preservation from the elements. There is a stylistic unity across the region, which includes the art of the Tassili N'Ajjer region of northern Africa.




Stone tablet from Apollo11 Cave - Erich Wendt


Small portable stones and rock fragments called art mobilier, are the earliest examples of rock art in Southern Africa. Some examples are so small they could be held in the hand. Between 1969 and 1972, Erich Wendt found seven such painted stones in a rock shelter in the Huns Mountains. (Southern Namibia)  They were radiocarbon and stratigraphic dated to + - 27000 years.





              Twyfelfontein Namibia                                                              Brandberg Namibia


Contrary to other first arts of Africa, southern African rock art is not easily slotted into distinct regions. Successive generation of artists depicted similar themes and drew on a shared array of painting and engraving techniques. The gradual representational shifts that occur across a wide landscape, do not tie in with our knowledge of San linguistic boundaries, which were often absolute. What we do find is that the recurring pictorial themes echo what is known of San cognitive systems. In the late 19th century, German linguist Wilhelm Bleek, Lucy Lloyd and Joseph Orpen began meticulously recording folklore and myths as told by San informants. Together with more recent testimonies by San from Namibia and Botswana, the accounts allow us to track a continuous, albeit fragile thread back through time to the makers of the southern rock art.





Brandberg Namibia


Common San rock painting subjects include hunting, often depicting with great accuracy large animals which no longer inhabit the same region in the modern era, as well as warfare among humans, dancing, domestic scenes, multiple images of various animals, including giraffes, antelope of many kinds, and snakes. The last of San works are emotional in their representation of larger, darker people and even of white hunters on horseback, both of whom would supplant the Bushman peoples.




Brandberg Namibia


Rock paintings associated with peoples belonging to the Bantu language family are comparatively recent and one can link them to specific ethnic groupings, such as the Kalanga of Zimbabwe and Warangi of Tanzania. The predominantly geometric finger painting of central Africa, with its core in Zambia and Malawi, has been shown to have indisputable links to the BaTwa ancestors of modern day Pygmies. The distribution of rock art of the central Kondoa district of Tanzania, tallies with the historical distribution of the Hadzabe and Sandawe peoples. The assigning of these traditions is well supported by archaeological, genetic and linguistic evidence.



The African Era  (Bantu Speakers)





Broadly speaking - the art of South Africa can be seen in terms of a rough division into categories, as falling into a two by two matrix: traditional or modern, black or other. Modern South Africa includes a large diversity of races and cultures. Political history was divisive of societies across the sub-continent. It was inevitable that the resulting socio-political upheaval would produce a contrasting variety of art forms.

Traditional African tribal art characteristically has a range of recognizable forms within which the artisans work, allowing for recognition of an objects tribal origin. A few examples include the wall decorations of the northern Ndebele of South Africa (though some would argue these to be modern), the beaded aprons worn by Zulu and Xhosa girls (and other tribes) before marriage, the patterns on the Dhlo-dhlo headband and various other fairly rigid genres showing typical tribal influences. In west - central and east Africa, tribal forms are ever more distinguishable through sculpture.


20th Century Contemporary Art





                            Alfred Thoba - 1976 Riots                                               Sydney Kumalo - Matriarch


Jump ahead to the present era, when traditional tribal forms were scattered and re-melded by the divisive policies of apartheid. New forms of art evolved in the townships: a dynamic art using everything from plastic strips to bicycle spokes. The mining culture in particular produced characteristic decorated travel trunks, decorated transistor radios, blankets with urban motifs, and the like.





William Kentridge


Art of this era represents a 'modern' black art form less easily recognized as belonging to a particular tribe. Carvings and paintings also recorded urban difficulties, lifestyles and objects, such as queues, bussing, drunkenness, urban poverty, vehicles and the 'dompas,' police activity.




Willie Bester - Forced Removal

Add to this the Dutch-influenced folk art of the hardy Afrikaner Trek Boers and the urban white artists earnestly following changing European traditions from the 1850's onwards, and you have an eclectic mix which continues to evolve today.



Cecil Skotnes  1926 - 2009


White artists have made other art in South Africa, both modern and traditional. Indian and Cape Malay or Coloured traditions, also have recognizable clothing and musical art forms. As with black art, white art has tended to fall into art based on traditional European or white tribal forms, that is - two dimensional oil paintings in the European realist mould 'usually urban artists' and the folk art or rural art of the Boers.




Apartheid Art


The political art of the apartheid era often originated in the universities and large cities. It was usually short lived in the sense of being graffiti, protest cartoons, or similar works published in student publications. Art with a political message was often banned and anyway, was not intended for deliberate preservation.




Delise Reich - Wits University Collection


White artists exhibited works critical of both black and white political behavior. (above and below)




Zoot Suited Bothas of a Feather (left to right) Fanie Botha, PW Botha, Pik Botha by Sonja Zytkow

An anti-Apartheid blast from the past! Ceramist Sonja Zytkow exhibited Zoot Suited Bothas of a Feather at a solo exhibition at 'Things Gallery' in 1981. The works were later published in “LIP from Southern African Women" (1983). At the time of the exhibition, three Bothas ruled the South African Nationalist Government and coincidentally, the French movie La Cage aux Follies (Birds of a Feather) was all the rage. Sonja's presentation was a satirical political message to people to lighten up, as everything was banned left right and center. Even a government official dressed in a flashy suit of extreme cut would have been VERBOTEN. State President PW Botha's daughter Roxanne visited the exhibition and apparently left in tears. She later appeared in a documentary called 'Children of Apartheid'.


 The trio of Zoot Suited Bothas of a Feather is for sale. Click the image above to learn more.




Michelle Raubenheimer - Wits University - 1989  


Several exhibitions were closed by government order for their political or obscene content. Alternatively, items within the exhibitions were ordered to be removed from display.





South Africa held its first multi-racial elections in 1994, which the ANC won by an overwhelming majority. The arts flourished and diversified and continues to do so today.



Images that follow represent Southern African artists that caught 'our tribal eye'.



                     Alexis Preller                      Andre Serfontein                     Anton Van Wouw                             Barbara Tyrrell




                                 Cecil Skotnes                         Don Heywood                  Dumisani Sibisi                   Edoardo Villa




                         Elaine Savage                             Eli Kobeli                                Francois Krige                   Frederick I'Ons




                                            George Pemba                              Gerard Bhengu                          Gerard Sekoto




                         George French Angas                  Hannes Harrs                Irma Stern                              Jabulani Ntuli




                John Muafangejo                Joseph Maseko                             Julias Mfete                                     Karel Nel




                            Leora Farber               Lucas Sithole                          Lucky Sibiya                          Mizraem Maseko




                       Nathaniel Mokogsi            Niville Lewis                         Norman Catherine                Ntukwana Hargreaves




               Phoshoko Mogano              Pranas Domsaitis                Sabela Judus Mahlangu                           Sipho Ndlovu




                        Sonja Zytkow                            Speelman Mahlangu                            Sydney Kumalo                Thandaphi Landela




                  Titta Fasciotti                         Tienie Tritchard                                 Themba Siwela                          Vusi Khumalo  




                                     Vladmir Tretchikoff                         William Kentridge                           Walter Battis   




Celebrate an engraved elephant vision found in the Northern Cape. The photograph connects the petroglyph to the talent of the cameraman's eye, while a South African elephant dances forward into yet another time... 




Detail - Craig Foster


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South African Artists in Alphabetical Order



Sara Abbott - Abbott, Sara

Vuyani Abraham - Abraham, Vuyani

Lionel Abrams - ABRAMS, Lionel

Albert Adams - Adams, Albert

Tamsyn Adams - Adams, Tamsyn

Hassiem Adams - Adams, Hassiem

Shelley Adams - Adams, Shelley

Val Adamson - Adamson, Val

Doris Aeby-Zini - Aeby-Zini, Doris

Sanell Aggenbach - Aggenbach, Sanell

Jake Aikman - Aikman, Jake

Bill - Ainslie - Ainslie, Bill

Sue Akerman - Akerman, Sue

Paul Alberts - Alberts, Paul

Alan Alborough - Alborough, Alan

Colleen Alborough - Alborough, Colleen

Nina Aleksander - Aleksander, Nina

Gerald Alers - Alers, Gerard

Jane Alexander - ALEXANDER, Jane

Kieth Alexander - Alexander, Kieth

Nina Alexander-Ristic - Alexander-Ristic, Nina

Bonita Alice - Alice, Bonita

Nirveda Alleck - Alleck, Nirveda

Nick Allen - Allen, Nicholas Peter Leigh

Simeon Allen - Allen, Simeon

Janine Allen - Allen, Janine

Louise Almon - Almon, Louise

Joseph Alphers - Alphers, Joseph

Jenny Altschuler - Altschuler, Jenny

Altschuler, Jenny

Arlene Amaler-Raviv - Amaler-Raviv, Arlene

Stefan Ampenberger - Ampenberger, Stefan

Iris Ampenberger - Ampenberger, Iris

John Amschewitz - AMSCHEWITZ John Henry

Nils Anderson - Andersen, Nils (Severin)

Ilona Anderson - Anderson, Ilona

Gavin Anderson - Anderson, Gavin

Rick Andrew - Andrew, Rick

Paul Andrew - Andrew, Paul

Raymond Andrews - Andrews, Raymond

G F Angas - Angas, G.F.

Anton Anreith - Anreith, Anton

Mark Antonello - Antonello, Mark

Wendy Anziska - Anziska, Wendy

Trevor Appleson - Appleson, Trevor

Tyrone Errol Appollis - Appollis, Tyrone Errol

Lindi Arbi - Arbi, Lindi

Ryan Arenson - Arenson, Ryan

Juliet Armstrong - Armstrong, Juliet

Geoffrey Armstrong - Armstrong, Geoffrey

Beth Diane Armstrong - Armstrong, Beth Diane

Ben Arnold - Arnold, Ben

Marion Arnold - ARNOLD, Marion

Bruce Arnott - Arnott, Bruce

Lauren Arnott - Arnott, Lauren

Peggy Arridge - Arridge, Margaret

Eugene Arries - Arries, Eugene

Kate Arthur - Arthur, Kate

Hans Aschenborn - Aschenborn

Kevin Atkinson - ATKINSON, Kevin

Megan- Atteridge - Atteridge, Megan

Bruce Attwood - Attwood, Bruce





Badenhorst, Philip - Philip Badenhorst

Badenhorst, Pieter - Pieter Badenhorst

Badenhorst, Rina – Rina Badenhorst

Badsha, Omar – Omar Badsha

Baholo, Richard – Richard Baholo

Bailey, Beezy – Beezy Bailey

Bailey, Brett – Brett Bailey

Bailey, Jessica Mary – Jessica Mary Bailey

Baillie, Giselle – Gisell Baillie

Baker, Bridget Ann – Ann Bridget Baker

Bakker, Kenneth – Kenneth Bakker

Baldinelli, Armando – Armando Baldinelli

Ballam, Sarah – Sarah Ballam

Ballen, Lynda Moross – Lynda Moross Ballen

Ballen, Roger Franklin – Roger Franklin Ballen

Ballenden, Toni-Ann – Toni-Ann Ballenden

Baloyi, Solomon – Solomon Baloyi

Baloyi, Vincent – Vincent Baloyi

Baloyi, John – John Baloyi

Bam, Lungile – Lungile Bam

Bambo, Lucas – Lucas Bambo

Barbee, Jeffrey – Jeffrey Barbee

Barclay, Dorothy – Dorothy Barclay

Bardavid, Regi – Regi Bardavid

Barker, Wayne – Wayne Barker

Barker, Keneth – Keneth Barker

Barlow, Phillip – Phillip Barker

Barnard, Elaine – Elaine Barnard

Barnard, Susan – Susan Barnard

Barnett, Nina Robyn – Nina Robyn Barnett

Barrow, John – John Barrow

Barry, Michael – Barry Michael

Barry, Thomas – Thomas Barry

Basson, Christo – Christo Basson

Bateman, Robert – Robert Batemen

Batha, Gerhard – Gerhard Batha

Battiss, Belinda – Belinda Battis

Battis, Walter Whall – Walter Battis

Bauer, Vee – Vee Bauer

Bauer, Dagmar – Dagmar Bauer

Bawcombe, Philip – Phillip Bawcombe

Beagle, Amalia – Amalia Beagle

Beard, Peter – Peter Beard

Beaton, Keston – Keston Beaton

Beck, Paola – Paola Beck

Becker, Carl – Carl Becker

Becker, Melissa – Melissa Becker

Bedford, Jane – Jane Bedford

Beeton, Julia – Julia Beeton

Behrmann, Gail – Gail Behrmann

Bekker, Henriette – Henriette Bekker

Bell, Deborah Margaret – Deborah Margaret Bell

Bell, Brendan – Brendan Bell

Bell, Frank Graham – Frank Graham Bell

Bell, Don – Don Bell

Belluigi, Dina – Dina Belluigi

Benade, Hanneke – Hanneke Benade

Bender, Desmond – Desmond Bender

Bendheim, Peter – Peter Bendheim

Bengu, Bongi – Bongi Bengu

Beresford, Frank Ernest – Frank Ernest Beresford

Berger, Jochen – Jochen Berger

Berman, Audrey – Audrey Berman

Berman, Kim – Kim Berman

Berman, Bee – Bee Berman

Berman, Andrew – Andrew Berman

Berndt, Jon – Jon Berndt

Berner, Dorte – Dorte Berner

Bernstein, Hilda – Hilda Bernstein
Berrange, Petro – Petro Berrange

Berrgmann-Maag, Ursula – Ursula Berrgmann-Maag

Berry, Erica Frances – Erica Frances Berry

Bester, Willie _ Willie Bester

Bester, Gerard – Gerard Bester

Bevington, W.G. – W.G. Bevington

Beyi, Noluthandi – Noluthandi Beyi

Bezuidenhout, Vincent – Vincent Bezuidenhout

Benghu, Gerard – Gerard Bhengu

Biallo, Giovanna – Giovanna Biallo

Bickle, Berry – Berry Bickle

Bieber, Jodi – Jodi Bieber

Bihiza, Bruno – Bruno Bihiza

Bingham, Niall – Niall Bingham

Bird, Stuart – Stuart Bird

Bisset, Diederik Johannes Muller – Diederik Johannes Muller

Biyela, Bongi – Bongi Biyela

Biyela, Nokuthula – Nokuthula Biyela

Blackman, Mathew – Mathew Blackman

Blake, Tamlin – Tamlin Blake

Bleach, Gordon – Gordon Bleach

Blignaut, Belinda – Belinda Blignaut

Bloch, Joanne – Joanne Bloch

Blom, Wim – Wim Bloch

Blom, Zander – Zander Blom

Blom, Johannes – Johannes Blom

Blom, Stefan – Stefan Blom

Blomkamp, Paul – Paul Blomkamp

Bloom, Doris – Doris Bloom

Bloomer, David – David Bloomer

Bobson, Bobby (Sukdeo Bobson Mohanlall) – Bobby Bobson

Bodley, Elize – Elize Bodley

Boerma, John-Anthony aka Johnny Golightly – John-Anthony aka Johnny Golightly

Bollers, Richard Letsatsi – Richard Letsatsi Bollers

Bolton, Brydon – Brydon Bolton

Bolton, Maurice, Maurice Bolton

Bolton, Emile – Emile Bolton

Bongane, Kunene – Kunene Bongane

Boonzaier, Gregoire – Gregoire Boonzaier

Boonzaier, D.C. (Daniel Cornelius) – D.C. Boonzaier

Bopape, John – John Bopape

Bopape, Dineo – Dineo Bopape

Bopape, Johannes – Johannes Bopape

Borain, Josie – Josie Borain

Borbereki, Zoltan – Zoltan Borbereki

Borchard, John – John Borchard

Borland, Ralph Hugh – Ralph Hugh Borland

Borzechowski, Candice – Candice Borzechowski

Bosaz, Diamond – Diamond Bosaz

Bosch, Esias - Esias Bosch

Bosch, Beatrice – Beatrice Bosch

Boshoff, Adriaan – Adriaan Boshoff

Boshoff, Willem – Willem Boshoff

Botes, Conrad Hendrick – Conrad Hendrick Botes

Botha, Andries Johannes – Andries Johannes Botha

Botha, Hardy – Hardy Botha

Botha, Lien – Lien Botha

Botha, Wim – Wim Botha

Botha, David – David Botha

Botha, David – David Botha

Botha, (Elza) Josephine Elizabeth – Josephine Elizabeth (Elza) Botha

Botha, Willem – Willem Botha

Botha, (Magriet) Anna Magrietha – Anna Magrietha (Magriet) Botha

Botha, Robert – Robert Botha

Bothma, Alida – Alida Bothma

Botta, Rico – Rico Botta

Boulter, Lee-Ann – Lee-Ann Boulter

Bouma, Paddy – Paddy Bouma

BOUSCHARAIN (Bouscherain), Claude Marie Madeleine – Claude Marie Madeleine Boucharain

Bowler, Thomas W. – Thomas Bowler

Boyley, Errol Stephen – Errol Stephen Boyley

Boys, George – George Boys

Bozas, Diamond – Diamond Bozas

Bozas, Anastasia – Anastasia Bozaz

Bradshaw, Brian – Brian Bradshaw

Bradtke, Karen – Karen Bradtke

Brajtman, Nadine – Nadine Brajtman

Brand, Kevin – Kevin Brand

Braugner, Mascha – Mascha Braugner

Breden, Scott – Scott Breden

Breebart, Andrew – Andrew Breebart

Breitz, Candice – Candice Breitz

Brenner, Joni – Joni Brenner

Brennon, Catherine – Catherine Brennon

Brett, Justin – Justin Brett

Breukel, Claire – Claire Breukel

Breytenbach, C – C Breytenbach

Brice, Lisa – Lisa Brice

Brincat, Bruno – Bruno Brincat

Brink, Roelin – Roelin Brink

Bristow, Tegan – Tegan Bristow

Brits, Maggie – Maggie Brits

Brittan, Mathew – Matthew Brittan

Britz, Sonja – Sonja Britz

Britz, Nelius – Nelius Britz

Broadley, Robert – Robert Broadley

Brooks, Robert Beverley – Robert Beverley Brooks

Brown, David James – David James Brown

Bruck, Traute – Traute Bruck

Brundrit, Jean – Jean Brundit

Bruniquel, Jacqui – Jacqui Bruniquel

Bryant, Charles – Charles Bryant

Bryer, Christina – Christina Bryer

Buchner, Carl – Carl Buchner

Buckland, (Angie) Angela – Angela (Angie) Buckland

Budaza, Hamilton – Hamilton Budaza

Budeli, Ezekiel – Ezekiel Budeli

Bull, Katherine – Katherine Bull

Bull, Alexandra – Alezandra Bull

Bunu, Samkelo – Samkelo Bunu

Burgener, Andrea – Andrea Burgener

Burnett, Martin – Martin Burnett

Burnett, Ricky –Ricky Burnett

Burnett, Pamela Marion – Pamela Marion Burnett

Burnett, Barbara – Barbara Burnett

Burrage, Ben – Ben Burrage

Burry, Barbara - Barbara Burry

Burwitz, Nils – Nils Burwitz

Butelezi, Arthur – Arthur Butelezi

Buthelezi, Mbongheni Richman – Mbongheni Richman Butelezi

Buthelezi, Rose - Rose Buthelezi

Buthelezi, Hendrieth – Hendrieth Buthelezi

Buthelezi, Mbongheni – Mbongheni Buthelezi

Buthelezi, Regina – Regina Buthelezi

Butler, Frank Harold (Sam) – Frank Harold (Sam) Butler

Buys, Jan – Jan Buys

Buys, Elizabeth – Elizabeth Buys

Byrd, Eric – Eric Byrd






Arabella Caccia – Caccia, Arabella

Jo-Anne Cachalia – Cachalia, Jo-Anne

David Cade – Cade, David

Bruce Cadle – Cadle, Bruce

Cheryl Cage – Cage, Cheryl

Bird Caipa – Caipa, Bird

Nxumalo Caiphas – Caiphas, Nxumalo

Nicci Cairns – Cairns, Nicci

Tiley Caja – Caja, Tiley

Simon Calburn – Calburn, Simon

Anna Ella Calcagno – Calcagno, Anna Ella

Harry Stratford Caldecott – Caldecott, Harry Stratford

Clive Calder – Calder, Clive

Ian Calder – Calder, Ian

Keith Calder – Calder, Keith

Gavin Calf – Calf, Gavin

Glad Calf – Calf, Glad

Julietta Calimbwe – Calimbwe, Julietta

Constantine Costa Calinikos – Calinikos, Constantine Costa

Christine Callaghan – Callaghan, Christine

Christopher Callaghan – Callaghan, Christopher

Jo Callanan – Callanan, Jo

Manolis Callyanis – Callyanis, Manolis

Owen Calverley – Calverley, Owen

Cheryl Cameron – Cameron, Cheryl

Isa Cameron – Cameron, Isa

Kathleen Cameron – Cameron, Kathleen

Marc Cameron – Cameron, Marc

Grit Cammeratt – Cammeratt, Grit

Amanda Jane Campbell – Campbell, Amanda Jane

Boniswa Campbell – Campbell, Boniswa

Cerry Campbell – Campbell, Cerry

Jean Campbell – Campbell, Jean

John Campbell – Campbell, John

Lorraine Campbell – Campbell, Lorraine

Malcolm Campbell – Campbell, Malcolm

Margaret Campbell – Campbell, Margaret

Marie Campbell – Campbell, Marie

R.C. Campbell – Campbell, R.C.

Ron Campbell – Campbell, Ron

Thys Campbell – Campbell, Thys

Nina Campbell-Quine – Campbell-Quine, Nina

Grace Camphor – Camphor, Grace

G.P. Canitz – Canitz, G.P.

Arthur Cantrell – Cantrell, Arthur

David Canty – Canty, David

Dari Caplan – Caplan, Dari

Andy Capostagno – Capostagno, Andy

Stephan Card – Card, Stephan

Else Carey – Carey, Else

Margaret Jean Carey – Carey, Margaret Jean

Gillian Cargill – Cargill, Gillian

Jillian Cargill – Cargill, Jillian

Mathew Cargill – Cargill, Mathew

Katunga Carimbwe – Carimbwe, Katunga

Geldenhuys Carin – Carin, Geldenhuys

Standford Carin – Carin, Standford

Joy Carkeek – Carkeek, Joy

Michael Carklin – Carklin, Michael

Elinor Carleton-Smith – Carleton-Smith, Elinor

Louis Eric Carlier – Carlier, Louis Eric

Kate Carlyle – Carlyle, Kate

Diana Carmichael – Carmichael, Diana

Alix Carmichele – Carmichele, Alix

Adam Carnegie – Carnegie, Adam

Ruth Carneson – Carneson, Ruth

Yvonne Carola-Pearce – Carola-Pearce, Yvonne

Cheryl Carpenter – Carpenter, Cheryl

Marlene Carpenter – Carpenter, Marlene

Bronwyn Anne Carr – Carr, Bronwyn Anne

Ron Carr – Carr, Ron

Cornelia Mae Carroll – Carroll, Cornelia Mae

Peter Carruthers – Carruthers, Peter

Roy Carruthers – Carruthers, Roy

Hannes Carstens – Carstens, Hannes

Beatrice Carter – Carter, Beatrice

Faith Carter – Carter, Faith

Gillian Carter – Carter, Gillian

Loretta Carter – Carter, Loretta

Miriam Carter – Carter, Miriam

Sydney Carter – Carter, Sydney

Alex Carty – Carty, Alex

Carlos Carvalho – Carvalho, Carlos

Everine Cason – Cason, Everine

Louise Casserly – Casserly, Louise

Stacey Castagno – Castagno, Stacey

Jennie Castle – Castle, Jennie

Marion Castle – Castle, Marion

Guy Castley – Castley, Guy

Rebecca Castley – Castley, Rebecca

William Cathcart Methven – Cathcart Methven, William

Norman Catherine – Catherine, Norman

Gail Catlin – Catlin, Gail

Giuseppe Cattaneo – Cattaneo, Giuseppe

Hermine Cattaneo – Cattaneo, Hermine

Sean Caulfield – Caulfield, Sean

Dominic Cele – Cele, Dominic

Lissa Cele – Cele, Lissa

Vija Celmins – Celmins, Vija

Mauro G. Celotti – Celotti, Mauro G.

Laurence Chait – Chait, Laurence

Thelma Chait – Chait, Thelma

John Frederick Chaitowitz – Chaitowitz, John Frederick

Peter Chaitowitz – Chaitowitz, Peter

Sandy Chaitowitz – Chaitowitz, Sandy

Jackie Chalmers – Chalmers, Jackie

William (Bill) Chalmers – Chalmers, William (Bill)

Louis Chamane – Chamane, Louis

Peter Chamane – Chamane, Peter

Fiona Chambers – Chambers, Fiona

Richard Chambers – Chambers, Richard

Sonja Chambers – Chambers, Sonja

Ric Chamen – Chamen, Ric

David Champion – Champion, David

Loretta Chan-Sham – Chan-Sham, Loretta

Boniface Matthews Chandiyamba – Chandiyamba, Boniface Matthews

Audrey Chandler – Chandler, Audrey

Pascale Chandler – Chandler, Pascale

Tie Chang – Chang, Tie

Louis Chanu – Chanu, Louis

Beth Chaplin – Chaplin, Beth

Adrienne Chapman – Chapman, Adrienne

Christopher Chapman – Chapman, Christopher

Glad Chapman – Chapman, Glad

Harold Stephen Chapman – Chapman, Harold Stephen

Keith Chapman – Chapman, Keith

Lucille Chapman – Chapman, Lucille

Nigel Chapman – Chapman, Nigel

Shaun Chapman – Chapman, Shaun

Mohamedi Charinda – Charinda, Mohamedi

Clifford Charles – Charles, Clifford

Geoffrey Charlesworth – Charlesworth, Geoffrey

Matthew Charlesworth – Charlesworth, Matthew

Wendy Charlewood – Charlewood, Wendy

Candage Charlton – Charlton, Candage

Les Charnock – Charnock, Les

Gillian Chase – Chase, Gillian

Dalray Chater – Chater, Dalray

Franco Chavula – Chavula, Franco

Richard Cheales – Cheales, Richard

Jann Peta Cheifitz – Cheifitz, Jann Peta

Gaby Cheminais – Cheminais, Gaby

Monare Chere – Chere, Monare

Lynn Cherrington – Cherrington, Lynn

Christine Cherry-Jones – Cherry-Jones, Christine

Mauro Chiarla – Chiarla, Mauro

Rosalind Chidell – Chidell, Rosalind

Kenny Chikanga – Chikanga, Kenny

C. Child – Child, C.

Shelley Childs – Childs, Shelley

Pitso Chinzima – Chinzima, Pitso

Kura Chiota – Chiota, Kura

Zondi Chipa – Chipa, Zondi

Michael Chitter – Chitter, Michael

Bryan Chitty – Chitty, Bryan

Edward Chiwawa – Chiwawa, Edward

Ilona Cholnoky-Miklos – Cholnoky-Miklos, Ilona

Linda Chonco – Chonco, Linda

Brandon Choo – Choo, Brandon

Elizabeth Choo – Choo, Elizabeth

Louis Chramane – Chramane, Louis

Daniel Christen – Christen, Daniel

Malcolm Christian – Christian, Malcolm

Catherine Christie – Christie, Catherine

Tegwyn Christie – Christie, Tegwyn

Valerie Christie – Christie, Valerie

Giles Christo – Christo, Giles

Natasha Christopher – Christopher , Natasha

Gregory Christopher – Christopher, Gregory

Tinka Christopher – Christopher, Tinka

Freda Church – Church, Freda

Marco Cianfanelli – Cianfanelli, Marco

Emelia Cillie-Gilson – Cillie-Gilson, Emelia

Antoinette Cilliers – Cilliers, Antoinette

Christian Cilliers – Cilliers, Christian

Helene Cilliers – Cilliers, Helene

Jackie Cilliers – Cilliers, Jackie

Marietta Cilliers – Cilliers, Marietta

M.W.C. Cilliers – Cilliers, M.W.C.

Thys Cilliers – Cilliers, Thys

Bettie Cilliers-Barnard – Cilliers-Barnard, Bettie

Carmen Cipriani – Cipriani, Carmen

Andre Claasen – Claasen, Andre

GerdaClaasen – Claasen, Gerda

Helen Claasen – Claasen, Helen

Christo Claassens – Claassens, Christo

Wilua Claassens – Claassens, Wilua

Ansa Clacey – Clacey, Ansa

Frans Claerhout – Claerhout, Frans

Marie Claire – Claire, Marie

P.A. Clancey – Clancey, P.A.

Joan Clare – Clare, Joan

Gerald Clarence – Clarence, Gerald

Carmel Clark – Clark, Carmel

Dennis Clark – Clark, Dennis

Jeannine Clark – Clark, Jeannine

Julia Clark – Clark, Julia

Nolan Clark – Clark, Nolan

Viv Clark – Clark, Viv

Gabriel Clark-Brown – Clark-Brown, Gabriel

Celia Clarke – Clarke, Celia

Chris Clarke – Clarke, Chris

Debbie Clarke – Clarke, Debbie

Eileen Clarke – Clarke, Eileen

Ella C Clarke – Clarke, Ella C

Hetta Clarke – Clarke, Hetta

James Clarke – Clarke, James

Johannes Hendrik Clarke – Clarke, Johannes Hendrik

John Clarke – Clarke, John

John F.C. Clarke – Clarke, John F.C.

Maria Magdalena Clarke – Clarke, Maria Magdalena

Peter E Clarke – Clarke, Peter E

Shirley Clarke – Clarke, Shirley

Peter Clarket – Clarket, Peter

Ida May Clayton – Clayton, Ida May

Melanie Clearly – Clearly, Melanie

Mike Clegg – Clegg, Mike

Mark Clements – Clements, Mark

Peter Clements – Clements, Peter

Leon Clemons – Clemons, Leon

Lucille Clift – Clift, Lucille

Adi Cloete – Cloete, Adi

Anja Cloete – Cloete, Anja

Elsa Cloete – Cloete, Elsa

Fayan Cloete – Cloete, Fayan

Joan Cloete – Cloete, Joan

Mary Cloete – Cloete, Mary

Michele Cloete – Cloete, Michele

N. J. Cloete – Cloete, N. J.

Phil Cloete – Cloete, Phil

Phillip Cloete – Cloete, Phillip

Roma Cloete – Cloete, Roma

Rosemary Cloete – Cloete, Rosemary

Shirley Cloete – Cloete, Shirley

Michael John Cloran – Cloran , Michael John

Mike Cloran – Cloran, Mike

Anita Clouts – Clouts, Anita

Louis Clukamp – Clukamp, Louis

Denise Clur – Clur, Denise

Elizabeth Clur – Clur, Elizabeth

Paddy Clur – Clur, Paddy

Steven Clur, – Clur, Steven

Bob Cnoops – Cnoops, Bob

Lucy Cobern – Cobern, Lucy

Margie Cochrane – Cochrane, Margie

Sue Cochrane – Cochrane, Sue

Mphathi Cocini – Cocini, Mphathi

Matthew Cockbain – Cockbain, Matthew

Jackie Cockerell – Cockerell, Jackie

Peggy Cockerell – Cockerell, Peggy

Kirsty Cockerill – Cockerill, Kirsty

Graeme Codrington – Codrington, Graeme

Andre Coetsee – Coetsee, Andre

Johan Coetsee – Coetsee, Johan

Antoinette Coetzee – Coetzee, Antoinette

Brandan Coetzee – Coetzee, Brandan

Chantal Coetzee – Coetzee, Chantal

Charmaine Coetzee – Coetzee, Charmaine

Christo Coetzee – Coetzee, Christo

Cyril Coetzee – Coetzee, Cyril

Dawn Coetzee – Coetzee, Dawn

Ferrie Coetzee – Coetzee, Ferrie

Gerda Coetzee – Coetzee, Gerda

Glynis Coetzee – Coetzee, Glynis

Hannelie Coetzee – Coetzee, Hannelie

Hazel Coetzee – Coetzee, Hazel

Heather Jane Coetzee – Coetzee, Heather Jane

Herbert Coetzee – Coetzee, Herbert

Hilary Coetzee – Coetzee, Hilary

Jacques Coetzee – Coetzee, Jacques

Johan H. Coetzee – Coetzee, Johan H.

Johannes Coetzee – Coetzee, Johannes

Lesley Coetzee – Coetzee, Lesley

Lievor Coetzee – Coetzee, Lievor

Maarten Coetzee –  Coetzee, Maarten

Maria Coetzee – Coetzee, Maria

Mark Coetzee – Coetzee, Mark

Mike Coetzee – Coetzee, Mike

Neels Coetzee – Coetzee, Neels

Nico Coetzee – Coetzee, Nico

Piet Coetzee – Coetzee, Piet

Pieter Coetzee – Coetzee, Pieter

Ronel Coetzee – Coetzee, Ronel

Sean Coetzee – Coetzee, Sean

Sonja Coetzee – Coetzee, Sonja

Vivien Coetzee – Coetzee, Vivien

Willie (Meisie) Coetzee – Coetzee, Willie (Meisie)

Wilna Coetzee – Coetzee, Wilna

Cedric Coetzer – Coetzer, Cedric

Chris Coetzer – Coetzer, Chris

Christelle Coetzer – Coetzer, Christelle

Hennie Coetzer – Coetzer, Hennie

Jacques Coetzer – Coetzer, Jacques

Johan Coetzer – Coetzer, Johan

Johan Vos Coetzer – Coetzer, Johan Vos

Sean Coetzer – Coetzer, Sean

W.H. Coetzer – Coetzer, W.H.

Willem Coetzer – Coetzer, Willem

Wilna Coetzer – Coetzer, Wilna

Sandy Coffey – Coffey, Sandy

Dina Cohen – Cohen, Dina

Evelyn Cohen – Cohen, Evelyn

Fiona Cohen – Cohen, Fiona

John Brett Cohen – Cohen, John Brett

Norma Cohen – Cohen, Norma

Pearl Cohen – Cohen, Pearl

Peggy Cohen – Cohen, Peggy

Steven Cohen – Cohen, Steven

Lesley Cohn – Cohn, Lesley

Phil Colby – Colby, Phil

Collin Cole – Cole, Collin

Stephen Colegate – Colegate, Stephen

Hermine Coleman – Coleman, Hermine

Jack Coleman – Coleman, Jack

Trevor Coleman – Coleman, Trevor

Wilma Coleman – Coleman, Wilma

Tai Collard – Collard, Tai

Joy Collier – Collier, Joy

Brigid Collins – Collins, Brigid

Gavin Collins – Collins, Gavin

Norman Collins – Collins, Norman

Sheila Collins-Cooper – Collins-Cooper, Sheila

Christoff Combrinck – Combrinck, Christoff

Jonathan Comerford – Comerford, Jonathan

Comfort Kathleen – Comfort, Kathleen

Karen Comins – Comins, Karen

Robin Comley – Comley, Robin

Dini Condy – Condy, Dini

Gill Condy – Condy, Gill

Neville Coni – Coni, Neville

Conidaris Mandy – Conidaris, Mandy

Connacher Jean – Connacher, Jean

Jen Connacher – Connacher, Jen

Jill Connacher – Connacher, Jill

Joanne Connacher – Connacher, Joanne

Dawn Connell – Connell, Dawn

Tracy Connell – Connell, Tracy

Vivien Connell – Connell, Vivien

Manie Connoway – Connoway, Manie

Nuno Connoway-Da Cruz – Connoway-Da Cruz, Nuno

Lothar Conrad – Conrad, Lothar

Helene Conradie – Conradie, Helene

Miranda Conradie – Conradie, Miranda

Sue Conradie – Conradie, Sue

Walter Conrick-Daniels – Conrick-Daniels, Walter

Dan Cook – Cook, Dan

Richard Cook – Cook, Richard

Alan Cooke – Cooke, Alan

Tim Cooke – Cooke, Tim

Lynda Cookson – Cookson, Lynda

Henry Coombes – Coombes, Henry

Andrew Cooper – Cooper, Andrew

Charlotte Cooper – Cooper, Charlotte

J Cooper – Cooper, J

Jenefer Cooper – Cooper, Jenefer

Paul Cooper – Cooper, Paul

Peter-Graig Cooper – Cooper, Peter-Graig

Sheila Cooper-Collins – Cooper-Collins, Sheila

Marie Paul Coopmans – Coopmans, Marie Paul

Stefaan Coouwenberg – Coouwenberg, Stefaan

Lesley Cope – Cope, Lesley

Michael Cope – Cope, Michael

Carmen Copestake – Copestake, Carmen

John Coplans – Coplans, John

Peta Coplans – Coplans, Peta

Sheila Copper Collins – Copper Collins, Sheila

David Coppinger – Coppinger, David

Athina Copteros – Copteros, Athina

Peter Adrian Coqui – Coqui, Peter Adrian

CI. orbett – Corbett, I.

Jane Cordell – Cordell, Jane

Neil Corder – Corder, Neil

Patrick Cordingley – Cordingley, Patrick

Jann Peta Corewijn – Corewijn, Jann Peta

Dina Cormick – Cormick, Dina

Elsa Cornelisen – Cornelisen, Elsa

Karin Corneluis – Corneluis, Karin

Steve Corner – Corner, Steve

Brian Cornew – Cornew, Brian

Clive Cornew – Cornew, Clive

Peta Cornwell – Cornwell, Peta

Gerda Correia – Correia, Gerda

Norma Corrnick – Corrnick, Norma

Larsen Corry – Corry, Larsen

S Corsaro – Corsaro, S

Loureta Coss Watson – Coss Watson, Loureta

Michael Costa – Costa, Michael

Michael Costello – Costello, Michael

Gary Cotterell – Cotterell, Gary

Rob Cotton – Cotton, Rob

Kent Cottrell – Cottrell, Kent

Phoebe Cottrell – Cottrell, Phoebe

Gerry Coughlin – Coughlin, Gerry

Heather Coulbridge – Coulbridge, Heather

Fiona Couldridge – Couldridge, Fiona

George Thomas Coulson – Coulson, George Thomas

Michael Coulson – Coulson, Michael

Ben Coutouvidis – Coutouvidis, Ben

George Coutouvidis – Coutouvidis, George

Elizabeth Couzyn – Couzyn, Elizabeth

Ishbel Cowan – Cowan, Ishbel

John Stephen Cowan – Cowan, John Stephen

Jenny Cowell – Cowell, Jenny

Donald Cowie – Cowie, Donald

Liz Cowie – Cowie, Liz

Elaine Cowley – Cowley, Elaine

Elizabeth Cox – Cox, Elizabeth

Francis Cox – Cox, Francis

Glen Cox – Cox, Glen

Talbot Cox – Cox, Talbot

Coxae – Coxae

Christo Crafford – Crafford, Christo

Cornie Crafford – Crafford, Cornie

F. Barry Craig – Craig, F. Barry

Debbie Cramer – Cramer, Debbie

Michael Cramer – Cramer, Michael

Hazel Crampton – Crampton, Hazel

J.G. Cranko – Cranko, J.G.

Errol Crawley – Crawley, Errol

Allan G. Crichton – Crichton, Allan G.

Trevor Crighton – Crighton, Trevor

Robert Crisp – Crisp, Robert

Maria Criticos – Criticos, Maria

Jacqui Crittenden – Crittenden, Jacqui

Dave Croad – Croad, Dave

Pierre Crocquet – Crocquet, Pierre

Michael Croeser – Croeser, Michael

Tori Crompton – Crompton, Tori

Andre Cronje – Cronje, Andre

Daleen Cronje – Cronje, Daleen

Emile Cronje – Cronje, Emile

Franci Cronje – Cronje, Franci

Gerhard Cronje – Cronje, Gerhard

Ivy Cronje – Cronje, Ivy

Johannes Cronje – Cronje, Johannes

Linky Cronje – Cronje, Linky

Louis Cronje – Cronje, Louis

Madleen Cronje – Cronje, Madleen

Maret Cronje – Cronje, Maret

Pierre Cronje – Cronje, Pierre

Riaan Cronje – Cronje, Riaan

Heather Crookes – Crookes, Heather

Jenny Crooks – Crooks, Jenny

Beatrice Crosby – Crosby, Beatrice

Robinson G. Crosland – Crosland, Robinson G.

Andrew Cross – Cross, Andrew

Barry Cross – Cross, Barry

Bruce Maxwell Cross – Cross, Bruce Maxwell

Jeff Cross – Cross, Jeff

George Crossland-Robinson – Crossland-Robinson, George

Constanct Patricia Crossley – Crossley, Constanct Patricia

Elizabeth Crossley – Crossley, Elizabeth

Pat Crossly – Crossly, Pat

Ohna Crous – Crous, Ohna

Petro Crous – Crous, Petro

Maria Crouse – Crouse, Maria

Mila Crouse – Crouse, Mila

Reshada Crouse – Crouse, Reshada

Robyn Crowley – Crowley, Robyn

Sean Crozier – Crozier, Sean

Ingrid Cruise – Cruise, Ingrid

Julian Cruise – Cruise, Julian

Wilma Cruise – Cruise, Wilma

Alan Crump – Crump, Alan

Lynn Cruywagen – Cruywagen, Lynn

Martie Cruywagen – Cruywagen, Martie

Michiel Cruywagen – Cruywagen, Michiel

Florencio Cuairan – Cuairan, Florencio

David Cubbin – Cubbin, David

Cleone Cull – Cull, Cleone

Tom Cullberg – Cullberg, Tom

Pat Cullen – Cullen, Pat

Jenny Cullinan – Cullinan, Jenny

John Cullingworth – Cullingworth, John

Rowena Culwick – Culwick, Rowena

Joan Cundall-Allen – Cundall-Allen, Joan

Blanche Cunliffe – Cunliffe, Blanche

Gordon B. Cunningham – Cunningham, Gordon B

Kervin Cupido – Cupido, Kervin

Lynne Curley – Curley, Lynne

Cheryl Curnick – Curnick, Cheryl

Ann Marie Curran – Curran, Ann Marie

Hilary Currie – Currie, Hilary

M. Currie – Currie, M.

Edin Currie-Wood – Currie-Wood, Edin

Neville Curtayne – Curtayne, Neville

John Edward Curtin – Curtin, John Edward

T.J. Curtin – Curtin, T.J.

Gayle Curtis – Curtis, Gayle

Robert Curwen – Curwen, Robert

Philippe Cury – Cury, Philippe

Michael Cuthbert – Cuthbert, Michael

Richard Cutler – Cutler, Richard

Penny Cyril – Cyril, Penny



Da Cruz, Carla – Carla da Cruz

Daehnke, Nadja – Nadja Daehnke

Dala, Zurietta – Zurietta Dala

Dall, Tay – Tay Dall

Dalton, Andre – Andre Dalton

Damane, Emma – Emma Damane

Dammann, Eurele – Eurele Dammann

Danca, Welcome S’phiwe – S’phiwe Welcome Danca

Dando, Karin – Karin Dando

Dani, Malvel – Malve Dani

Daniell, S. – S. Daniell

Dardagan Britz, Roxandra – Roxandra Dardagan Britz

Darroll, Gail – Gail Darrol

Daswa, Maanda – Maanda Daswa

David, Geraldine Joe – Geraldine Joe David

Davies, Michael – Michael Davies

Davies, Susan – Susan Davies

Davies, Llewellyn – Llewellyn Davies

Davies, Henry – Henry Davies

Davis, Bill – Bill Davis

Davis, Lionel – Lionel Davis

De Almeida, Orlando – Orlando De Almeida

De Beer, Ellie – Ellie De Beer

De Beer, Carolina Davidina (Davina) – Carolina Davidina (Davina) De Beer

De Bliquy, Catharina – Catharina De Bliquy

De Bliquy, Leon – Leon De Bliquy

De Boom, Marcella – Marcella De Broom

De Clermont, Araminta – Araminta de Clermont

De Jager, Maureen – Maureen De Jager

De Jager, Ronel – Ronel De Jager

De Jesus, Angela – Angela de Jesus

De Jong, Ernst – Ernst De Jong

De Jongh, Tinus (Marthinus Johannes) – Tinus De Jongh

De Klerk, Hettie – Hettie De Klerk

De La Harpe, Hanri – Hanri De La Harpe

De la Hunt, Jennie – Jennie De la Hunt

De Lange, Johannes – Johannes De Lange

De Leeuw, Gerhard – Gerhard De Leeuw

De Leeuw, Henry – Henry De Leeuw

De Menezes, Clinton – Clinton De Menezes

De Sanderes Hendrikz, Willem – Willem De Sanderes Hendrikz

De Villiers, Jac – Jac De Villiers

De Villiers, Pierre – Pierre De Villiers

De Villiers, Trish – Trish De Villiers

De Villiers, Celia – Celia De Villiers

De Vlieg, Gill – Gill De Vlieg

De Vries, Terry – Terry De Vries

De Wet, Barend Petrus – Barend Petrus De Wet

De Wet, Wikus – Wikus De Wet

Deall, Ruth – Ruth Deall

Deane, Dani – Dani Deane

Deane, Nicola – Nicola Deane

Delport, Peggy – Peggy Delport

Delporte, Wilfred – Wilfred Delporte

Dennehy, Kathy – Kathy Dennehy

Dennehy, Shapiro – Shapiro Dennehy

Dennehy, Gaby – Gaby Dennehy

Derrick, Tracey – Tracey Derrick

Desmond, Nerine – Nerine Desmond

Desmore, Valerie – Valerie Desmore

Dhlamini, Bheki – Bheki Dlamini

Dhlamini, Jabulani Patrick – Jabulani Patrick Dlamini

Dhlomo- Mautloa, Bongiwe (Bongi) – Bongiwe (Bongi) Dhlomo - Mautloa

Dhont, Jacques – Jacques Dhont

Dibakwane, Phyllis – Phyllis Dibakwane

Dibb, Barry – Barry Dibb

Dickerson, Brendhan – Brendhan Dickerson

Dickinson, E. – E. Dickson

Dicks, (Trudi) Gertruida – Gertruida (Trudi) Dicks

Diedericks, (Chris) Christiaan – Chritiaan (Chris) Diedetricks

Dietrich, Keith – Keith Dietrich

Dikgale, Noah – Noah Dikgale

Diko, Linga – Linga Diko

Dingemans, (Jan) Johannes Wilhelmus – Johannes Wilhelmus (Jan) Dingemans

Diniso, Gamahhulu – Gamahhulu Diniso

Diniso, J – J. Diniso

Dinsdale, John – John Dinsdale

Disner, Solly – Solly Disner

Ditlopo, Kennith – Kennith Ditlopo

Ditshego, Nnoto – Nnoto Ditshego

Dixie, Christine – Christine Dixie

Dixon, Jennifer – Jennifer Dixon

Dixon, Mark – Mark Dixon

Dixon, Leng – Leng Dixon

Dlaloyi, Vincent – Vincent Dlaloyi

Dlaloyi, Ricky – Ricky Dlaloyi

Dlamini, Jessie – Jessie Dlamini

Dlamini, Thafa Mildred – Thafa Mildred Dlamini

Dlamini, Tobias – Tobias Dlamini

Dlamini, Betty – Betty Dlamini

Dlamini, Bheki – Bheki Dlamini

Dlamini, Jabulile – Jabulile Dlamini

Dlamini, Laurentia – Laurentia Dlamini

Dlungwane, Sipho – Sipho Dlungwane

Dolby, Joseph – Joseph Dolby

Dold, Mary-Rose – Mary-Rose Dold

Doman, Jakob – Jakob Doman

Domsaitis, Pranas – Pranas Domsaitis

Donaldson, Deanne – Deanne Donaldson

Donaldson, Kim – Kim Donaldson

Donga, Muzi – Muzi Donga

Dongoski, Craig – Craig Dongoski

Downs, Jackie – Jackie Downs

Doyle, Jean – Jean Doyle

Dreyer, Elfriede – Elfriede Dreyer

Dronsfield, John – John Dronsfield

DU Plessis, Enslin – Enslin Du Plessis

Du Plessis, Gavin – Gavin Du Plessis

Du Plessis, Johann (Johannes) – Johannes du Plessis

Du Plessis, Inge – Inge Du Plessis

Du Plessis, Reinette – Reinette Du Plessis

Du Plessis, Liza – Liza Du Plessis

Du Preez, Fred – Fred Du Preez

Du Preez, Martelize – Martelize Du Preez

Du Rand, Jane – Jane Du Rand

Du Toit, Guy Pierre – Guy Pierre Du Toit

Du Toit, Paul – Paul Du Toit

Du Toit, Jan – Jan Du Toit

Duarte, Izidro – Izidro Duarte

Dube, George – George Dube

Dubow, Neville – Neville Dubow

Duby, Georges – Georges Duby

Duby , Suzette –  Suzette Duby

Duggan-Cronin, Alfred Martin – Alfred Martin Duggan-Cronin

Duker, Mary – Mary Duker

Duma, Sibusiso – Sibusiso Duma

Dumas, Marlene – Marlene Dumas

Dumbleton, Bertram – Bertram Dumbleton

Duncan, Suzanne Elizabeth Beavan – Suzanne Elizabeth Duncan

Dunn, Yvette – Yvette Dunn

Dunywa, Zamaxolo – Zamaxolo Dunywa

Dunywa, Mayford Sonwabo – Mayford Sonwabo Dunywa

During, Diederick – Diederick During

Dyaloyi, Ricky – Ricky Dyaloyi

Dyalvane, Andile – Andile Dyalvane

Dziomba, Elsa – Elsa Dziomba

D’arcy, Cassiem – Cassim D’arcy

D'Arcy Thompson, Molly – Molly D’Arcy Thompson

D’Argent, Michele – Michele D’Argent



 Eales, Yvonne – Yvonne Eales

Early, Andrew – Andrew Early

Eastman, Peter – Peter Eastman

Eddie, James – James Eddie

Edelstein, Jillian – Jilllian Edelstein

Edelstein, Lorraine – Lorraine Edelstein

Edmunds, Paul Jonathan – Paul Jonathan Edmunds

Edwards, Ethel – Ethel Edwards

Edwards, Henry – Henry Edwards

Edwards, Hilton – Hilton Edwards

Edwards, Marc – Marc Edwards

Edwards, Mike – Mike Edwards

Egersdorfer, Heiner – Heiner Egersdorfer

Eichbaum, Heinrich Alexander – Heinrich Alexander Eichbaum

Eichoff, Hilmar – Hilmar Eichoff

Eidelman, Angela Frances – Angela Frances Eidelman

Eksteen, Frederik – Frederik Eksteen

Eksteen, Frikkie – Frikkie Eksteen

Elahi, Alice – Alice Elahi

Eliason, Orde – Orde Eliason

Eliastam, Peter – Peter Eliastam

Elliot, Colin – Colin Elliot

Elliot, Dale – Dale Elliot

Elliot, Nicola – Nicola Elliot

Elliot, Scholtz – Scholtz Elliot

Ellison, Gabriel – Gabriel Ellison

Eliovson, Sima – Sima Eliovson

Elmendorp, Ellen – Ellen Elmendorp

Eloff, "Fanie" Stephanus Johannes Paulus – Fanie Eloff

Eloff, "Zakkie" Zacharias – Zakkie Eloff

Eloff, Sarel – Sarel Eloff

Emanuel, Joan – Joan Emanuel

Emmanuel, Paul – Paul Emmanuel

Emsley, Paul – Paul Emsley

Emslie, A. – A. Emslie

Engblom, Peter – Peter Engblom

Engela, Johan – Johan Engela

English, Andre – Andre English

English, John – John English

Enslin, George – George Enslin

Eppel, Jane – Jane Eppel

Epstein, T. – T. Epstein

Erasmus, Arnold – Arnold Erasmus

Erasmus, David – David Erasmus

Erasmus, Derrick – Derrick Erasmus

Erasmus, Garth – Garth Erasmus

Erasmus, Linette – Linette Erasmus

Erasmus, (Nel) Petronella – Nel Erasmus

Erasmus, Retha – Retha Erasmus

Erasmus, Marthinus Stephanus (Stephan) – Stehan Erasmus

Eriksson, Axel – Axel Eriksson

Ernst, Johanna – Johanna Ernst

Estcourt, Kathleen – Kathleen Estcourt

Esmonde- White, Eleanor – Eleanot Esmonde-White

Essa, Rukaiya – Rukaiya Essa

Essop, Hasan – Hasan Essop

Essop, Hussain – Hussain Essop

Esterhuizen, Kobus – Kobus Esterhuizen

Etsebeth, Chanel – Chanel Etsebeth

Evenden, Charles – Charles Evenden

Evans, Merlyn – Merlyn Evans

Evans, Darryl – Darryl Evans

Everard, Bertha Amy – Bertha Amy Everard

Everard, Rosamund King – Rosamund King Everard

Everard-Haden, Ruth – Ruth Everard-Haden

Everard-Haden, Leonora – Leonora Everard-Haden

Everard-Steenkamp, Rosamund – Rosamund Everard-Steenkamp

Everett, Frederick – Fredrick Everett

Ewan, Alfred – Alfred Ewan

Ewert, Nina – Nina Ewert



Fabbri, Jennifer Sylvia - Jennifer Sylvia Fabbri

Fani, Madoda – Madoda Fani

Farber, Leora – Leora Farber

Farrell, Denis – Denis Farrell

Fasciotti, Titta – Titta Fasciotti

Fassler-Kamstra, Myra – Myra Fassler-Kamstra

Faulds, Jutta - Jutta Faulds

February, Fatima - Fatima February

February, Yasmina - Yasmina February

Feni, Dumile – Dumile Feni

Ferguson, John (Kenneth) – John (Kenneth) Ferguson

Ferguson, Sophia Margaretha (Retha) - Sophia Margaretha (Retha) Ferguson

Ferguson, Gus – Gus Ferguson

Fern, Emily Isabel - Emily Isabel Fern

Ferreira, Angela – Angela Ferreira

Ferri, Fleur – Fleur Ferri

Field, Theophilus Dymond - Theophilus Dymond Field

Field, Natalie – Natalie Field

Fielding, Aubrey - Aubrey Fielding

Figlan, Mpikayipheli – Mpikayipheli Figlan

Findlay, Bronwen Eunice - Bronwen Eunice Findlay

Findlay, Dick - Dick Findlay

Fiske, Justin – Justin Fiske

Fiumara, Giovanni Agresti - Giovanni Agresti Fiumara

Fivaz, Heidi – Heidi Fivaz

Flynn, Alma – Alma Flynn

Flynn, Sheila - Sheila Flynn

Forbes, Richard John - Richard John Forbes

Ford, Simon – Simon Ford

Forder, Penny – Penny Forder

Foster, Hans – Hans Foster

Foulquier, Hughues – Hughues Foulquier

Fourie, Abrie – Abrie Fourie

Fourie, Joan Bender - Joan Bender Fourie

Fourie, Louis Francois - Louis Francois Fourie

Fourie, Audrey – Audrey Fourie

Fradan, Cyril – Cyril Fradan

Francois, Leo - Leo Francois

Frank, William Bru - William Bru Frank

Fraser, Janet Teresa - Fraser Janet Teresa

Freund, Merle – Merle Freund

Friedman, Lovell – Lovell Friedman

Frier, Gary – Gary Frier

Froneman, Nadine – Nadine Froneman

Frost, Lola - Lola Frost

Froud, Gordon – Gordon Froud

Fry, Minne – Minne Fry

Fuchs, Ernst – Ernst Fuchs

Fuller, Jacques – Jacques Fuller

Fuller, St John James Zair - St John James Zair Fuller

Fusejima, Kayoko – Kayoko Fusejima


Daniel Gordon Gabashane – Gabashane, Daniel Gordon

Cheryl Winsome Gage – Gage, Cheryl Winsome

Bess Galgut – Galgut, Bess

Annie Galpin – Galpin, Annie

Agatha Gardham – Gardham, Agatha

James Gardner – Gardner, James

Phyllis Gardner – Gardner, Phyllis

Gian-Piero Garizio – Garizio, Gian-Piero

Nicholas John Blakely Garwood – Garwood, Nicholas John Blakely

Charles Gassner – Gassner, Charles

Femma Gavin – Gavin, Femma

Claire Alison Gavronsky – Gavronsky, Claire Alison

Lara Geffen – Geffen, Lara

Pearl Gelb – Gelb, Pearl

Daniella Geldenhuys – Geldenhuys, Daniella

John William George – George, John William

Rina Gerber – Gerber, Rina

Eben Wessel Germishuys – Germishuys, Eben Wessel

Beeuwen Adriaan Gerryts – Gerryts, Beeuwen Adriaan

Franco Getsy – Getsy, Franco

Ute Gevers Ray – Gevers Ray, Ute

Janet Mary Gibson – Gibson, Janet Mary

Perla Siedle Gibson – Gibson, Perla Siedle

Jeanette Gilks – Gilks, Jeanette

Colin Unwin Gill – Gill, Colin Unwin

Marion Gill – Gill, Marion

Robert Findlay Gilpin – Gilpin, Robert Findlay

Marcus Glaser – Glaser, Marcus

Joe Glossop – Glossop, Joe

Judith Gluckman – Gluckman, Judit

Vela Newell Goba – Goba, Vela Newell

Neil John Goedhals – Goedhals, Neil John

Theo Goedvriend – Goedvriend, Theo

Harry Goldberg – Goldberg, Harry

Michael Goldberg – Goldberg, Michael

Sidney Goldblatt – Goldblatt, Sidney

Alice Goldin – Goldin, Alice

Erica Goldsmid – Goldsmid, Erica

Gwelo Goodman – Goodman, Gwelo

Robert Jakob Gordon – Gordon, Robert Jakob

Rhona Adele Gorvy – Gorvy, Rhona Adele

Charles Gotthard – Gotthard, Harles

Vivian Gottlieb – Gottlieb, Vivian

Louise Marguerite Goudemond – Goudemond, Louise Marguerite

Stella Isabel Gower – Gower, Stella Isabel

Margaret Gradwell – Gradwell, Margaret

Philippa Graff – Graff, Philippa

Diana Hope Graham – Graham, Diana Hope

Hillary Graham – Graham, Hilary

Sheila Grandison – Grandison, Sheila

Cecily Charlene Grant – Grant, Cecily Charlene

David Llewellyn Grant – Grant, David Llewwellyn

Willem Hendrik Gravett – Gravett, Willem Hendrik

Ginger Gray – Gray, Ginger

Douglas Raphael Gray – Gray, Douglas Raphael

Constance Helen Greaves – Greaves, Constance Helen

Herold Green – Green, Herold

Valerie Mary Green – Green, Valerie Mary

Francine Scialom Greenblatt – Greenblatt, Francine Scialom

Nanette Greenblatt – Greenblatt, Nanette

Barbara Greig – Greig, Barbara

Desmond Allistair Greig – Greig, Desmond Allistair

Henry Harley Grellier – Grellier, Henry Harley

Louise Greyling – Greyling, Louise

Richard Edward Griffith – Griffin, Richard Edward

Barend Grobbelaar – Grobbelaar, Barend

Hettie Grobbelaar – Grobbelaar, Hettie

Suzette Grobbelaar – Grobbelaar, Suzette

Tony Grogan – Grogan, Tony

Jack Grossert – Grossert, Jack

William Leonard Grosset – Grosset, William Leonard

Charles Sydney Groves – Groves, Charles Sydney

Mary Elsie Groves – Groves, Mary Elsie

Amancio d’Alpoim Guedes – Guedes, Amancio d’Alpoim

Pamela Anne Guhrs – Guhrs, Pamela Anne

Vic Guhrs – Guhrs, Vic

William Vernon Guise – Guise, William Vernon

Geraldine Gulston – Gulston, Geraldine

Samuel Gumede – Gumede, Samual

Alfred Gunderson – Gunderson, Alfred

Elizabeth Gunter – Gunter, Elizabeth

Albert Edmund Gyngell – Gyngell, Albert Edmund



Hadabe, Sibongile – Sibongile Hadabe

Hadebe, Themba – Themba Hadebe

Hadebe, Thoko – Thoko Hadebe

Hadebe, Petrus – Petrus Hadebe

Haden, Leonora – Leonora Haden

Haden, Bryan – Bryan Haden

Hagen, Nico – Nico Hagen

Hagg, Gerard – Gerard Hagg

Hague, Ivan – Ivan Hague

Hahn, Siegfried – Siegfried Hahn

Haines, Charmaine – Charmaine Haines

Hale, Jo – Jo Hale

Hales, Nicholas – Nicholas Hales

Hall, Michael – Michael Hall

Hall, Louise – Louise Hall

Hall, Kirsty – Kirsty Hall

Hallet, George – George Hallet

Hallier, Michael Glen Thomas - Michael Glen Thomas Hallier

Halsted-Berning, Fθe – Fθe Halsted-Berning

Halter, (Dan) Daniel - Daniel (Dan) Halter

Hamilton, Richard – Richard Hamilton

Hammond, Brad – Brad Hammond

Hamukwaya, Stefaans – Stefaans Hamukwaya

Hardwick, Clive G. - Clive G. Hardwick

Haresnape, Matthew – Matthew Haresnape

Hargreaves, Erin - Erin Hargreaves

Harley, Lenie – Lenie Harley

Harpley, Sydney – Sydney Harpley

Harries, Kathrine – Kathrine Harries

Harrs, Hannes – Hannes Harrs

Hart, Mary – Mary Hart

Hartman, Dave – Dave Hartman

Hartzenberg, Randolph (Randy) - Randolph (Randy) Hartzenberg

Harvey, Russell – Russell Harvey

Hassan, Kay - Kay Hassan

Hattingh, Gerrit – Gerrit Hattingh

Hattingh, Christiaan Johannes - Christiaan Johannes Hattingh

Haussmann, Evan Kyle - Evan Kyle Haussmann

Havemann, Janet – Janet Havemann

Havenga, Marnus – Marnus Havenga

Hawker, Leah – Leah Hawker

Hayn, Walter – Walter Hayn

Hayward Fell, Carol – Carol Hayward Fell

Haywood, Mark – Mark Haywood

Hazell, Beatrice – Beatrice Hazell

Heath, Bronwyn (Jinny) - Bronwyn (Jinny) Heath

Heath, 'Jack' (John) - 'Jack' (John) Heath

Heath, Jane Tully - Jane Tully Heath

Helfet, Clive – Clive Helfet

Hemp, Doreen – Doreen Hemp

Hempson, Lee – Lee Hempson

Hendrickse, Mary-Rose - Mary-Rose Hendrickse

Hendriks, Petrus Anton - Petrus Anton Hendriks

Hendrikz, Willem de Sanderez - Willem de Sanderez Hendrikz

Henen, Trasi – Trasi Henen

Henkel, Irmin – Irmin Henkel

Hennig, Sybille – Sybille Hennig

Henning, Dawid – Dawid Henning

Henning, Mieke – Mieke Henning

Hepworth, Barbara – Barbara Hepworth

Herbst, Gunther – Gunther Herbst

Hermanides, Adrian – Adrian Hermanides

Herold, Marlies – Marlies Herold

Hesse Du Preez, Linda – Linda Hesse Du Preez

Heymann, Maxie – Maxie Heymann

Heyns, Michael – Michael Heyns

Heystek, Cecile – Cecile Heystek

Hibbert, Erika – Erika Hibbert

Higgs, Cecil – Cecil Higgs

Hill, Caitlin – Caitlin Hill

Hill, Laurence – Laurence Hill

Hillhouse, Mary (May) Ellen - Mary (May) Ellen Hillhouse,

Hilton-Barber, Steve – Steve Hilton-Barber

Hindley Matthew – Matthew Hindley

Hipper Mark – Mark Hipper

Hirshowitz Larry – Larry Hirshowitz

Hirson Gary – Gary Hirson

Hlabisa Gertina – Gertina Hlabisa

Hlalele Shadrack – Shadrack Hlalele

Hlamisa Klulelaphi – Klulelaphi Hlamisa

Hlati Sipho – Sipho Hlati

Hlatshwayo, Zakhele Moses - Zakhele Moses Hlatshwayo

Hlatswayo, Isaac – Isaac Hlatswayo

Hlatswayo, S.I - S.I Hlatswayo

Hlatywayo, John - John Hlatywayo

Hleza, Austin – Austin Hleza

Hlobo, Nicholas – Nicholas Hlosbo

Hlongwa, Solomon S. - Solomon S. Hlongwa

Hlongwa, S'celo - S'celo Hlongwa

Hlongwa, Bongumusa – Bongumusa Hlongwa

Hlongwane, David – David Hlongwane

Hlungwane, Gazland – Gazland Hlungwane

Hlungwane, Briant Njabulo - Briant Njabulo Hlungwane

Hlungwane (Hlungwani), Jackson – Jackson Hlungwane (Hlungwani)

Hoad, Neville – Neville Hoad

Hobana, Chuma - Hobana, Chuma

Hobbs, Philippa – Philippa Hobbs

Hobbs, Stephen – Stephen Hobbs

Hoberman, Gerald – Gerald Hoberman

Hoch, Paula – Paula Hoch

Hodgins, Robert Griffiths - Robert Griffiths Hodgins

Hodgkins, Frances – Frances Hodgkins

Hodnett, Noel Bertrham - Noel Bertrham Hodnett

Hoets, Digby – Digby Hoets

Hoets, Garth – Garth Hoets

Hofmeyr, Robert – Robert Hofmeyr

Hojem, Linda – Linda Hojem

Holding, Tessa – Tessa Holding

Holiday, Anne – Anne Holiday

Hollander, Oscar – Oscar Hollander

Holo, Patrick – Patrick Holo

Holo, Sydney – Sydney Holo

Hon, Eugene – Eugene Hon

Honey, Nathan – Nathan Honey

Hope, Rosa – Rosa Hope

Hopwood, Tim – Tim Hopwood

Horn, Rian – Rian Horn

Horsburgh, Jay – Jay Horsburgh

Horwitz, Allan Kolski - Allan Kolski Horwitz

Huey, Craig – Craig Huey

Hugo, Lize – Lize Hugo

Hugo, Pieter – Pieter Hugo

Hugo, George – George Hugo

Human, Gerry – Gerry Human

Human, Phyllis Marjorie - Phyllis Marjorie Human

Hurter, Eugene – Eugene Hurter

Hutton, Nadine – Nadine Hutton

Huyser, Maryna – Maryna Huyser

Huyzers, Pohl – Pohl Huyzers

Hyatt, Anne – Anne Hyatt

Hyslop, Diana – Diana Hyslop


Omar Igshaan – Igshaan, Omar

Basi Durant Ihlali – Ihlali, Basi Durant

Gertie Ihlenfeldt – Ihlenfeldt, Gertie

Slomowitz Ilana – Ilana, Slomowitz

Daryl Illbury – Illbury, Daryl

Debbie Illenberger – Illenberger, Debbie

Tamsen Ines Aab – Ines Aab, Tamsen

Ann Inggs – Inggs, Ann

Stephen Inggs – Inggs, Stephen

Robin Ingham – Ingham, Robin

Esme Ingledew – Ingledew, Esme

Norma Ingram – Ingram, Norma

Andrew Ingram – Ingram, Andrew

Frederick Timpson I’ons – I’ons, Frederick Timpson

Jo Irvine – Irvine, Jo

Francois Irvine – Irvine, Francois

Graig Irving – Irving, Craig

R Isaac – Isaac, R.

Ed Iaacson – Isaacson, Ed

Anne Isaan – Isaan, Anne

Marnitz Isabel – Isabel, Marnitz

Jean Isabelle Den Heijer – Isabelle Den Heijer, Jean

Daniel Isherwood – Isherwood, Daniel

Khalil Ishmail – Ishmail, Khalil

I Ismail – Ismail, I

Victor Ivanoff – Ivanoff, Victor

Frederick Ives – Ives, Frederick

P. Izar – Izar, P.



Jackson, Barbara – Barbara Jackson

Jackson, Nicola – Nicola Jackson

Jackson, Martine – Martine Jackson

Jacobs, Shan – Shan Jacobs

Jacobs, Blanch – Blanch Jacobs

Jacobs, Jaap – Jaap Jacobs

Jacobs, Moze – Moze Jacobs

Jacobson, Naomi Deborah - Naomi Deborah Jacobson

Jaff, Peter – Peter Jaff

Jaffray, Bea – Bea Jaffray

Jaffray, Rosemay – Rosemay Jaffray

Jaholkowsky, George – George Jaholkowsky

Jali, Thami – Thami Jali

Janse van Rensburg, Danelle – Danelle Janse van Rensburg

Jansen van Rensburg, Martli – Martli Jansen van Rensburg

Jansen van Rensburg, Inge – Inge Jansen van Rensburg

Jansen van Veuren, Mocke – Mocke Jansen van Veuren

Jansen van Vuuren, Louis – Louis Jansen van Vuuren

Jansen van Vuuren, Nathan – Nathan Jansen van Vuuren

Jantjes, Gavin – Gavin Jantjes

Jaroszynska, Karin Synmove Aurora - Karin Synmove Aurora Jaroszynska

Jaroszynski, Tadeusz – Tadeusz Jaroszynski

Jarzin, Sheila – Sheila Jarzin

Jason, Fanie – Fanie Jason

Jawahirilal, Lalita - Lallitha Jawahirilal

Jenkin, Gregor Donn - Gregor Donn Jenkin

Jensen, Beryl – Beryl Jensen

Jensma, Wopko – Wopko Jensma

Jentsch, Adolph – Adolph Jentsch

Jepson, Erica – Erica Jepson

Jiyane, Nhlanhla – Nhlanhla Jiyane

Jiyane, Matrinah – Matrinah Jiyane

Johannes, Jacob – Jacob Johannes

Johnson, Phillip Raiford - Phillip Raiford Johnson

Jokiwe, S – S Jokiwe

Jones, Simon – Simon Jones

Jones, David Austen - David Austen Jones,

Jones, Graham Ashdown - Graham Ashdown

Jonkers, Gordon – Gordon Jonkers

Jooste, Louise – Louise Jooste

Jooste van Niekerk, Marisa – Marisa Jooste van Niekerk

Jordaan, Henry – Henry Jordaan

Jordaan, Jan – Jan Jordaan

Jordan, Judy – Judy Jordan

Josephy, Svea – Svea Josephy

Joubert, Keith – Keith Joubert

Jowell, Jeremy – Jeremy Jowell

Judd, Eric George - Eric George Judd


 Tiiu Kadak – Kadak, Tiiu

Maurice Kahn – Kahn, Maurice

Dennis Kane – Kane, Dennis

Sylvia Kaplan – Kaplan, Sylvia

Tamara Kaplan – Kaplan, Tamara

Naomi Kark – Kark, Naomi

Stephen Kass – Kass, Stephen

Hanns Ludwig Katz – Katz, Hanns Ludwig

Dorothy Kay – Kay, Dorothy

Nell Kaye – Kaye, Nell -

Jaco Kemp-Bezuidenhout – Kemp-Bezuidenhout, Jaco

Katinka Kempff – Kempff, Katinka

Franklin Kendall – Kendall, Franklin

Katherine Kennedy – Kennedy, Katherine

Diana Kenton – Kenton, Diana

William Kentridge – Kentridge, William

Gregory Kerr – Kerr, Gregory

Wolf Kibel – Kibel, Wolf

Alexander Kiddie – Kiddie, Alexander

Edith King – King, Edith

Phyllis Kingsbury – Kingsbury, Phyllis

Peter Kirchhoff – Kirchhoff, Peter

Otto Klar – Klar, Otto

Ilse Kleinman – Kleinman, Ilse

Phil Kolbe – Kolbe, Phil

Johannes Koorzen – Koorzen, Johannes

Moses Kottler – Kottler, Moses

Chanelle Kotze – Kotze, Chanelle

Fritz Krampe – Krampe, Fritz

Alfred Krenz – Krenz, Alfred

Francois Krige – Krige, Francois

Sidney Kumalo – Kumalo, Sidney

David Kuijers – Kuijers, David



La Grange, Marthinus – Marthinus La Grange

Labuschagne, Eugene – Eugene Labuschagne

Lacey, Elizabeth – Elizabeth Lacey

Ladan, Eduard – Eduard Ladan


Ladeira, Jeannot M.M. - Jeannot M.M. Ladeira

Laloo, Nagar S. - Nagar S. Laloo

Lam, Wifredo – Wifredo Lam

Lamb, Peter – Peter Lamb

Lamb, Elsa – Elsa Lamb

Lancaster, Robin – Robin Lancaster

Langa, Moshekwa – Moshekwa Langa

Langa, Gugu – Gugu Langa

Langa, Nonhlanhla – Nonhlanhla Langa

Langa, Sylvia – Sylvia Langa

Langdown, Amos – Amos Langdown

Langerman, Fritha – Fritha Langerman

Larrabee, Constance Stuart - Constance Stuart Larrabee

Laubscher, Erik – Erik Laubsher

Laubscher, Andre – Andre Laubscher

Laubscher, Elza – Elza Laubscher

Laubser, Maggie – Maggie Laubser

Laubuschagne, E – E Laubuschagne

Laue, Alhyrian – Alhyrian Laue

Laure, Jason – Jason Laure

Laurie, Anneke – Anneke Laurie

Lawson, Lesley – Lesley Lawson

Le Grange, Frieda – Frieda Le Grange

Le Roux, Le Roux Smith - Le Roux Smith Le Roux

Le Roux, Renee – Renee Le Roux
Le Roux, Neil – Neil Le Roux

Le Roux, Gabrielle – Gabrielle Le Roux

Le Roux, Ester – Ester Le Roux

Le Roux, Renier – Renier Le Roux

Lea, Pippa – Pippa Lea

Ledimo, Moleleki Frank - Moleleki Frank Ledimo

Ledochowski, Chris – Chris Ledochowski

Lee, Catharine Agnes Rosalys - Catharine Agnes Rosalys Lee

Leerink, Karl – Karl Leerink

Legae, Ezrom Sebata - Ezrom Sebata Legae

Legg, Michelle – Michelle Legg

Leibbrandt, Eben – Eben Leibbrandt

Leigh, Derek Milton - Derek Milton Leigh

Leigh, Dick – Dick Leigh

Leigh, Valerie – Valerie Leigh

Leigh, Nicola – Nicola Leigh

Lekanyane, Clement – Clement Lekanyane,

Lekgetho, Simon Morokoe - Simon Morokoe Lekgetho

Lele, Sentso – Sentso Lele

Lemaoana, Lawrence – Lawrence Lemaoana

Lemmer, Corina – Corina Lemmer

Lemon, T.J. - T.J. Lemon

Leonard, Joyce – Joyce Leonard

Letch, Adam – Adam Letch

Lethuma, Sello – Sello Lethuma

Letsalo (Letsoalo), Amos Mokgabudi – Amos Mokgabudi Letsalo (Letsoalo)

Letsoa, Khotso Nicolas - Khotso Nicolas Letsoa

Letty, Cynthna – Cynthna Letty

Levi, Aliza – Aliza Levi

Levin, Lewis – Lewis Levin

Levin, Ruth – Ruth Levin

Levy, Alizia – Alizia Levy

Levy, Ruth – Ruth Levy

Levy, Ian – Ian Levy

Lewis, Neville – Neville Lewis

Lewis, Dylan – Dylan Lewis

Lewis, Mike – Mike Lewis

Lewis, Mark – Mark Lewis

Liebbrandt, Tim - Liebbrandt, Tim

Liebenberg, Nina - Liebenberg, Nina

Lieberman, Kim – Kim Lieberman

Liesching, Carla – Carla Liesching

Lighton, Norman Charles Kingsley - Norman Charles Kingsley Lighton

Lijnes, Karin – Karin Lijnes

Lijnes, Maepa, - Maepa Lijnes

Lijnes, Rossina – Rossina Lijnes

Lincoln, Thalia – Thalia Lincoln

Lindberg, Dawn – Dawn Lindberg

Linder, Louise – Louise Linder

Lindner Gander, Tracy – Tracy Lindner Gander

Lipkin, Aileen – Aileen Lipkin

Lipschitz (Lipshitz), "Lippy" Israel Isaac - "Lippy" Israel Isaac Lipschitz (Lipshitz)

Liversage, Kilmany-Jo - Kilmany-Jo Liversage

Lloyd, Jacky (Jaqueline) - Jacky (Jaqueline) Lloyd

Lochner, Jillian – Jillian Lochner
Lock, Freida – Freida Lock

Lombard, Rashid – Rashid Lombard

Lomofsky, Lynne – Lynne Lomofsky

Long, Geoffrey – Geoffrey Long

Longhurst, Kim – Kim Longhurst

Losgott, Kai - Kai Losgott

Lottering, Willi – Willi Lottering

Lourens, Marius – Marius Lourens

Louw, Johann – Johann Louw

Louw, Suzanne – Suzanne Louw

Louw, Ulrich – Ulrich Louw

Louw, Ellene – Ellene Louw

Louw, Zan – Zan Louw

Lovemore-Reed, Jennifer – Jennifer Lovemore-Reed

Lubelwana, Papama P. - Papama P. Lubelwana

Lubisi, Eric – Eric Lubisi

Luckhoff, Albert Bailie - Albert Bailie Luckhoff

Lugg, Jack – Jack Lugg

Lulanga, Elias - Elias Lulanga

Lulanga, Duma – Duma Lulanga

Lulanga, Magnificent – Magnificent Lulanga

Lund, Jennifer – Jennifer Lund

Lupuwana, Luthando – Luthando Lupuwana

Lurie, Hannah – Hannah Lurie

Lurie, David – David Lurie

Luyt, Arie M. - Arie M. Luyt

Lwana, Bukeka Nokuzola - Bukeka Nokuzola Lwana

Lynch, Liam – Liam Lynch




Maclennan, Ben – Ben Maclennan


Maclennan, Jacky – Jacky Maclennan


Macucwa, T.E. - T.E. Macucwa


Maddalozzo, Nicole – Nicole Maddalozzo


Madela, Laduma - Laduma Madela


Madiba, Njabulo – Njabulo Madiba


Madiba, Boycie Ezekiel – Boycie  Madiba,


Madikida Churchill – Churchill Madikida


Madox, Gordon – Gordon Madox


Maduna, Lerato – Lerato Maduna


Maepa, Rossinah – Rossinah Maepa


Mafa, W. Sol - W. Sol Mafa


Mafafo, Rochester Gaoganwe - Rochester Mafafo


Mafafo, Christopher – Christopher Mafafo


Mafenuka, T. Mlungiseleli - T. Mlungiseleli Mafenuka


Magada, J. - J. Magada


Magadlela, Fikile – Fikile Magadlela


Magandela, Boyce – Boyce Magandela


Maggs, Charles – Charles Maggs


Maggs, Daniel – Daniel Maggs


Maghubela, L. - L. Maghubela


Magoro, Azwimpheleli Gerson - Gerson Magoro



Magubane, Peter – Peter Magubane


Magubevu, Mlondolozi – Mlondolozi Magubevu


Magwa, Langa Patrick - Langa Patrick Magwa


Magwasa, Ntombifuthi – Ntombifuthi Magwasa


Magwaza, Raphael – Raphael Magwaza


Magwaza, Bonisiwe – Bonisiwe Magwaza


Magwaza, Elliot – Elliot Magwaza


Magwaza, Shongaziphi – Shongaziphi Magwaza


Magwaza, Thandiwe – Thandiwe Magwaza


Magwood Fraser, Lesley - Lesley Fraser


Mahlaba, Lidness – Lidness Mahlaba


Mahlaba, Lyness – Lyness Mahlaba


Mahlaba Mncube – Mncube Mahlaba


Mahlaba Victoria – Victoria Mahlaba


Mahlabe, Motlhalefi – Motlhalefi Mahlabe


Mahlangu Esther – Esther Mahlangu


Mahlangu, Marta – Marta Mahlangu


Mahlangu, Sabela Judas - Judas Mahlangu


Mahlangu, Sarah – Sarah Mahlangu


Mahlangu, Speelman – Speelman Mahlangu


Mahlangu, Selinah – Selinah Mahlangu


Mahobe, Monty – Monty Mahobe


Mahome, Lucas – Lucas Mahome


Mailula, Sepolwana Jonas - Jonas Mailula


Mainganye, Avashoni – Avashoni Mainganye


Maingard, Jacqueline – Jacqueline Maingard


Majola, Nomshado – Nomshado Majola


Majozi, Phildah – Phildah Majozi


Mkhize, Elize – Elize Mkhize


Makara, Mamatakane – Mamatakane Makara


Makeleni, Isaac – Isaac Makeleni


Makgahlela, Ruth Lekatsile - Ruth Makgahlela


Makgahlela, Seema – Seema Makgahlela


Makhanya, Romeo Zamani - Romeo Makhanya


Makhanya, Ben – Ben Makhanya


Makhetha, Abel Tshidiso - Abel Makhetha


Makhinya, S.J.D. - S.J.D. Makhinya


Makhoba Trevor – Trevor Makhoba


Makhubedu, Enos – Enos Makhubedu


Makhubela, Billy – Billy Makhubela


Makhubele, Given – Given Makhubele


Makhubele, Venus – Venus Makhubele


Makhubele Family – Family Makhubele


Makhubu, Nomusa – Nomusa Makhubu


Makoanyane, Samuel – Samuel Makoanyane


Makoba, Ramarutha – Ramarutha Makoba


Makoti, Samkelo – Samkelo Makoti


Makwala, Samson – Samson Makwala


Makwanah, Selinah – Selinah Makwana


Malaka, Julia – Julia Malaka


Malan, Wendy – Wendy Malan


Malangabi, Flora – Flora Malangabi


Malatjie, Listina – Listina Malatjie


Malefane, “MK” - “MK” Malefane


Malemane, Lucas – Lucas Malemane


Malgas, Mhlobo – Mhlobo Malgas


Malherbe, Veronique – Veronique Malherbe


Malinga, Duduzile – Duduzile Malinga


Maljevic, Maja – Maja Maljevic


Maloney, Michael – Michael Maloney


Malope, Solomon – Solomon Malope


Malope, Solly Lefika - Solly Malope


Maluka, Mustafa – Mustafa Maluka


Maluleke, Salphina – Salphina Maluleke


Malumise, Phillip - Phillip Malumise


Mama, Luthando - Luthando Mama


Mamabolo, Maribe – Maribe Mamabolo


Manaka, Faith – Faith Manaka


Manaka, Rosina – Rosina Manaka


Manana, Ernest – Ernest Manana


Manana, Joseph – Joseph Manana


Manana, Emelly – Emelly Manana


Manana, Thandi – Thandi Manana


Mancoba, Ernst Ernest - Ernst Mancoba


Mandela, Nelson Rolihlahla - Nelson Mandela


Mandindi Billy Buyisile - Billy Mandindi


Manegold, Julie – Julie Manegold


Manganye, Chabane – Chabane Manganye


Mangiagalli, Carol – Carol Mangiagalli


Manning, Barbara Anne - Barbara Manning


Manqele, Norah – Norah Manqele


Manuel, Jo – Jo Manuel


Manyoni, Bhekisoni – Bhekisoni Manyoni


Maphiri, J – J Maphiri


Maphiri, Joe – Joe Maphiri


Maphiri, Solomon – Solomon Maphiri


Maphumulo, Sibusiso – Sibusiso Maphumulo


Maphumulo, Zodwa – Zodwa Maphumulo


Mapisa, Phumlani – Phumlani Mapisa


Maqashela, Steven – Steven Maqashela


Maqhubela Louis - Louis Maqhubela


Maqungo, Nolwandle – Nolwandle Maqungo


Marais, Christine – Christine Marais


Marais, Ann - Anne Marais


Marasela Senzeni – Senzeni Marasela


Marchant, Leonard – Leonard Marchant


Margalit, Nathan – Nathan Margalit


Marie, Zen – Zen Marie


Marinig, Philippe – Philippe Marinig


Maritz, Nicolaas – Nicolaas Maritz


Markovitz, Michael – Michael Markovitz


Marley, Ian Robert - Ian Robert Marley


Marriott, Rosemarie – Rosemarie Marriott


Marschall, Elsa – Elsa Marschall


Marsh, Dillon – Dillon Marsh


Marthinus, Wonder – Wonder Marthinus


Martin, Alfred R. - Alfred R. Martin


Martin, Tamlyn – Tamlyn Martin


Martin, William John - William Martin


Martins, Dikobe – Dikobe Martins


Martyn, Rhett – Rhett Martyn


Marx, Gerhard – Gerhard Marx


Marx, Ina - Ina Marx


Marx, Maja - Maja Marx


Marx, David Andreas Muller - David Muller Marx


Marx, Gerhard – Gerhard Marx


Marx Foot Newton – Newton Marx


Marx Lara – Lara Marx


Masakela Thomas – Thomas Masekela


Maseko, Joe – Joe Maseko


Maseko, Mizraim – Mizraim Maseko


Maselesele, Stanford – Stanford Maselesele


Mashaba, Hubert – Hubert Mashaba


Mashile, Colbert – Colbert Mashile


Mashinini, Anna – Anna Mashinini


Masholoane, Lebohang – Lebohang Masholoane


Mashugane, Abraham – Abraham Mashugane


Masilo, Simon – Simon Masilo


Masisi, Isaac – Isaac Masisi


Masoko, Moses – Moses Masoko


Mason Judith – Judith Mason


Mason, Albert E. - Albert E. Mason


Mason, Richard – Richard Mason


Mason, Louise - Louise Mason


Mason-Jones, Craig – Craig Mason-Jones


Masondo, Ingrid – Ingrid Masondo


Masters, Craig – Craig Masters


Maswanganyi Johannes – Johannes Maswanganyi


Maswanganyi, Vulani – Vulani Maswanganyi


Maswanganyi, Collen – Collen Maswanganyi


Maswanganyi, Vuwani – Vuwani Maswanganyi


Mathe, William – William Mathe


Mathe, Irene – Irene Mathe


Mathebila, Rexon – Rexon Mathebila


Mathebula, Kadnziyisa – Kadnziyisa Mathebula


Matheniyiva, J – J Matheniyiva


Mathenjwa, Israel – Israel Mathenjwa


Mathews, Fayrouz – Fayrouz Mathews


Mathibela, Noncedo Charmaine - Charmaine Mathibela


Mathlangu, Selina – Selina Mathlangu


Matibe Rebecca – Rebecca Mathibe


Matlala, William – William Matlala


Matome Neo – Neo Matome


Matshidisa, Dan – Dan Matshidisa


Matshidiso, D – D. Matshidiso


Matshiye, Anna – Anna Matshyie


Matsotso Leonard – Leonard Matsotso


Matta, Roberto – Roberto Matta


Matthee, Thinus – Thinus Matthee


Matthewman, Leigh – Leigh Matthewman


Matthews, Jimi – Jimi Matthews


Matthews, Wayne –Wayne Matthews


Matthews, Elaine – Elaine Matthews


Matubaku, Tsietsi – Tsietsi Matubaku


Maurice, Emile – Emile Maurice


Maurice, Louis – Louis Maurice


Mautloa "Pat" Kagiso Patrick – Pat Mautloa


Mautloa, Bongiwe Dhlomo – Dlomo Mautloa


Mayer Erich - Erich Mayer


Mayet, Rafiq – Rafiq Mayet


Mazibuko, Melzina – Melzina Mazibuko


Mazibuko, Xolile – Xolile Mazibuko


Mbademano, Ntoba –Ntoba Mbademano


Mbamba, Wiseman – Wiseman Mbamba


Mbanye, Shepherd – Shepard Mbanye


Mbatha Azaria – Azaria Mbata


Mbatha, Elizabeth – Elizabeth Mbatha


Mbatha, Eric – Eric Mbatha


Mbatha, George – George Mbata


Mbatha, Gordon – Gordon Mbatha


Mbatha, Lucky – Lucky Mbatha


Mbatha, Elizabeth – Elizabeth Mbatha


Mbatha, Eunice – Eunice Mbatha


Mbatha, Mziwahke – Msiwahke Mbata


Mbatha, Michael – Michael Mbata


Mbele, David – David Mbele


Mbele, Ntsaoki – Ntsaoki Mbele


Mbele, Goodluck Sphamandla – Goodluck Mbele


Mbele, Sibisiso – Sibisiso Mbele


Mbhele, Sibusiso Linda –Linda Mbhele


Mbikayi, Maurice Hermes – Maurice Mbikayi


Mbongela, Mawanda Isaac – Isaac Mbongela


Mbueno, Patience – Patience Mbueno


Mbuyisa, Noel – Noel Mbuyisa


McAllister, Patricia – Patricia McAllister


McCallaghan, Martina - McCallaghan


McCann, John – John McCann


Mccaw Terence John – John Mccaw


McCorkindale, Sheila – Sheila McCorkindale


McCrea, Evelyn Joyce – Evelyn McCrea


McCusker, Siobhan – Siobhan McCusker


McEvoy, Kai – Kai McEvoy


McGregor, Dave – Dave McGregor


Mchunu, Mavis – Mavis Mchunu


Mchunu, Paulos – Paulos Mchunu


Mchunu, Sizakele – Sizakhele Mchunu


Mchunu, Thandi –Thandi Mchunu


Mchunu, Buyelani – Funani Mchunu


Mchunu, Thembi – Thembi Mchunu


Mchunu, Katherine – Katherine Mchunu


Mchunu, Ncelani – Ncelani Mchunu


Mchunu, Sipho D. – Sipho Mchunu


McIlleron, Andrew – Andrew McIlleron


McIlleron, Anne Catherine – Anne McIlleron


Mcineka, Sydney –Sedney Mcineka


McInnes, Jacki – Jacki McInnes


McKean, Margaret – Margaret McKean


McKenzie, Peter – Peter McKenzie


McLachlan, Wendy – Wendy McLachlan


McLachlan, Alastair James – James McLachlan


McLean, Diane – Dianne McLean


McLoughlin, Margaret Anne – Margaret Mcloughlin


McMaster, Annette – Annette McMaster


McNally, Terence – Terence McNally


McNiel, Dawie Dawid Andre Donald – Dawie McNiel

McNulty, Claire – Clair McNulty


McPherson, Karen – Karen McPherson


Mdanda, Sipho – Sipho Mdanda


Mdledle, Buyaphi – Buyaphi Mdledle


Mdletshe, Mfaniseni – Mfaniseni Mdletshe


Mdlolo, Florence – Florence Mdlolo


Mdluli, Goodnes – Goodness Mdluli


Mdluli, Elizabeth – Elizabeth Mdluli


Mdluli, Same Sizakele – Same Mdluli


Mdunjane, Peter – Peter Mdujane


Meeran Jean – Jean Meeran


Meerkotter Dirk – Dirk Meerkotter


Meier, Heide-Marie – Heide Meier


Meintjes, Johannes Petrus – Johan Meintjies


Meintjes, Tony – Tony Meintjies


Meintjies, Roger – Roger Meintjies


Meintjies Sheila – Sheila Meintjies


Meiring, Hannes – Hannes Meiring


Meissenheimer, Riana – Riana Meissenheimer


Meistre Brent – Brent Meistre


Mekanya, Zamani – Zamani Mekanya


Melane, Mphumelelo – Mphumelelo Melane


Mella, Cecile – Cecile Mella


Mendel, Gideon – Gidoen Mendel


Mendonca, Fatima – Fatima Mendonca


Mentis, Glenda – Glenda Mentis


Mentis, Lesley – Lesley Mentis


Meyer, Jenny – Jenny Meyer


Meyer, Walter – Walter Meyer


Meyer, John – John Meyer


Meyer, Jessica – Jessica Meyer


Meyer, Johannes Petrus – Johannes Meyer


Meyer, Nicole – Nicole Meyer


Meyer, Salvelio - Salvelio


Meyer, Sue – Sue Meyer


Meyer, Carl Walter – Carl Meyer


Meyerov, Lee-At – Lee-At Meyerov


Meyerowitz, Eva Leonie – Eva Meyerowitz


Meyerowitz, Herbert Vladimir – Vladimir Meyerowitz


Meyersfield, Michael – Michael Meyersfield


Mfete Julius – Julius Mfethe


Mfuneko, Dingiswayo – Dingsiwayo Mfuneko


Mfupi, John Vusi – Vusi Mpufi


Mgijima, Vuyisane – Vuyisane Mgijima


Mgijima, Simon – Simon Mgijima


MGUDLANDLU, Gladys – Gladys Mdudlandlu


Mguni, Emma – Emma Mguni


Mguni, Leya – Leya Mguni


Mguni, Simon – Simon Mguni


Mguni, Sophie – Sophie Mguni


Mhkize, Mthobisi – Mthobisi Mkhize


Mhlabani, Jabulani – Jabulani Mhlabani


Mhlongo, A. – A Mhlongo


Mhlongo, M.T. – M T Mhlongo


Micallef, Graham – Graham Micallef


Michau, Kerry – Kerry Michau


Michelow, Berenice – Bernice Michelow


Middleton, James C. – James Middleton


Midlane, Peter – Peter Midlane


Mileham, Ruth – Ruth Mileham


Millar, Taryn – Taryn Millar


Miller, Amos – Amos Miller


Miller, Philip – Philip Miller


Miller, Robert – Robert Miller


Miller, Eric – Eric Miller


Miller, Diana – Diana Miller


Miller, Gwenneth – Gwenneth Miller


Mills, Heather – Heather Mills


Mills, John – John Mills


Milne, Andrew James – Andrew Milne


Minnaar, Carina – Carina Minnaar


Mishekhe, Zenzele – Zenzele Mishekhe


Mitchell, J. – J Mitchell


Mitchell, Julia – Julia Mitchell


Mitchell, Richard J -  Richard Mitchell


Mitford-Barberton, Ivan Graham – Ivan Mitford-Barberton


Mkame Sifiso – Sifiso Mkame


Mkhabela, Buyisiwe – Buyisiwe Mkabela


Mkhize, Chickenman Johannes Fanozi – Chickenman Mkize


Mkhize, Mbongiseni Jerome – Jerome Mkize


Mkhize, Ceaser – Ceaser Mkhize


Mkhize Dlamini Thafa – Thafa Mkhize


Mkhize, Elliot – Elliot Mkize


Mkize, Bongile -  Bongile Mikhize


Mkize  Bafana -  Bafana Mkise


Mkonto, Eunice – Eunice Mkonto


Mlambo, P. – P Mlambo


Mlambo, Timothy – Timothy Mlambo


Mlambo, Lucas – Lucas Mlambo


Mlangeni, Sabelo – Sabelo Mlangeni


Mlomo, Bongi – Bongi Mlomo


Mlotshwa, Bettina – Bettina Mlotshwa


Mmutle, Michael – Michael Mmutle


Mncube, Victoria – Victoria Mncube


Mndebele, Alfred Begu – Alfred Mndebele


Mnguni, Simon – Simoni Mnguni


Mnguni, Jabu – Jabu Mnguni


Mnisi, Samson – Samson Mnisi


Mntambo Nandipha – Nandipha Mntambo


Mnyakama, Mandla – Mandla Mnyakama


Mnyele, Thami Thamsanqa Harry – Harry Mnyele


Mnyele, Thami Metz Gordon  - Gordon Mnyele


Moagi, Kutlwano – Kutlwano Moagi


Modibedi, Humphrey – Humphrey Modibedi


Modisakeng, Mohau – Mohau Modisakeng


Moe, Ledelle – Ledelle Moe


Moeketsi, Isiaiah – Isiaiah Moeketsi


Moffatt, Tracey - Tracey Moffatt


Mofokeng Santu – Santu Mofokeng


Mogano, David – David Mogano


Mohl, John Koenakeefe – John Mohl


Mokgerepi, Enos – Enos Mokgerepi


Mokgosi, Job – Job Mokgosi


Mokogsi Nat Nats Nathaniel – Nat Mokgotsi


Mokhele, Tanki – Tanki Mokhele


Mokhuane, Patrick – Patrick Mokhuane


Mokoena, Saint – Saint Mokoena


Mokoena, Justice Jimmy – Jimmy Mokoena


Mokoena, Ntate – Nate Mokoena


Molatana, Kenneth – Kenneth Molatana


Moldovanos, Sotiris – Sotiris Moldovanos


Molete, Dikgwele Paul – Paul Molete


Molloy, Sylvia Clark – Sylvia Molloy


Moloi, Mrs. – Mrs. Moloi


Molokeng, Billy – Billy Molokeng


Molokwane, Melita – Melita Molokwane


Momade, Ferhat Vali – Vali Momade


Momandla - Momandla


Momberg, Anton – Anton Momberg


Monk, Billy – Billy Monk


Mooij, Jessie – Jessie Mooij


Moolenschot, Judy – Judy Moolenschot


Moolman, Johann – Johann Moolman


Mooney, James – James Mooney


Moore, John – John Moore


Moorrees, Victor – Victor Moorees


Morales, Sebastian Diaz – Daiz Morales


Moraloki, Hertell, B. – Hertell Moraloki


Morgan, Pamela – Pamela Morgan


Morkel, Coenrad Johannes -  Conrad Morkel


Morland, James S. -  James Morland


Morland, Arno – Arno Morland


Morley, Ian – Ian Morley


Morley, John - John Morley


Moropa, David – David Moropa


Morphet, Medina – Medina Morphet


Morris, T. – T Morris


Morris, Carol – Carol Morris


Morris-Hale, Lynette – Lynette Morris-Hale


Morrison, Carolyn – Carolyb Morrison


Moshidi, Mboyi – Mboyi Moshidi


Motau Julian – Julian Motau


Motau, Ruth Seopedi – Ruth Seopedi


Motaung, Morningstar – Morningstar Motaung


Moteane, David – David Moteane


Moteyane, Titus – Titus Moteyane


Motha, Emma – Emma Motha


Mothapo, Frans Masobe – Frans Mothapo


Mothetho, Eunice – Eunice Mothetho


Mothudi, Thabo – Thabo Mothudi


Motjuoadi Andrew Tshidiso - Andrew Motjuoadi


Motloung, Rosaline – Rosaline Motloung


Motsapi, Rifloe – Rifloe Motsapi


Motsoene, Sam – Sam Motsoene


Motsoeneng, Emily – Emiy Motsoeneng


Motsusi - Motsusi


MOTSWAI Motsway Tommy -  Tommy Motsway


Moult, Athol – Athol Moult


Mowers, Leo Gustaf – Leo Mowers


Moyaga, Harry – Harry Moyaga


Moyage, Nkoane – Nkoane Moyage


Moys, Anthea – Anthea Moys


Mpai, Clifford – Clifford Mpai


Mphahlele, James - James Mphahlele


Mpinga, Zinhle G. – Zinhle Mpinga


Mpja, Sam –Sam Mpja


Mpongose, Michael – Michael Mpongose


Mpongose, Shadrack – Shadrack Mpongose


Mpopo Mpopa Victor – Victor Mpopa


Mqhayi, Hastings – Hastings Mqhayi


Mshengu, Bhekumndeni – Bhekumndeni Mshengu


Mshololo, Henry - Henry Mshololo


Msibi, Cynthia Ntombikayise - Cynthia Msibi


Msibi, Jane – Jane Msibi


Msimang/a, George – George Msimang


Msweli, Bongani – Bongani Msweli


Mtabula, Patricia - Patricia Mtabula


Mtabula Richmond – Richmond Mtabula


Mtabula Hubrey – Hubrey Mtabula


Mtakatya, Xolile - Xolile Mtakatya


Mtengenya, Wellington - Wellington Mtengenya


Mtetwe, Sabena – Sabena Mtetwe


Mthabela, Funukwenzani – Funukwenzani Mthabela


Mthembu, Jotham – Jotham Mthembu


Mthembu, Simon – Simon Mthembu


Mthethwa Zwelethu - Zwelethu Mthethwa


Mthethwa, Ernest - Ernest Mthethwa


Mthethwa, Khanyisile – Khanyisile Mthethwa


Mthethwa, Zwelethu – Zwelethu Mthethwa


Mthethwa, Nhlengethwa, Sam - Sam Mthethwa


Mthombeni, Peter – Peter Mthombeni


Mtiya, Chris – Chris Mtiya




Mubasa, Nukain – Nukain Mubasa




Mueche, Alfredo – Alfredo Mueche


Muff-Ford, John - John Muff-Ford


Muholi, Zanele -  Zanele Muholi


Muila, Ike Mboneni - Ike Muila


MUKHUBA, Nelson - Nelson MUKHUBA


Mulcaire, Thomas –Thomas Mulcaire


Mullins, Nigel – Nigel Mullins


Mullins, Lucy – Lucy Mullins


Muna, Anastatia – Anastatia Muna


Munyai Munyui Albert – Albert Munyayi


Murcott, Lionel – Lionel Murcott


Murdoch, Antoinette - Antoinette Murdoch


Murdoch-Trapani, Antoinette – Antoinette Murdoch


Murdock, Clive – Clive Murdock


Murphy, Michael Vincent - Michael Murphy


MURRAY, Brett - Brett MURRAY


Murray, John – John Murray


Murray, Andrew - Andrew Murray


Mushapo, Simon – Simon Mushapo


Muthambi, Keith – Keith Muthambi


Mutwa, Credo VusaMazulu - Credo Mutwa


Muyai, Lillian - Lillian Muyai


Mvemve, Lindiwe – Lindiwe Mvemve


Mvusi, Selby – Selby Mvusi


Mxakaza, Michael – Michael Mxakaza


Myaka, Truman – Truman Myaka


Myburgh, Davydd – Davyd Myburgh


Myeni, Bheki - Bheki Myeni


Myeza, Mthokozisi – Mthokozisi Myeza


Mylchreest, Ronald – Ronald Mylchreest


Mzayiya, Dathini – Dathini Mzayiya


Mzila, Asmon – Asmon Mzila


Mzila, Mfanaza – Mfanaza Mzila


Mzimba, George Velaphi - George Mzimba


Mzobe, Mfano African – African Mzobe


Mzukwa, Kenneth – Kenneth Mzukwa 


Nagle,Sybille - Sybil Nagle

Naidoo, Kasavel – Kasavel Naidoo

Naidoo, Moonsamy Vardarajulu - Moonsamy Vardarajulu Naidoo

Naidoo, Riason – Riason Naidoo

Naidoo, Sanna – Sanna Naidoo

Nair, Andrew – Andrew Nair

Nala, Jabu – Jabu Nala

Nala, Thembi – Thembi Nala

Nala, Ntombi – Ntombi Nala

Nala, Nesta – Nesta Nala

Nala, Zanele – Zanele Nala

Nanackchand, Vedant – Vedant Nanackchand

Naude, Andre – Andre Naude

NAUDE, Pieter Hugo - Pieter Hugo NAUDE

Naude, Daniel – Daniel Naude

Naude, Stephen – Stephen Naude

Nawa, Nkoali – Nkoali Nawa

Ncala, Miriem – Miriem Ncala

Ncala Richmond – Richmond Ncala

Ncala Hubrey – Hubrey Ncala

Ncapai, Z – Z Ncapai

Ncgobo, Precious – Precious Ncgobo

Ncobo, Eric – Eric Ncobo

Ncobo, Gabisile – Gabisile Ncobo

Ncoyini, Mathemba – Mathemba Ncoyini

Ndaba, Godfrey – Godfrey Ndaba

Ndaba, Mandla – Mandla Ndaba

Ndaba, Sibusiso – Sibusiso Ndaba

Ndaba Nene – Nene Ndaba

Ndaba Zinhle – Zinhle Ndaba

Ndaiye, Ida – Ida Ndaiye

Ndamane, Ayanda - Ayanda Ndamane

Ndandwe, Reuben – Reuben Ndandwe

Ndebele, Allina – Allina Ndebele

Ndebele, Nkosinathi – Nkosinathi Ndebele

Ndebele, Sipho – Sipho Ndebele

Ndhlela, Martha –Martha Ndhlela

Ndimande, Francina – Francina Ndimande

Ndimande, Helen – Helen Ndimande

Ndimande, Khipeni – Khipeni Ndimande

Ndimande, Mthunzi Shadow - Mthunzi Shadow Ndimande

Ndimande, Alfred – Alfred Ndimande

Ndinisa, Roy – Roy Ndinisa

Ndinisa, Lindelani – Lindelani Ndinisa

Ndlovu, Albert – Albert Ndlovu

Ndlovu, Sipho – Sipho Ndlovu

Ndlovu, Beauty – Beauty Ndlovu

Ndlovu, Joseph – Joseph Ndlovu

Ndlovu, Lueen Conning - Lueen Conning Ndlovu

Ndlovu, Richard – Richard Ndlovu

Ndou, Goldwin Ndwamato – Goldwin Ndwamato Ndou

Ndou, John – John Ndou

Ndou, Owen – Owen Ndou

Ndou, Mberegeni – Mberengi Ndou

Ndwandwe, Ruben - Reuben Ndwandwe

Ndwandwe, Zanele – Zanele Ndwandwe

Ndwandwe, Vinah – Vinah Ndwandwe

Ndwandwe, Siberzele – Siberzele Ndwandwe

Ndzombane, Ronnie – Ronnie Ndzombane

Ndzube, Kweti – Kweti Ndzube

Neke, Gail Iris - Gail Iris Neke

Nekhofhe, Hendrick - Hendrick Nekhofhe

Nel, Hylton – Hylton Nel

Nel, Karel Anthony – Karel Anthony Nel

Nel, Luan – Luan Nel

Nel, Margaret – Margaret Nel

Nel, Peter Zirk - Peter Nel

Nel, Laura – Laura Nel

Nel, Zonia – Zonia Nel

Nel, Josua - Joos Nel

Nell, Joshua Andries - Joshua Andries Nell

Nemasetoni, Rudzani – Rudzani Nemasetoni

Nemurunzini, Fhumulani Elikanah - Fhumulani Elikanah Nemurunzini

Nene, Skhosiphi – Skhosiphi Nene

Nepgen, Marlene – Marlene Nepgen

Nerf, Christian – Christian Nerf

Nesbit, Ruth Alice Clare – Ruth Alice Clare Nesbit

Nesbit, George Hunter Hardy – George Hunter Hardy Nesbit

Neustetter, Marcus – Marcus Neustetter

Neves, Eustaquio – Eustaquio Neves

Newall, Albert – Albert Newall

Newman, Beryl – Beryl Newman

Newman, Kenneth – Kenneth Newman

Ngako, Henriette – Henriette Ngako

Ngatane Ephraim Lionel – Ephraim Lionel Ngatate

Ngcai, Sonwabiso – Sonwabiso Ngcai

Ngcobo, E. – E Ngcobo

Ngcobo, Gabisile – Gabisile Ngcobo

Ngcobo, Musa Cyril - Musa Cyril Ngcobo

Ngcobo, Rita – Rita Ngcobo

Ngcobo, Bonginkosi – Bonginkosi Ngcobo

Ngcobo, Johannes – Johannes Ngcobo

Ngcobo, Patience Slindile - Patience Slindile Ngcobo

Ngema, Fokisile – Fokisile Ngema

Ngema, Michael – Michael Ngema

Ngema, Themba – Themba Ngema

Nglovu, A. – A. Nglovu

Ngobese, Khehla T. – T. Khehla Ngpbese

Ngobese, Elphas Khehla – Elphas Khehla Ngobese

Ngodwane, Alpheus – Alpheus Ngodwane

Ngubane, N. – N. Ngubane

Ngubane, Hlalayedwa – Hlalayedwa Ngubane

Ngubane, Mgongo – Mgongo Ngubane

Ngubeni, Elizabeth Thandazile - Elizabeth Thandazile Ngubeni

Ngubeni, Miriam – Miriam Ngubeni

Ngubeni Mweli, - Mweli Ngubeni

Ngubeni Phineas – Phineas Ngubeni

Ngumo, Jim – Jim Ngumo

Nguza, Andile – Andile Nguza

Ngwena, Juda – Juda Ngwena

Ngwenya, Mafa – Mafa Ngwenya

Ngwenya, Lindelani – Lindelani Ngwenya

Ngwenya, Khaya – Khaya Ngweya

Ngwenya, Malangatana – Malangatana Ngwenya

Ngxakata, Nomvuyo – Nomvuyo Ngxakata

Ngxongo, Beauty – Beauty Ngxongo

Ngxongo, Sibonile – Sibonile Ngxongo

Nhlabati, Jacob – Jacob Nhlabatsi

Nhlabatsi, Mzwakhe – Mzwakhe Nhlabatsi

Nhlagwini, Andrew Pandheni - Andrew Pandheni Nhlagwini

Nhlapo, M.E. – M.E. Nhlapo

Nhlengetwa Jabilane Sam - Jabilane Nhlengetwa

Nice, Christiaan – Christiaan Nice

Nicolson, Annie – Annie Nicolson

Nield, Betsy – Betsy Nield

Niemann, Hendrik Christiaan – Christiaan Hendrik Niemann

Niemann Jnr, Hennie – Hennie Niemann, Jnr

Nieuwoudt, Karen – Karen Nieuwoudt

Nigrini, Michele – Michele Nigrini

Nkata, Jane – Jane Nkata

Nkoana, Matsemela Isaac - Isaac Nkoana

Nkomonde, Mxolisi – Mxolisi Nkomonde

Nkosi, Sokhaya Charles - Sokhaya Charles Nkosi

Nkosi, Gabisile – Gabisile Nkosi

Nkosi, Isaiah – Isaiah Nkosi

Nkosi, Mandla – Mandla Nkosi

Nkosi, Stanley – Stanley Nkosi

Nkosi, Bheki – Bheki Nkosi

Nkosi, Themba – Themba Nkosi

Nkosi, Oupa – Oups Nkosi

Nkosi, Octavia – Octavia Nkosi

Nkosi, Zandile – Zandile Nkosi

Nkosinkulu, Zingisa – Zingisa Nkosinkulu

Nkotsi, Antony Molebatsi - Tony Molebatsi Nkotsi

Nkumanda, Jackson – Jackson Nkumanda

Nkuna, Christina – Christina Nkuna

Nkuna, Thomas – Thomas Nkuna

Nkwadipo, Matong – Matong Nkwadipo

Nkwakhura, Milton – Milton Nkwakhura

Nkwanyana, Irvan Mlungisi - Irvan Mlungisi Nkwanyana

Nojiyeza, Celani – Celani Nojiyeza

Nolte, Zelda Maria – Zelda Maria Nolte

Nolutshungu, Hugh – Hugh Nolutshungu

Nolutshungu, Linda – Linda Nolutshungu

Nomonde Norgaard, Mads – Mads Nomonde Norgaard

Norman, Duke – Duke Norman

Norman, Natasha Felicity – Natasha Felicity Norman

Norval, Anet – Anet Norval

November, Selvin – Selvin November

Nowers, John – John Nowers

Nowers, Sheila – Sheila Nowers

Nowicki, Andrzej Jan – Andrezej Jan Nowicki

Nshush, Ben – Ben Nshush

Nsundwane, Nhlanhla – Nhlanhla Nsundwane

Nsusha, Nhlanhla Ben – Nhlanhla Ben Nsusha

Nthakhatha, Tshinetise H. - Tshinetise H. Nthakhatha,

Nthodi, Motshile – Motshile Nthodi

Ntliziwana, Philip – Philip Ntliziwana

Ntshalintshali, Bonnie - Ntshalintshali Bonnie

Ntshalintshali, Somandla – Somandla Ntshalintshali

Ntshalintshali, Nene - Nene Ntshalintshali

Ntshalintshali Jabu – Jabu Ntshalintshali

Ntshangase, Sam - Sam Ntshangase,

Ntsioa, Keitumetse - Keitumetse Ntsioa

Ntukwana, Hugh – Hugh Ntukwana

Ntukwana, Hargreaves – Hargreaves Ntukwana

Ntuli, Hezekiel – Hezekiel Ntuli

Ntuli, Jabulani – Jabulani Ntuli

Ntuli, M. – M. Ntuli

Ntuli, Nokuthula Siphokazi - Nokuthula Siphokazi Ntuli

Ntuli, Pitika – Pitika Ntuli

Ntuli, Sophie – Sophie Ntuli

Nunn, Cedric – Cedric Nunn

Nussbaum, Ruth – Ruth Nussbaum

Nxazonke, Sipho – Sipho Nxasonke

Nxongo, Beauty – Beauty Nxongo

Nxumalo, Aubrey – Aubrey Nxumalo

Derrick Vusumzi - Derrick Vusumzi Nxumalo

Nxumalo, Willis Sfiso - Willis Sfiso Nxumalo

Nxumalo, Ester – Ester Nxumalo

Nxumalo, Mbongiseni - Mbongiseni Nxumalo

Nxumalo, Gertrude – Gertrude Nxumalo

Nxamalo, Caiphus – Caiphus Nxumalo

Nyamende, Vuyisa – Vuyisa Nyamende

Nyamza, Mamela – Mamela Nyamza

Nyaniso, Lindi – Lindi Nyaniso

Nyembe, Mduduzi Sam - Mduduzi Sam Nyembe

Nyembe, Bonga – Bonga Nyembe

Nyoni, Vulindlela P.E. - Vulindlela P.E. Nyoni

Nzama, Gabigabi – Gabigabi Nzama

Nzima, Masana Sam - Masana Sam Nzima

Nzuza, Tete –Tete Nzuza

John O’ Donnell – O’ Donnell, John

Stanley O’ Donnell – O’ Donnell, Stanley

Hughie O’ Donoghue – O’ Donoghue, Hughie

Mark Patrick O’ Donovan – O’ Donovan, Mark Patrick

Ellalou O’ Meara – O’ Meara, Ellalou

Pippa O’Carroll – O’Carroll, Pippa

Adele O’Connell – O’Connell, Adele

Nicky O’Connell – O’Connell, Nicky

Patrick O’Connor – O’Connor, Patrick

Rosamund (Dunn) O’Connor – O’Connor, Rosamund (Dunn)

John O’Donnell – O’Donnell, John

Leonie O’Donnell – O’Donnell, Leonie

David O’Donovan – O’Donovan, David

Mark O’Donovan – O’Donovan, Mark

Ella Lou O’Meara – O’Meara, Ella Lou

Kate O’Reilly – O’Reilly, Kate

Penny O’Shea – O’Shea, Penny

Ursula Oakley – Oakley, Ursula

Evan Oberholster – Oberholster, Evan

Mandisi Oberholster – Oberholster, Mandisi

G. Oberholze – Oberholze, G.

Obie Oberholzer – Oberholzer, Obie

Gόnter Obojkovits – Obojkovits, Gόnter

Usen Obot – Obot, Usen

Fanik Ochanetzky – Ochanetzky, Fanik

Pat Ochse – Ochse, Pat

Andre Odendaal – Odendaal, Andre

Annalie Odendaal – Odendaal, Annalie

Bernard Odendaal – Odendaal, Bernard

Kock Odendaal – Odendaal, Kock

Martie Odendaal – Odendaal, Martie

Val Odendaal – Odendaal, Val

Vian Oelofsen – Oelofsen, Vian

Franz Oerder – Oerder, Franz

Gerda Pitlo Oerder – Oerder, Gerda Pitlo

Charlotte Oesterlein – Oesterlein, Charlotte

Jandy Offerman – Offerman, Jandy

J.P. Offerman – Offerman, J.P.

Michelle Offerman – Offerman, Michelle

Vilia Offerman – Offerman, Vilia

Mary Ogembo – Ogembo, Mary

B. Ogilvie – Ogilvie, B.

Will Ogilvie – Ogilvie, Will

Ayanda Ogqoyi – Ogqoyi, Ayanda

Antoinette Ohlenschlδger – Ohlenschlδger, Antoinette

Arthur Ohme – Ohme, Arthur

Tamsyn Olander – Olander, Tamsyn

Janik Olchanetzky – Olchanetzky, Janik

Johannes Oldert – Oldert, Johannes

Anita Oliphant – Oliphant, Anita

Audrey Oliver – Oliver, Audrey

Jane Oliver – Oliver, Jane

Martin Oliver – Oliver, Martin

Steve Oliver – Oliver, Steve

Tanya Oliver – Oliver, Tanya

Andrew Olivier – Olivier, Andrew

Gerhard Olivier – Olivier, Gerhard

Hayley Olivier – Olivier, Hayley

Leana Olivier – Olivier, Leana

Louise Olivier – Olivier, Louise

Ronel Olivier – Olivier, Ronel

Teresa Olivier – Olivier, Teresa

Vincent Olivier – Olivier, Vincent

Frieda Ollemans – Ollemans, Frieda

Sonnett Olls – Olls, Sonnett

Walter Oltmann – Oltmann, Walter

Igshaan Omar – Omar, Igshaan

Mike Omoighe – Omoighe, Mike

Navte Oona – Oona, Navte

Carol Oosterbroek – Oosterbroek, Carol

David Oosthuisen – Oosthuisen, David

Almero Oosthuizen – Oosthuizen, Almero

Anita Oosthuizen – Oosthuizen, Anita

Bert Oosthuizen – Oosthuizen, Bert

David Oosthuizen – Oosthuizen, David

Francoise Oosthuizen – Oosthuizen, Francoise

G. Oosthuizen – Oosthuizen, G

Janet (Mickey) Oosthuizen – Oosthuizen, Janet (Mickey)

Juliet Oosthuizen – Oosthuizen, Juliet

Maggie Oosthuizen – Oosthuizen, Maggie

Nic Oosthuizen – Oosthuizen, Nic

Pieter Oosthuizen – Oosthuizen, Pieter

Riana Oosthuizen – Oosthuizen, Riana

Virginia Oosthuizen – Oosthuizen, Virginia

Anne Marie Oppenheim – Oppenheim, Anne Marie

Linda Opperman – Opperman, Linda

Johann Oppermann – Oppermann, Johann

J.R.D. Oram – Oram, J.R.D.

Huck Orban – Orban, Huck

Jennifer Ord – Ord, Jennifer

Joyce Ordbrown – Ordbrown, Joyce

Arthur Orme – Orme, Arthur

Cecile Ormerod – Ormerod, Cecile

Georgina Ormiston – Ormiston, Georgina

Susan Orpen – Orpen, Susan

Lizette Orrfer – Orrfer, Lizette

Ann Orton – Orton, Ann

Meta Orton – Orton, Meta

Silvia Osbaldeston – Osbaldeston, Silvia

Caroline Osborn – Osborn, Caroline

Joan Osborn – Osborn, Joan

D.N. Osborne – Osborne, D.N.

David Osborne – Osborne, David

Lesley Osborne , – Osborne, Lesley

Masekoameng Osiah Ntepe , – Osiah Ntepe, Masekoameng

Frikkie Osner – Osner, Frikkie

Josef Osser – Osser, Josef

Karl Ossmann – Ossmann, Karl

Andre Otto – Otto, Andre

Anna-Karien Otto – Otto, Anna-Karien

Andrew Owen – Owen, Andrew

Buchanan Owen – Owen, Buchanan

David Owen – Owen, David

Rhys Owen – Owen, Rhys

Sanette Owen-Thomas – Owen-Thomas, Sanette

Ashleigh Owens – Owens, Ashleigh

Doreen Owens – Owens, Doreen

Neil Own – Own, Neil

John Oxley – Oxley, John

Eugene Ozugwo – Ozugwo, Eugene




Paddock, Billy – Billy Paddock

Page Fred Frederick Hutchinson – Fred Page

Page, Diana – Diana Page

Page, Justin – Justin Page

Pahl, Ilse – Ilse Pahl

Palmer, Alfred - Alfred Palmer

Papageorge, Georgie – Georgie Papageorge

Papas, William – William Papas

Paravano, Dino – Dino Paravano

Parissien, Roger – Roger Parissien

Parton, Carolyn – Carolyn Parton

Pascalini, Mashini – Mashini Pascalini

Passema, Reinata Sadimba – Reinata Passsema

Passmore, Anthony R. – Anthony Passmore

Paterson, Walker – Walker Paterson

Pather, Jay – Jay Pather

Paton, David – David Paton

Paton, Wallace – Wallace Paton

PAYNE, Malcolm - Malcolm Payne

Payne, Tracy Veronica – Tracy Payne

Payne, Colin – Colin Payne

Payne, Natalie – Natalie Payne

Paynter, Catherine – Catherine Paynter

Peers, Charles E. – Charles Peers

Peers, Sharon – Sharon Peers

Peirson, Lorna - Lorna Peirson

Pello, Miles – Miles Pello

Pelser, Monique – Monique Pelser

Pemba George Mnyalaza Milwa - George Pemba

Pemba, Lizo – Lizo Pemba

Penfold, Denise – Denise Penfold

Penn, Richard – Richard Penn

Penstone, Constance – Constance Penstone

Perold, Lisa – Lisa Perold

Perry, John – John Perry

Peters, Sophie - Sophie Peters

Peters, Randolene – Randolene Peters

Peters, Myro – Myro Peters

Peterson, Dawood – Dawood Peterson

Petit Pettit Michael - Michael Pettit

Petrie, Helen Anne – Helen Petrie

Pfaff, Uwe Michael – Uwe Pfaff

Phafane, Malcolm – Malcolm Phafane

Phala, Madi – Madi Phala

Phaladi, Daniel – Daniel Phaladi

Phambo, Lungile – Lungile Phambo

Pheko, Ntate – Ntate Pheko

Philani – Philani

Phillips, Tom – Tom Phillips

Pholeka Johannes – Johannes Pholeka

Phokompe, Thabiso – Thabiso Phokompe

Phoshoko, David Mothabeng – David Phosoko

Phumani Paper – Paper Phumani

Phungula, Phillip – Phillip Phungula

Picton-Seymour, Desiree Monica –Desiree Picton-Seymour

Pienaar, Piet – Piet Pienaar

Pienaar, Darryll - Darryll Pienaar

Pienaar, Johan – Johan Pienaar

Pienaar, Peet, de Wet, Barend – Peet Pienaar

Pierce-Atkinson, Patricia – Patricia Pierce-Atkinson

Pierneef Jacob Hendrik – Jacob Hendrik Pierneef

Pieters, Jack Jacobus - Jack Pieters

Pignon-Ernest, Ernest – Ernest Pignon-Ernest

Pilkington, George William - George Pilkington

Pilkington, H.L. Gordon - Gordon Pilkington

Pillay, Kuben – Kuben Pillay

Pinker Stanley - Stanley Pinker

Pio, Kurt – Kurt Pio

Pissarra, Mario – Mario Pissarra

Pitlo Oerder – Oerder Pitlo

Place, Rodney – Rodney Place

Platter, Cameron – Cameron Platter

Pletts, Nicole – Nicole Pletts

Podlaschuc Alexander - Alexander Podlaschuc

Podlashuc, Marianne - Marianne Podlashuc

Pokroy, Anthea Tracy – Anthea Pokroy

Policansky, Linda – Linda Policansky

Poole, Tanya Katherine – Tanya Poole

Pooler, Lucy – Lucy Pooler

Portway Douglas - Douglas Portway

Potgieter, Herman – Herman Potgieter

Potgieter, Hans - Hans Potgieter

Potgieter, Andre – Andre Potgieter

Potgieter, Hendrik – Hendrik Potgieter

Potgieter, Henry Jon – Henry Potgieter

Potts, Michael – Michael Potts

Poynton, Deborah – Deborah Poynton

Pradervand, Marc – Marc Pradervand

Pratt, Sarah – Sarah Pratt

Preller Alexis – Alexis Preller

Preller, Karin – Karin Preller

Pretorius, Annette – Annette Pretorius

Pretorius, Elmarie – Elmarie Pretorius

Pretorius, Fransiolentru – Fransiolentru Pretorius

Pretorius, Elfriede – Elfriede Pretorius

Pretorius, Kaffie - Kaffie Pretorius

Pretorius, Marilyn –Marilyn Pretorius

Price, Ayesha – Ayesha Price

Price, Beverly –Beverly Price

Prins, Nico – Nico Prins

Prins, Inge – Inge Prins

Prins, Elizabeth Liezel - Liezel Prins

Prinsloo, MIchelle – Michelle Prinsloo

Prior, David – David Prior

Prisca, Salome – Salome Prisca

Proud, Hayden – Hayden Proud

Proust, Alain – Alain Proust,

Prowse Ruth – Prowse Ruth

Pudi, Ranko - Ranko Pudi

Purcell, Janet – Janet Purcell

Purvis, Dennis – Dennis Purvis

Putter, Andrew – Andrew Putter




Qangule, Thembeka – Thembeka Qangule,

Quattrocchi Leigh Isabella - Isabella Quattrocchi

Quin, Maureen – Maureen Quin

Quin, Marc – Marc Quin

Quwe, Nkosinathi – Nkosinathi Quwe

Qwabe, Tivenyanga – Tivenyanga Qwabe

Qwabi, J. - J. Qwabi

Qwazi, Chris – Chris Qwazi

Qwele, Ms – Ms Qwele


Sunette Raath – Raath, Sunette

J.H. Rabe – Rabe, J.H.

Janice Rabie – Rabie, Janice

Arlene Rabinowitz – Rabinowitz, Arlene

Chaim Rabinowitz – Rabinowitz Chaim

Hyme Rabinowitz – Rabinowitz, Hyme

Jo Ractliffe – Ractliffe, Jo

Milene Radebe – Radebe, Milene

Margaret Radford – Radford, Margaret

Marija Radujkovic-Jooste – Radujkovic-Jooste, Marija

Vinod Raga – Raga, Vinod

Naransamy Raj – Raj, Naransamy

Dan Rakgoathe – Rakgoathe, Dan

Daniel Rakgoathe – Rakgoathe, Daniel

Michelle Rall – Rall, Michelle

Freddy Ramabulana – Ramabulana, Freddy

Mpolokeng Ramphomane – Ramphomane, Mpolokeng

Frances Ramsay – Ramsay, Frances

Jeff Ranbn – Ranbn, Jeff

Lucy Rance – Rance, Lucy

Bridget Randall – Randall, Bridget

Windston Rangwani – Rangwani, Windston

Daniel Rankadi – Rankadi, Daniel

Elizabeth Rankin – Rankin, Elizabeth

Jeff Rankin – Rankin, Jeff

Judy Rankin – Rankin, Judy

Lynn Rankin – Rankin, Lynn

Robyn Rankin – Rankin, Robyn

Ronald Rankin – Rankin, Ronald

Cathy Rann – Rann, Cathy

Jovial Rantao – Rantao, Jovial

Catherine Raphael – Raphael, Catherine

Meshack Raphalalani – Raphalalani, Meshack

Channa Rapoport – Rapoport, Channa

David Ras – Ras, David

Paul Rast – Rast, Paul

Kelly Ratcliffe – Ratcliffe, Kelly

Sharon Ratcliffe – Ratcliffe, Sharon

Dorothy Rathbone – Rathbone, Dorothy

Gordon Rattey – Rattey, Gordon

Alan Raubenheimer – Raubenheimer, Alan

F. Alana Raubenheimer – Raubenheimer, F. Alana

J.N. Raubenheimer – Raubenheimer, J.N.

Lawrie Raubenheimer – Raubenheimer, Lawrie

Marie Raubenheimer – Raubenheimer, Marie

Michelle Raubenheimer – Raubenheimer, Michelle

Paula Raubenheimer – Raubenheimer, Paula

Pauline Raubenheimer – Raubenheimer, Pauline

Sandy Raubenheimer – Raubenheimer, Sandy

Stephan Raubenheimer – Raubenheimer, Stephan

Cecil Rautenbach – Rautenbach, Cecil

Christine Rautenbach – Rautenbach, Christine

Laura Rautenbach – Rautenbach, Laura

Kay Rawbone – Rawbone, Kay

Mike Ray – Ray, Mike

Helene Rayman – Rayman, Helene

Colin Raymond – Raymond, Colin

Lawrence Raymond – Raymond, Lawrence

Prebble Rayner – Rayner, Prebble

Melany Rayners – Rayners, Melany

Sam Read – Read, Sam

Trent Read – Read, Trent

David Reade – Reade, David

Severa Rech- Cassarino – Rech- Cassarino, Severa

Albert Christoph Reck – Reck, Albert Christoph

Brent Record – Record, Brent

Teddy Reddek – Reddek, Teddy

Anna-Marie Reddy – Reddy, Anna-Marie

Deshnee Reddy – Reddy, Deshnee

Zainab Reddy – Reddy, Zainab

Albert Redelinghuys – Redelinghuys, Albert

Andreas Redelinghuys – Redelinghuys, Andreas

Ian Redelinghuys – Redelinghuys, Ian

Jan Redelinghuys – Redelinghuys, Jan

M. Redfern – Redfern, M.

James Reed – Reed, James

Rodway Reedon – Reedon, Rodway

Robert Reedy – Reedy, Robert

Mervyn Rees – Rees, Mervyn

Sonja Rees – Rees, Sonja

Ken Rees-Gibbs – Rees-Gibbs, Ken

Ian Reeves – Reeves, Ian

Ruby Reeves – Reeves, Ruby

Jenny Regan – Regan, Jenny

Delise Reich – Reich, Delise

Michael Reich – Reich, Michael

Brenden Reid – Reid, Brenden

Karen Reid – Reid, Karen

Lan Reid – Reid, Lan

Louise Reid – Reid, Louise

Marie Reid – Reid, Marie

Sorrel Reid – Reid, Sorrel

Di Reid-Ross – Reid-Ross, Di

Kalle Reimer – Reimer, Kalle

Gerda Reinet – Reinet, Gerda

Leslie Reinhardt – Reinhardt, Leslie

Myrna Reisen – Reisen, Myrna

Gaby Reisener – Reisener, Gaby

Tamsin Relly – Relly, Tamsin

Nidal Reme – Reme, Nidal

Cheryl Rennie – Rennie, Cheryl

Dave Rennie – Rennie, Dave

Richard Rennie – Rennie, Richard

Louise Repsold – Repsold, Louise

A.M. Retief – Retief, A.M.

Diane Retief – Retief, Diane

Franz Retief – Retief, Franz

Peter Retief – Retief, Peter

Vlasia Retsos – Retsos, Vlasia

Nicholas Reveley – Reveley, Nicholas

Amanda Reyneke – Reyneke, Amanda

Jenny Reyneke – Reyneke, Jenny

Johan Reyneke – Reyneke, Johan

Joy Reyneke – Reyneke, Joy

Susan Reyneke – Reyneke, Susan

Patrick Reynolds – Reynolds, Patrick

Roy Reynolds – Reynolds, Roy

Tessa Reynolds – Reynolds, Tessa

Anita Rheeder – Rheeder, Anita

Marie Rheeder – Rheeder, Marie

Robin Rhode – Rhode, Robin

Owen Rhys – Rhys, Owen

Johnny Ribiero – Ribiero, Johnny

Tony Ribton – Ribton, Tony

Christopher Rice – Rice, Christopher

Kevin Rich – Rich, Kevin

Scott Richard – Richard, Scott

Colin Richards – Richards, Colin

Monica Richards – Richards, Monica

Vaughan Richardson – Richardson , Vaughan

David Riding – Riding, David

Elizabeth Riding – Riding, Elizabeth

June Ridley – Ridley, June

Camilla Ridsdale – Ridsdale, Camilla

Lothar Riedel – Riedel, Lothar

Clint Rielly – Rielly, Clint

Sandrine Riemer – Riemer, Sandrine

Dolf Rieser – Rieser, Dolf

Cees Rietbrook – Rietbrook, Cees

Bernie Rietveld – Rietveld, Bernie

Sidwell Rihlavu – Rihlavu, Sidwell

Phillip Rikhotso – Rikhotso, Phillip

Mare Riki – Riki, Mare

Anthony Riley – Riley, Anthony

Gunterh Rindfleish – Rindfleish, Gunterh

Antoinette Ringwood-Senekal – Ringwood-Senekal, Antoinette

Alison Riordan – Riordan, Alison

Stephen Risi – Risi, Stephen

Dee Rissik – Rissik, Dee

Edward Riuz – Riuz, Edward

Jenny Rivet – Rivet, Jenny

Anthony Roach – Roach, Anthony

Enid Robat – Robat, Enid

Les Robbins – Robbins, Les

Anton Robert – Robert, Anton

Earle Robert – Robert, Earle

Annemarie Roberts – Roberts, Annemarie

Carl Roberts – Roberts, Carl

Colette Roberts – Roberts, Colette

Ellie Roberts – Roberts, Ellie

Hugh Roberts – Roberts, Hugh

Ivor Roberts – Roberts, Ivor

Kevin Roberts – Roberts, Kevin

Owen Roberts – Roberts, Owen

Alexander Robertson – Robertson, Alexander

Brian Robertson – Robertson, Brian

Cindy Robertson – Robertson, Cindy

Colleen Robertson – Robertson, Colleen

Dave Robertson – Robertson, Dave

Denise Robertson – Robertson, Denise

Derrick Robertson – Robertson, Derrick

Elizabeth Robertson – Robertson, Elizabeth

Henk Robertson – Robertson, Henk

J. McCulloch Robertson – Robertson, J. McCulloch

James Robertson – Robertson, James

Shirley Robertson – Robertson, Shirley

Struan Robertson – Robertson, Struan

Joy Robin – Robin, Joy

Anthea Robinson – Robinson, Anthea

Cornelia Robinson – Robinson, Cornelia

Dulcie Robinson – Robinson, Dulcie

George Crosland Robinson – Robinson, George Crosland

Graeme Robinson – Robinson, Graeme

Kenneth Robinson – Robinson, Kenneth

Pauline Robinson – Robinson, Pauline

Stephen N. Robinson – Robinson, Stephen N.

Wendy Robinson – Robinson, Wendy

Tim Robson – Robson, Tim

Mafafo Rochester – Rochester, Mafafo

George Rock – Rock, George

Steve Rock – Rock, Steve

Neil Rodger – Rodger, Neil

Cathy Rodgers – Rodgers, Cathy

Helen Rodgers – Rodgers, Helen

Judi Rodokanakis – Rodokanakis, Judi

Lizi Rods – Rods, Lizi

Rowland Roelofsz – Roelofsz, Rowland

Daan Roestorf – Roestorf, Daan

Margaret Roestorf – Roestorf, Margaret

Liesa Roetger – Roetger, Liesa

Johan Roets – Roets, Johan

Yolandi Roets – Roets, Yolandi

Joe Roff – Roff, Joe

Helen Rogers – Rogers, Helen

Sydney Rogers – Rogers, Sydney

Jean Rogier – Rogier, Jean

Jean Marius Rogier – Rogier, Jean Marius

Eileen Rogoff – Rogoff, Eileen

Christiaan Rohm – Rohm, Christiaan

Ilse Rφhrs – Rφhrs, Ilse

Albert Rohwer – Rohwer, Albert

Christel Rohwer – Rohwer, Christel

Tim Rohwer – Rohwer, Tim

Charles Rolando – Rolando, Charles

Barbara Rolfe – Rolfe, Barbara

Rita Rolfers – Rolfers, Rita

Catherine Rolle – Rolle, Catherine

Gillian Romanovsky – Romanovsky, Gillian

Krystyna Romanowicz – Romanowicz, Krystyna

E. Romer – Romer, E.

Nina Romm – Romm, Nina

Xu Rong – Rong, Xu

Nan Ronsheim – Ronsheim, Nan

Ernest Rood – Rood, Ernest

Nonnie Roodt – Roodt, Nonnie

Ric Roodt – Roodt, Ric

Johan Roome – Roome, Johan

John Roome – Roome, John

Gerrit Roon – Roon, Gerrit

Cees Roorda – Roorda, Cees

Arik Roos – Roos, Arik

Dingi Roos – Roos, Dingi

Hendrix Roos – Roos, Hendrix

Isabelle Roos – Roos, Isabelle

Jo Roos – Roos, Jo

John Roos – Roos, John

Johnny Roos – Roos, Johnny

Marie-Elise Roos – Roos, Marie-Elise

Michael Roos – Roos, Michael

Nico Roos – Roos, Nico

Sunette Roos – Roos, Sunette

Renee Roos-Els – Roos-Els, Renee

Alan Roosendaal – Roosendaal, Alan

Paul Roosenschoon – Roosenschoon, Paul

Lesley Rootenberg – Rootenberg, Lesley

Irma Rooyen – Rooyen, Irma

Jo Rorich – Rorich, Jo

Julia Rorke – Rorke, Julia

Patrick Rorke – Rorke, Patrick

Denovan Rose – Rose, Denovan

Paul Rose – Rose, Paul

Tracey Rose – Rose, Tracey

Alexander Rose-Innes – Rose-Innes, Alexander

Edwin Rose-Innes – Rose-Innes, Edwin

Joy Rose-Innes – Rose-Innes, Joy

Linda Rose-Innes – Rose-Innes, Linda

Michelle Rose-Innes – Rose-Innes, Michelle

Christine Rose-Watt – Rose-Watt, Christine

Frank Rosen – Rosen, Frank

Ronald Rosenberg – Rosenberg, Ronald

Susan Rosenberg – Rosenberg, Susan

Pieter Rosert – Rosert, Pieter

Stephen Rosin – Rosin, Stephen

Athena Rosolemos – Rosolemos, Athena

B.V. Ross – Ross, B.V.

Claire E. Ross – Ross, Claire E.

F.B. Ross – Ross, F.B.

Frank Ross – Ross, Frank

Mare Ross – Ross, Mare

Marriner Ross – Ross, Marriner

Monica Ross – Ross, Monica

Nicolet Ross – Ross, Nicolet

Peter Ross – Ross, Peter

Philisine Ross – Ross, Philisine

Shirley Ross – Ross, Shirley

Wendy Ross – Ross, Wendy

Christine Ross-Watt – Ross-Watt, Christine

Ian Rossenrode – Rossenrode, Ian

Tassia Rosser – Rosser, Tassia

Mathilda Rosslee – Rosslee, Mathilda

Ansa Rossouw – Rossouw, Ansa

Cirkine Rossouw – Rossouw, Cirkine

RDavid ossouw – Rossouw, David

David Pierre Rossouw – Rossouw, David Pierre

Fred Rossouw – Rossouw, Fred

Hendra Rossouw – Rossouw, Hendra

Marinda Rossouw – Rossouw, Marinda

Pierre Rossouw – Rossouw, Pierre

Rick Rossouw – Rossouw, Rick

Roelof Rossouw – Rossouw, Roelof

Stefan Rossouw – Rossouw, Stefan

Stephen Rothenburg – Rothenburg, Stephen

Richard Rother – Rother, Richard

Lydia Rothmann – Rothmann, Lydia

Paul Roumanoff – Roumanoff, Paul

Patrick Rouse – Rouse, Patrick

Stefan Roussouw – Roussouw, Stefan

Lynda Routledge-Taylor – Routledge-Taylor, Lynda

Alison Roux – Roux, Alison

Andries Roux – Roux, Andries

Dawid Roux – Roux, Dawid

Dennis Roux – Roux, Dennis

Francois Roux – Roux, Francois

Hennie Roux – Roux, Hennie

Jaco Roux – Roux, Jaco

Jacobus Roux – Roux, Jacobus

Janine Roux – Roux, Janine

Nicolas Roux – Roux, Nicolas

Paul Roux – Roux, Paul

Peter Roux – Roux, Peter

Rika Roux – Roux, Rika

Fiona Ewan Rowett – Rowett, Fiona Ewan

Edward Roworth – Roworth, Edward

Ivanonia Roworth – Roworth, Ivanonia

Joy Rozar – Rozar, Joy

Liza Rubens – Rubens, Liza

Harold Rubin – Rubin, Harold

Reeva Rubin – Rubin, Reeva

Rene Rudman – Rudman, Rene

Robert Rudniak – Rudniak, Robert

Ann Rudnick – Rudnick, Ann

Audrey Rudnick – Rudnick, Audrey

Victoria Rueda – Rueda, Victoria

Hannah Ruesch – Ruesch, Hannah

Maureen Rugani – Rugani, Maureen

Edronce Rukodzi – Rukodzi, Edronce

Safra Rumbelow – Rumbelow, Safra

Margaret Rundle – Rundle, Margaret

Louise Runnals – Runnals, Louise

Christopher Russell – Russell, Christopher

David Russell – Russell, David

Cirkine Russouw – Russouw, Cirkine

Marius Russow – Russow, Marius

Chris Rust – Rust, Chris

Imke Rust – Rust, Imke

Hindy Rutenberg – Rutenberg, Hindy

Hylton Rutherford – Rutherford, Hylton

S. Rutstein – Rutstein, S.

Richie Ryall – Ryall, Richie



Hettie Saaiman – Saaiman, Hettie

Wilhelm Saayman – Saayman, Wilhelm

Lily Sachs – Sachs, Lily

Charles Sachse – Sachse, Charles

Monty Sack – Sack, Monty

Neil Sack – Sack, Neil

Steven Sack – Sack, Steven

Israel Sacks – Sacks, Israel

Kim Sacks – Sacks, Kim

Shelley Sacks – Sacks, Shelley

Sylvia Sacks – Sacks, Sylvia

Greta Sadur – Sadur, Greta

Mujahid Safodien – Safodien, Mujahid

Tracy Lee Sage – Sage, Tracy Lee

Jo Saggerson – Saggerson, Jo

Ga Saintz – Saintz, Ga

Laurence Sakarai – Sakarai, Laurence

Kaz Saks – Saks, Kaz

Marita Saks – Saks, Marita

Lyndi Sales – Sales, Lyndi

Andre Salesse – Salesse, Andre

Ismail Salie – Salie, Ismail

Barbara Salmon – Salmon, Barbara

Chris Salmon – Salmon, Chris

W.O. Salom – Salom, W.O.

Inge Saloman – Saloman, Inge

Elva Salters – Salters, Elva

Beverley Samler – Samler, Beverley

John Sampson , – Sampson, John

Albart Samson – Samson, Albart

Daan Samuels – Samuels, Daan

F.M. Samuels – Samuels, F.M.

Fred Sanders – Sanders, Fred

Sheila Sanders – Sanders, Sheila

Derek Sanderson – Sanderson, Derek

Gutti Sandrock – Sandrock, Gutti

Edwina Sandy – Sandy, Edwina

Philemon Sangweni – Sangweni, Philemon

Yvonne Santana – Santana, Yvonne

Denis Santry – Santry, Denis

Madeleine Santry – Santry, Madeleine

Winston Saoli – Saoli, Winston

Fabian Saptouw – Saptouw, Fabian

J. Sara – Sara, J.

Claire Sarembock – Sarembock, Claire

Mitya Sargeant – Sargeant, Mitya

Bernard Sargent – Sargent, Bernard

W.G. Wren Sargent – Sargent, W.G. Wren

Roy Sarkin – Sarkin, Roy

Cecily Sash – Sash, Cecily

Robyn Sassen – Sassen, Robyn

Matty Sassenberg – Sassenberg, Matty

Anne Sassoon – Sassoon, Anne

Roderick Sauls – Sauls, Roderick

Kelvin Saunders – Saunders, Kelvin

Rosa Saunders – Saunders, Rosa

Sarie Saunders – Saunders, Sarie

Gregory Saunderson – Saunderson, Gregory

Elaine Savage – Savage, Elaine

Adrian Saville – Saville, Adrian

Peter Savo – Savo, Peter

Ethel Sawyer – Sawyer, Ethel

Rico Schacherl – Schacherl, Rico

Jurgen Schadeberg – Schadeberg, Jurgen

Elsabe Schady , – Schady, Elsabe

Cecile Schaefer – Schaefer, Cecile

Lynn Schaefer – Schaefer, Lynn

Charlotte Schaer – Schaer, Charlotte

Rosalee Schaffer – Schaffer, Rosalee

Lori Schappe – Schappe, Lori

Philip Schedler – Schedler, Philip

Maura Scheepbouwer – Scheepbouwer, Maura

Riaan Scheepbouwer – Scheepbouwer, Riaan

Emmarie Scheepers – Scheepers, Emmarie

Marie Scheepers – Scheepers, Marie

Liza Scheffer – Scheffer, Liza

Christine Scheid – Scheid, Christine

Erwin Scheiflinger – Scheiflinger, Erwin

Michelle Scheller – Scheller, Michelle

Jeanette Schelpe – Schelpe, Jeanette

Rene Scheltema – Scheltema, Rene

Ferdi Schenck – Schenck, Ferdi

Pandora Schep – Schep, Pandora

Gunnar Schiele – Schiele, Gunnar

Genny Schild – Schild, Genny

Fred Schimmel – Schimmel, Fred

Ingo Schirmer – Schirmer, Ingo

Hans Schlamm – Schlamm, Hans

David Schlapobersky – Schlapobersky, David

Madelise Schlebusch – Schlebusch, Madelise

Mechtilde Schler – Schler, Mechtilde

Kurt Schlesinger – Schlesinger, Kurt

Peter Schlesinger – Schlesinger, Peter

Rudi Schlieben – Schlieben, Rudi

Linda Schlosz – Schlosz, Linda

Joseph Schmaman – Schmaman, Joseph

Casper Schmidt – Schmidt, Casper

Helga Schmidt – Schmidt, Helga

Leonie Schmidt – Schmidt, Leonie

Paul Schmidt – Schmidt, Paul

Christopher Schmulian – Schmulian, Christopher

Ruth Schmulian – Schmulian, Ruth

Carina Schneider – Schneider, Carina

Jenny Schneider – Schneider, Jenny

Antoinette Schoeman – Schoeman, Antoinette

Carla Schoeman – Schoeman, Carla

Erica Schoeman – Schoeman, Erica

Freda Schoeman – Schoeman, Freda

Gerhard Schoeman – Schoeman, Gerhard

Giovanni Schoeman – Schoeman, Giovanni

Konrad Schoeman – Schoeman, Konrad

Lee Schoeman – Schoeman, Lee

Linda Schoeman – Schoeman, Linda

Marcell Schoeman – Schoeman, Marcell

Willem Schoeman – Schoeman, Willem

Olivia Scholnick – Scholnick, Olivia

Debbie Scholtemeyer – Scholtemeyer, Debbie

Adriana Scholtz – Scholtz, Adriana

Anton Scholtz – Scholtz, Anton

Denise Scholtz – Scholtz, Denise

Doris Scholtz – Scholtz, Doris

Eurica Scholtz – Scholtz, Eurica

Anna-Marie Scholz – Scholz, Anna-Marie

Joachim Schφnfeldt – Schφnfeldt, Joachim

Luanna Schonfield – Schonfield, Luanna

Grethe Schonken – Schonken, Grethe

Grete Schonken-Hutt – Schonken-Hutt, Grete

Schoombie , Jacqueline – Schoombie, Jacqueline

Chris Schorn – Schorn, Chris

Markus Schorn – Schorn, Markus

Elaine Schrader – Schrader, Elaine

Joan Schrauwen – Schrauwen, Joan

Corina Schreuder – Schreuder, Corina

Gary Schreuder – Schreuder, Gary

Sonja Schreuder – Schreuder, Sonja

Claudette Schreuders – Schreuders, Claudette

Brigitte Schroder – Schroder, Brigitte

Oskar Schroder – Schroder, Oskar

Otto Schroder – Schroder, Otto

William Howard Schroder – Schroder, William Howard

Lynn Schroeder – Schroeder, Lynn

Eugene Schuddinh – Schuddinh, Eugene

Hester Schuler – Schuler, Hester

Annette Schultz – Schultz, Annette

Greg Schultz – Schultz, Greg

Hannalize Schultz – Schultz, Hannalize

Tina Schultz – Schultz, Tina

Tina Anne Schultz – Schultz, Tina Anne

Caroline Schulz Vieira – Schulz Vieira, Caroline

Edmund Schur – Schur, Edmund

Michael Schur – Schur, Michael

Estelle Schutte – Schutte, Estelle

Hillary Schutte – Schutte, Hillary

Janet Schutte – Schutte, Janet

Marz Schutte – Schutte, Marz

Tish Schutte – Schutte, Tish

Peter Schόtz – Schόtz, Peter

Helmut Schwabe – Schwabe, Helmut

Dirk Schwager – Schwager, Dirk

Ronell Schwalb – Schwalb, Ronell

Ulrich Schwaneke – Schwaneke, Ulrich

Bernice Schwartz – Schwartz, Bernice

Brenden Schwartz – Schwartz, Brenden

Edmund Schwartz – Schwartz, Edmund

Allan Schwarz – Schwarz, Allan

Annette Louise Schwarz – Schwarz, Annette Louise

Renate Schwarz – Schwarz, Renate

Wendy Schwegman – Schwegman, Wendy

Ann Schweizer – Schweizer, Ann

Stefan Schwerthelm – Schwerthelm, Stefan

Francine Scialom Greenblatt – Scialom Greenblatt, Francine

Heather Sclater – Sclater, Heather

Dilys Anne Scorgie – Scorgie, Dilys Anne

Gill Scott – Scott, Gill

Johan Scott – Scott, Johan

Karen Scott – Scott, Karen

Kathryn Scott – Scott, Kathryn

Louis Scott – Scott, Louis

Marjory Scott – Scott, Marjory

Phil Scott – Scott, Phil

Richard Scott – Scott, Richard

Sally Scott – Scott, Sally

Tracey Scott – Scott, Tracey

Brian Scott-Dawkins – Scott-Dawkins, Brian

David Scott-Macnab – Scott-Macnab, David

Will Scott-Smith – Scott-Smith, Will

Caryn Scrimgeour – Scrimgeour, Caryn

Algi Scrooby – Scrooby, Algi

Tony Scullion – Scullion, Tony

Larry Scully – Scully, Larry

Lyn Scully – Scully, Lyn

Carlo Sdoya – Sdoya, Carlo

Lucas Seage – Seage, Lucas

Solomon Seakhaolelo – Seakhaolelo, Solomon

Sheeham Sealey – Sealey, Sheeham

Bernadette Searle – Searle, Bernadette

Berni Searle – Searle, Berni

Peter Searle – Searle, Peter

Ronald Searle – Searle, Ronald

Carolyn Seawright – Seawright, Carolyn

Johannes Sebati – Sebati, Johannes

Mmakgabo Helen Sebidi – Sebidi, Mmakgabo Helen

Elizabeth Sebok – Sebok, Elizabeth

Annette Sedibane – Sedibane, Annette

Solomon K. Sedibane – Sedibane, Solomon K.

Percy Sedumedi – Sedumedi, Percy

Jo Seegers – Seegers, Jo

Usha Seejarim – Seejarim, Usha

Clement Serneels – Serneels, Clement

Marilyn Southey – Southey, Marilyn

Andrew Steyn – Steyn, Andrew

Ariane Steyn – Steyn, Ariane

Colin Steyn – Steyn, Colin

Emile Steyn – Steyn, Emile

Gerda Steyn – Steyn, Gerda

Jennifer Steyn – Steyn, Jennifer

Louis Steyn – Steyn, Louis

Rebecca Steyn – Steyn, Rebecca

Stef Steyn – Steyn, Stef

Wayne Stockton – Stockton, Wayne

Jennifer Stodel – Stodel, Jennifer

Jonathan Stodel – Stodel, Jonathan

Karin Stoffberg – Stoffberg, Karin

Frederike Stokhuyzen – Stokhuyzen, Frederike

Marie Stokhuyzen – Stokhuyzen, Marie

Deon Stols – Stols, Deon

Fred Stoltz – Stoltz, Fred

Alet Stone – Stone, Alet

Cyril Stone – Stone, Cyril

Dalene Stone – Stone, Dalene

Ida Mae Stone – Stone, Ida Mae

Josefine Stone – Stone, Josefine

Simon Stone – Stone, Simon

Paul Stopforth – Stopforth, Paul

Annette Stork – Stork, Annette

Mike Stott – Stott, Mike

Sandra Stott – Stott, Sandra

Thyrza Stott – Stott, Thyrza

J. Stoyell – Stoyell, J.

E.M. Strachan – Strachan, E.M.

Harold Strachan – Strachan, Harold

Lisa Strachan – Strachan, Lisa

Anthony Strack – Strack, Anthony

Peter Strack – Strack, Peter

Bransom Strapp – Strapp, Bransom

Dee Strata – Strata, Dee

Mary Straueli – Straueli, Mary

Andre Strauss – Strauss, Andre

Andries Strauss – Strauss, Andries

D. Strauss – Strauss, D.

Johan Strauss – Strauss, Johan

Pamela Strauss – Strauss, Pamela

Greg Streak – Streak, Greg

Jenny Stretton – Stretton, Jenny

Richard Strever – Strever, Richard

Gail Strever-Morkel – Strever-Morkel, Gail

Anthony Strickland – Strickland, Anthony

Michael Stripp – Stripp, Michael

Peter Strobos – Strobos, Peter

Hendrik Stroebel – Stroebel, Hendrik

Nadine Strohfeldt – Strohfeldt, Nadine

Beryl Stromsoe – Stromsoe, Beryl

Mary Stromsoe – Stromsoe, Mary

Guy Strong – Strong, Guy

Jenny Strong – Strong, Jenny

Yvonne Strong – Strong, Yvonne

Chalene Stroud – Stroud, Chalene

James Stroud – Stroud, James

Edith Struben – Struben, Edith

Roy Struthers – Struthers, Roy

Al Strydom – Strydom, Al

Celia Strydom – Strydom, Celia

Claire Strydom – Strydom, Claire

Deon Strydom – Strydom, Deon

Elbe Strydom – Strydom, Elbe

Eloοse Strydom – Strydom, Eloοse

Enid Strydom – Strydom, Enid

Erene Elma Strydom – Strydom, Erene Elma

Eunice Strydom – Strydom, Eunice

F. Strydom – Strydom, F.

Gordon Strydom – Strydom, Gordon

Inkara Maria Strydom – Strydom, Inkara Maria

Irene Elma Strydom – Strydom, Irene Elma

Martie Strydom – Strydom, Martie

Maureen Strydom – Strydom, Maureen

Richard Strydom – Strydom, Richard

Willem Frederik Strydom – Strydom, Willem Frederik

Willie Strydom – Strydom, Willie

Willem Strydom – Strydom, Willem

Uschi Stuart – Stuart, Uschi

Robin Stuart-Clark – Stuart-Clark, Robin

Constance Stuart-Larrabee – Stuart-Larrabee, Constance

Gabi Stubbe – Stubbe, Gabi

Ann Stubbs – Stubbs, Ann

Guy Stubbs – Stubbs, Guy

Matthew Stubbs – Stubbs, Matthew

Iris Stuck – Stuck, Iris

Borge Frederick Stuckenberg – Stuckenberg, Borge Frederick

Mosie Stutterheim – Stutterheim, Mosie

Penny Stutterheim – Stutterheim, Penny

Rina Stutzer – Stutzer, Rina

Elza Sullivan – Sullivan, Elza

Joanne Sullivan – Sullivan, Joanne

Wayne Barry Sullivan – Sullivan, Wayne Barry

Simon Summerton – Summerton, Simon

Maude Sumner – Sumner, Maude

Olive Sunderland – Sunderland, Olive

Colin Sunkel – Sunkel, Colin

Amos Supini – Supini, Amos

Precious Suraji – Suraji, Precious

Julia G. Sursok – Sursok, Julia G.

Helen Suter – Suter, Helen

Angeline Sutherland – Sutherland, Angeline

Ivan Sutherland – Sutherland, Ivan

Mark Sutherland – Sutherland, Mark

Wim Swaam – Swaam, Wim

Geraldine Swain – Swain, Geraldine

D. Swan – Swan, D.

Elaine Swan – Swan, Elaine

Elinor Swan – Swan, Elinor

Nikki Swan – Swan , Nikki

AJ Swanepoel – Swanepoel, AJ

Billy Swanepoel – Swanepoel, Billy

N. Swanepoel – Swanepoel, N.

Elske Swanepoel – Swanepoel, Elske

Frans Swanepoel – Swanepoel, Frans

J.D. Swanepoel – Swanepoel, J.D.

Jack Swanepoel – Swanepoel, Jack

Joeye Swanepoel – Swanepoel, Joeye

Justus Swanepoel – Swanepoel, Justus

Laura Swanepoel – Swanepoel, Laura

Lyn Swanepoel – Swanepoel, Lyn

Mike Swanepoel – Swanepoel, Mike

Mornι Swanepoel – Swanepoel, Mornι

Nicolene Swanepoel – Swanepoel, Nicolene

Pieter Swanepoel – Swanepoel, Pieter

Theresa Swanepoel – Swanepoel, Theresa

Barbara Swart – Swart, Barbara

Brenda Swart – Swart, Brenda

Daniel Swart – Swart, Daniel

Gerhard Swart – Swart, Gerhard

Hillel Swart – Swart, Hillel

Magda Swart – Swart, Magda

Mark Swart – Swart, Mark

Rudolph Swart – Swart, Rudolph

Ryno Swart – Swart, Ryno

Sanna Swart – Swart, Sanna

Sarah Swart – Swart, Sarah

Susanna Swart – Swart, Susanna

Vernon Swart – Swart, Vernon

Wanda Swart – Swart, Wanda

Salome Swartz – Swartz, Salome

Jan Sweeney – Sweeney, Jan

Lauren Sweet – Sweet, Lauren

Nigel Sweet – Sweet, Nigel

Alida Swiegers – Swiegers, Alida

Sean Swiegers – Swiegers, Sean

Tanya Swiegers – Swiegers, Tanya

Avril Swiel – Swiel, Avril

Garth Swift – Swift, Garth

Tony Swift – Swift, Tony

Eva Sydow – Sydow, Eva

V.H. Symington – Symington, V.H.

Diana Lucy Symonds – Symonds, Diana Lucy

Henry Symonds – Symonds, Henry




Kedibone Sarah Tabane – Tabane, Kedibone Sarah

Ana-Li Tabone – Tabone, Ana-Li

Michele Tabor – Tabor, Michele

Jarozynski Tadeusz – Tadeusz, Jarozynski

Amichai Tahor – Tahor, Amichai

Ian Tainton – Tainton, Ian

Colette Tait – Tait, Colette

Debbie Tait – Tait, Debbie

Estelle Tait – Tait, Estelle

Adele Seton Tait – Tait, Adele Seton

Elsabe Taljaard – Taljaard, Elsabe

Flip Taljaard – Taljaard, Flip

Jan Taljaard – Taljaard, Jan

Pietro Taljaard – Taljaard, Pietro

Teresa Taljaard – Taljaard, Teresa

Zach Taljaard – Taljaard, Zach

Giulio Tambellini – Tambellini, Giulio

Ian Tan – Tan, Ian

P.M. Tancrel – Tancrel, P.M.

Keddy Cliff Tandi – Tandi, Keddy Cliff

C.H. Tanghe – Tanghe, C.H.

Shine Tani – Tani, Shine

Egon Tania – Tania, Egon

Jo Tanner – Tanner, Jo

Kim Tantum – Tantum, Kim

Frank Tapnack – Tapnack, Frank

Pascual Tarazino – Tarazino, Pascual

G.G. Tarazza – Tarazza, G.G.

Karen Tarr – Tarr, Karen

Cohn Taryn – Taryn, Cohn

Martin Tase – Tase , Martin

Margie Tasell-Yates – Tasell-Yates, Margie

Rita Tasker – Tasker, Rita

Roslynne Tasker – Tasker, Roslynne

Simon Tate – Tate, Simon

Colin Tatham – Tatham, Colin

Susan Kathleen Tatham – Tatham, Susan Kathleen

Chris Tatham van Niekerk – Tatham van Niekerk, Chris

Shany Tatham van Niekerk – Tatham van Niekerk, Shany

Sue Tatham van Nieker – Tatham van Niekerk, Sue

H Taute – Taute, H

Margaret Tavendale – Tavendale, Margaret

Israel – Tavhana – Tavhana, Israel

Paul Tavhana – Tavhana, Paul

Mark Tayler – Tayler, Mark

Alfred Taylor – Taylor, Alfred

Alfred Gordon Taylor – Taylor, Alfred Gordon

Aida Taylor – Taylor, Aida

Alida Taylor – Taylor, Alida

Angus Taylor – Taylor, Angus

Bernadette Taylor – Taylor, Bernadette

Chris Taylor – Taylor, Chris

Corinne Taylor – Taylor, Corinne

Daphne Taylor – Taylor, Daphne

Edward Taylor – Taylor, Edward

Fred Taylor – Taylor, Fred

George Taylor – Taylor, George

Graham Taylor – Taylor, Graham

Henry Taylor – Taylor, Henry

Jane Taylor – Taylor, Jane

Joanne Taylor – Taylor, Joanne

Kevin Taylor – Taylor, Kevin

Lee Taylor – Taylor, Lee

Lorna Taylor – Taylor, Lorna

Mary Taylor – Taylor, Mary

Priscilla Taylor – Taylor, Priscilla

Roy Taylor – Taylor, Roy

Sydney Taylor – Taylor, Sydney

George Taylor-Botha – Taylor-Botha, George

Daniel Tchoagong – Tchoagong, Daniel

June Te Water – Te Water, June

Barbara Teale – Teale, Barbara

Julia Teale – Teale, Julia

Karen Tearnan – Tearnan, Karen

Shelley Tearnan – Tearnan, Shelley

Johann Teeling – Teeling, Johann

Robert Teeling – Teeling, Robert

Michael Teffo – Teffo, Michael

Robert Teffo – Teffo, Robert

Ben Temkin – Temkin, Ben

Jean Marie Temkin Temkin, Jean Marie

Johann Tempelhoff – Tempelhoff, Johann

Lene Tempelhoff – Tempelhoff, Lene

Joan Templer – Templer, Joan

Kathleen – Templer, Kathleen

Kate Edith Ten – Ten, Kate Edith

Lynette Ten – Ten, Lynette

Lynette Ten Krooden – Ten Krooden, Lynette

Justinus Ten Krooden – Ten Krooden, Justinus

Alice Tennant – Tennant, Alice

Marie Terblanche – Terblanche, Marie

Philip Terblanche – Terblanche, Philip

Rene Terblanche – Terblanche, Rene

Stef Terblanche – Terblanche, Stef

Geoffrey Terence Charlesworth – Terence Charlesworth, Geoffrey

April Terrance – Terrance, April

Sue Terrapon – Terrapon, Sue

Rebecca Tetley – Tetley, Rebecca

Alida Texeira – Texeira, Adilia

David Tahbede – Thabede, David

James Thacker – Thacker, James

James Thacwray – Thackwray, James

Helde-Marie Thackwray – Thackwray, Helde-Marie

S. Thamae – Thamae, S.

Kiren Thathiah – Thathiah, Kiren

Michael Thayer – Thayer, Michael

Tyrrel Thaysen – Thaysen, Tyrrel

Celia Theart – Theart, Celia

Ιmile Theart – Theart, Ιmile

Cal Theron – Theron, Cal

Filia Theron – Theron, Filia

Guillaime Theron – Theron, Guillaime

Gunther Theron – Theron, Gunther

Leo Theron – Theron, Leo

Lulu Theron – Theron, Lulu

Marie Theron – Theron, Marie

H. Thesen – Thesen, H.

Doreen Theunissen – Theunissen, Doreen

Pete Theunissen – Theunissen, Pete

Renee Theunissen – Theunissen, Renee

Suen Theunissen – Theunissen, Suen

Clementia Theys – Theys, Clementina

Conrad Theys – Theys, Conrad

Hannes Thiart – Thiart, Hannes

Clementina Thiener – Thiener, Clementina

Makomalo Thijs – Thijs, Mokamola

Robert Thixton – Thixton, Robert

Alfred Thoba – Thoba, Alfred

Hannatjie Thoba – Thoba, Hannatjie

Magwevana Thobeka – Thobeka, Magwevana

Sam Thoka – Thoka, Sam

Jamie Thom – Thom, Jamie

Christine Thomas – Thomas, Christine

Des Thomas – Thomas, Des

Jill Thomas – Thomas, Jill

Katerina Thomas – Thomas, Katerina

Kohler Thomas – Thomas, Kohler

Koos Thomas – Thomas, Koos

Leigh-Ann Thomas – Thomas, Leigh-Ann

Nkuna Thomas – Thomas, Nkuna

Pieter Thomas – Thomas, Pieter

Sandra Thomas – Thomas, Sandra

W.D.Thomas – Thomas, W.D.

Alida Marianne Thompson – Thompson, Alida Marianne

Colleen Thompson – Thompson, Colleen

Graham Thompson – Thompson, Graham

Hazel Thompson – Thompson, Hazel

Illa Thompson – Thompson, Illa

Isabel Thompson – Thompson, Isabel

J.C. Thompson – Thompson, J.C.

Nina Thompson – Thompson, Nina

Rowan Thompson – Thompson, Rowan

Bronwyn Thomson – Thomson, Bronwyn

Fiona Thomson – Thomson, Fiona

Neil Thomson – Thomson, Neil

Dominic Thorburn – Thorburn, Dominic

Chantelle Thorne – Thorne, Chantelle

David Thorpe – Thorpe, David

Rob Thorsen – Thorsen, Rob

Malevu Thulani – Thulani, Malevu

Eunice Thurlow – Thurlow, Eunice

Neil Thurtell – Thurtell, Neil

Yvonne Thurtell – Thurtell, Yvonne

Lina Thwala – Thwala, Lina

Brian Thys – Thys, Brian

Catherine Thys – Thys, Catherine

Ishmael Thyssen – Thyssen, Ishmael

Guy Todd – Todd, Guy

Vladimir Tretchikoff – Tretchikoff, Vladimir

Barbara Tyrrell – Tyrrell Barbara



Ullmann, Ernest - Ernest Ullmann

Unger, Belinka, Smith, Jason - Belinka Unger

Unite, Jeannette – Jeannette Unite

Uys, Anton - Anton Uys




Elsabe Valcke – Valcke, Elsabe

Paddy Valcke – Valcke, Paddy

Helen Vale Xenos – Vale Xenos, Helen

Stuart Valentine-Rambridge – Valentine-Rambridge, Stuart

Zukile Valisa – Valisa, Zukile

Kerry Valstar – Valstar, Kerry

Karen van Aardt Lasserre – van Aardt Lasserre, Karen

Nic van Aardt Lasserre – van Aardt Lasserre, Nic

Jan Van Anrooy – Van Anrooy, Jan

Christo van As – van As, Christo

Gerda van Assett – van Assett, Gerda

R.V. van Aswegan – van Aswegan, R.V.

Adri van Aswegen van Vuuren – van Aswegen van Vuuren, Adri

Nico van Belkum – van Belkum, Nico

Roslynne van Belkum – van Belkum, Roslynne

Irma Van Below – Van Below, Irma

Jan van Bergen – van Bergen, Jan

Guido van Bessouw – van Bessouw, Guido

Mariette Van Biljon – Van Biljon, Mariette

Barbara Van Blerk – Van Blerk, Barbara

Gareth van Blerk – van Blerk, Gareth

Vivian van Blerk – van Blerk, Vivian

Peter Van Blommestein – Van Blommestein, Peter

Kobus Van Bosch – Van Bosch, Kobus

Ian van Coller – van Coller, Ian

Johannes van Coller – van Coller, Johannes

Jansen Martli van De Geest – van De Geest, Jansen Martli

Andre van De Merwe – van De Merwe, Andre

Anton van De Merwe – van De Merwe, Anton

Hentie van De Merwe – van De Merwe, Hentie

Jan van De Merwe – van De Merwe, Jan

Ada van de Vijver – van de Vijver, Ada

Jules Van de Vijver – Van de Vijver, Jules

Uldene Van de Vyver – Van de Vyver, Uldene

Anneke van Deivl – van Deivl, Anneke

Gertrude Van Delden – Van Delden, Gertrude

Chris Van Den Berg – Van Den Berg, Chris

Clive Van den Berg – Van den Berg, Clive

Louvain van den Berg – van den Berg, Louvain

Maggie van den Berg – van den Berg, Maggie

Mary van den Berg – van den Berg, Mary

Minette van den Berg – van den Berg, Minette

Shany van den Berg – van den Berg, Shany

Willem van den Berg – van den Berg, Willem

Yvonne van den Berg – van den Berg, Yvonne

Naomi Van den Heever – Van den Heever, Naomi

Riaan Van der Bergh – Van der Bergh, Riaan

Ivan Van Der Boogardt – Van Der Boogardt, Ivan

Leigh van der Byl – van der Byl, Leigh

Thea van der Hoogt – van der Hoogt, Thea

Liane van der Hoven – van der Hoven, Liane

Ans van der Hyde van der Berg – van der Hyde van der Berg, Ans

Andrew van der Linde – van der Linde, Andrew

Martiens van der Linde – van der Linde, Martiens

Susan van der Linde – van der Linde, Susan

Sophie Van der Made – Van der Made, Sophie

Monique van der Meer – van der Meer, Monique

Alta van der Merwe – van der Merwe, Alta

Andrew van der Merwe – van der Merwe, Andrew

Anna van der Merwe – van der Merwe, Anna

Anton van der Merwe – van der Merwe, Anton

Appie van der Merwe – van der Merwe, Appie

Benjamin van der Merwe – van der Merwe, Benjamin

Braam van der Merwe – van der Merwe, Braam

Caroline van der Merwe – van der Merwe, Caroline

Cecile van der Merwe – van der Merwe, Cecile

Charles van der Merwe – van der Merwe, Charles

Desiree Van Der Merwe – Van Der Merwe, Desiree

Eben Van der Merwe – Van der Merwe, Eben

Elmarie van der Merwe – van der Merwe, Elmarie

Frikkie van der Merwe – van der Merwe, Frikkie

Handre van der Merwe – van der Merwe, Handre

Heila van der Merwe – van der Merwe, Heila

Henriette van der Merwe – van der Merwe, Henriette

Hentie Van der Merwe – Van der Merwe, Hentie

Hermien van der Merwe – van der Merwe, Hermien

Jack van der Merwe – van der Merwe, Jack

Jan Van Der Merwe – Van Der Merwe, Jan

Johann Van der Merwe – Van der Merwe, Johann

Justinus van der Merwe – van der Merwe, Justinus

Kali van der Merwe – van der Merwe, Kali

Koos van der Merwe – van der Merwe, Koos

Lize-Mari van der Merwe – van der Merwe, Lize-Mari

Lizelle van der Merwe – van der Merwe, Lizelle

Madelize van der Merwe – van der Merwe, Madelize

Marie Van der Merwe – Van der Merwe, Marie

Marietjie Van der Merwe – Van der Merwe, Marietjie

Merwelene van der Merwe – van der Merwe, Merwelene

Mimi van der Merwe – van der Merwe, Mimi

Pat van der Merwe – van der Merwe, Pat

Peet van der Merwe – van der Merwe, Peet

Peter van der Merwe – van der Merwe, Peter

Piet Van der Merwe – Van der Merwe, Piet

Rene van der Merwe – van der Merwe, Rene

Rita van der Merwe – van der Merwe, Rita

Schalk Van Der Merwe – Van Der Merwe, Schalk

Shelley van der Merwe – van der Merwe, Shelley

Strydom van der Merwe – van der Merwe, Strydom

Theresa van der Merwe – van der Merwe, Theresa

Vivian van der Merwe – van der Merwe, Vivian

W.J.P. Van der Merwe – Van der Merwe, W.J.P.

Willem van der Merwe – van der Merwe, Willem

Nico van der Meulen – van der Meulen, Nico

Nienke van der Meulen – van der Meulen, Nienke

Dorothee van der Osten – van der Osten, Dorothee

Bie van der Ploeg – van der Ploeg, Bie

Charmaine Van der Ploeg – Van der Ploeg, Charmaine

Elsa van der Reis – van der Reis, Elsa

Gunther van der Reis – van der Reis, Gunther

Helga Van der Riet – Van der Riet, Helga

Johan van der Schiff – van der Schiff, Johan

Jacky Van der Spuy – Van der Spuy, Jacky

Deryn van der Tang – van der Tang, Deryn

Tiaan van der Venter – van der Venter, Tiaan

Annelie van der Vyver – van der Vyver, Annelie

Daan van der Vyver – van der Vyver, Daan

Joey van der Vyver – van der Vyver, Joey

Melonie van der Vyver – van der Vyver, Melonie

Uldene Van der Vyver – Van der Vyver, Uldene

Ann van der Walt – van der Walt, Ann

Celia van der Walt – van der Walt, Celia

Clementina van der Walt – van der Walt, Clementina

Cobus van der Walt – van der Walt, Cobus

Danie Van der Walt – Van der Walt, Danie

Eunice van der Walt – van der Walt, Eunice

Frik van der Walt – van der Walt, Frik

Gert Van der Walt – Van der Walt, Gert

Hanlie van der Walt – van der Walt, Hanlie

Hannes van der Walt – van der Walt, Hannes

Joan van der Walt – van der Walt, Joan

Kittie van der Walt – van der Walt, Kittie

Lize van der Walt – van der Walt, Lize

Louis van der Walt – van der Walt, Louis

Luc Van der walt – Van der walt, Luc

Marie van der Walt – van der Walt, Marie

Ronnie Van der Walt – Van der Walt, Ronnie

Theodora van der Walt – van der Walt, Theodora

Tina van der Walt – van der Walt, Tina

Hannatjie van der Wat – van der Wat, Hannatjie

Andrew van der Watt – van der Watt, Andrew

Isabel Van Der Watt – Van Der Watt, Isabel

Jacobus van der Watt – van der Watt, Jacobus

Koos van der Watt – van der Watt, Koos

Laurie van der Watt – van der Watt, Laurie

Isabel Van Der Watt-Moodliar – Van Der Watt-Moodliar, Isabel

Meinard Van der Weide – Van der Weide, Meinard

Cara van der Westhuizen – van der Westhuizen, Cara

Duan van der Westhuizen – van der Westhuizen, Duan

Han van der Westhuizen – van der Westhuizen, Han

Janine van der Westhuizen – van der Westhuizen, Janine

Joan van der Westhuizen – van der Westhuizen, Joan

Leon van der Westhuizen – van der Westhuizen, Leon

Markus van der Westhuizen – van der Westhuizen, Markus

Marlien van der Westhuizen – van der Westhuizen, Marlien

Nina van der Westhuizen – van der Westhuizen, Nina

Petra van der Westhuizen – van der Westhuizen, Petra

Pierre Van der Westhuizen – Van der Westhuizen, Pierre

Pieter van der Westhuizen – van der Westhuizen, Pieter

Alida Marianne Van Deventer – Van Deventer, Alida Marianne

Monique van Deventer – van Deventer, Monique

Ngola van Deventer – van Deventer, Ngola

Marilyn van Dongen – van Dongen, Marilyn

Benjamin van Dyk – van Dyk, Benjamin

Jacco van Dyk – van Dyk, Jacco

Johanna Van Dyk – Van Dyk, Johanna

Nina Van Dyk – Van Dyk, Nina

Sally van Eeden – van Eeden, Sally

Gwen van Embden – van Embden, Gwen

J.F. van Enter – van Enter, J.F.

Maurice van Essche – van Essche, Maurice

C.J. van Eyk – van Eyk, C. J.

Maria van Geems – van Geems, Maria

Neil van Geems – van Geems, Neil

Caja van Genderen Stort – van Genderen Stort, Caja

Henk van Genderen Stort – van Genderen Stort, Henk

Edoardo van Gent – van Gent, Edoardo

Leon van Gent – van Gent, Leon

Annie van Graan – van Graan, Annie

Ivor van Graan – van Graan, Ivor

Riena Van Graan – Van Graan, Riena

Rina Van Graan – Van Graan, Rina

Lyn van Greunen – van Greunen, Lyn

Anna van Halderen – van Halderen, Anna

Francois van Halter – van Halter, Francois

Bernadette van Haute – van Haute, Bernadette

Lute Van Haute-Vink – Van Haute-Vink, Lute

Carel van Heerden – van Heerden, Carel

Cecilia van Heerden – van Heerden, Cecilia

Douw van Heerden – van Heerden, Douw

Hein van Heerden – van Heerden, Hein

J.L. Van Heerden – Van Heerden, J.L.

Jacobus van Heerden – van Heerden, Jacobus

Johan Van Heerden – Van Heerden, Johan

Johann van Heerden – van Heerden, Johann

Johannes Van Heerden – Van Heerden, Johannes

Justin van Heerden – van Heerden, Justin

Louis van Heerden – van Heerden, Louis

Marleen van Heerden – van Heerden, Marleen

Marlien Van Heerden – Van Heerden, Marlien

Michael van Heerden – van Heerden, Michael

Peter Gerhardus Van Heerden – Van Heerden, Peter Gerhardus

Petra van Heerden – van Heerden, Petra

Piet Van Heerden – Van Heerden, Piet

Pieter van Heerden – van Heerden, Pieter

Pietra van Heerden – van Heerden, Pietra

Stephan van Heerden – van Heerden, Stephan

Tuli van Heerden – van Heerden, Tuli

Wilma van Heerden – van Heerden, Wilma

Irmgard Van Hoensbroech – Van Hoensbroech, Irmgard

Elaine van Hoffen – van Hoffen, Elaine

J.J. Van Houhuyss – Van Houhuyss, J.J.

Philip Van Huyssteen – Van Huyssteen, Philip

Sandra Van Huysteen – Van Huysteen, Sandra

Wessel van Huysteen – van Huysteen, Wessel

Alice van Jaarsveld – van Jaarsveld, Alice

Elsa van Jaarsveld – van Jaarsveld, Elsa

Fanie van Jaarsveld – van Jaarsveld, Fanie

Frik van Jaarsveld – van Jaarsveld, Frik

Stephanie van Jaarsveld – van Jaarsveld, Stephanie

Jo Van Kampen – Van Kampen, Jo

Peter van Laeren – van Laeren, Peter

Claire van Lingen – van Lingen, Claire

Claude Van Lingen – Van Lingen, Claude

Gail van Lingen – van Lingen, Gail

Errol van Meiren – van Meiren, Errol

Heine Van Michaelis – Van Michaelis, Heine

Herman Van Nazareth – Van Nazareth, Herman

Andries van Niekerk – van Niekerk, Andries

Ann van Niekerk – van Niekerk, Ann

Anton van Niekerk – van Niekerk, Anton

B.L. van Niekerk – van Niekerk, B.L.

Caroline van Niekerk – van Niekerk, Caroline

Charles van Niekerk – van Niekerk, Charles

Dion van Niekerk – van Niekerk, Dion

Francois Pienaar van Niekerk – van Niekerk, Francois Pienaar

Heide-Marie van Niekerk – van Niekerk, Heide-Marie

John van Niekerk – van Niekerk, John

Kevin van Niekerk – van Niekerk, Kevin

Kevin Eduard Van Niekerk – Van Niekerk, Kevin Eduard

Mariana van Niekerk – van Niekerk, Mariana

Marisa van Niekerk – van Niekerk, Marisa

Natali van Niekerk – van Niekerk, Natali

Neil van Niekerk – van Niekerk, Neil

Pienaar van Niekerk – van Niekerk, Pienaar

R. van Niekerk – van Niekerk, R.

Tertius van Niekerk – van Niekerk, Tertius

Vuyiya van Niekerk – van Niekerk, Vuyiya

Zoe van Niekerk – van Niekerk, Zoe

Joyce Van Nieuwenhuizen – Van Nieuwenhuizen, Joyce

Tony Van Noort – Van Noort, Tony

Adri Van Ondsheusden – Van Ondsheusden, Adri

John van Reenen – van Reenen, John

Darren van Rensburg – van Rensburg, Darren

David Bruce van Rensburg – van Rensburg, David Bruce

Derric van Rensburg – van Rensburg, Derric

Dianne Shelley van Rensburg – van Rensburg, Dianne Shelley

Gawie van Rensburg – van Rensburg, Gawie

George van Rensburg – van Rensburg, George

Hester van Rensburg – van Rensburg, Hester

Hope van Rensburg – van Rensburg, Hope

Ian van Rensberg – van Rensberg, Ian

Janine van Rensburg – van Rensburg, Janine

Lea Van Rensburg – Van Rensburg, Lea

Nic van Rensburg – van Rensburg, Nic

Nico Van Rensburg – Van Rensburg, Nico

Nikodemis van Rensburg – van Rensburg, Nikodemis

Paddy van Rensburg – van Rensburg, Paddy

Pamela van Rensburg – van Rensburg, Pamela

Rene van Rensburg – van Rensburg, Rene

Sandchi van Rensburg – van Rensburg, Sandchi

Vincent van Rensburg – van Rensburg, Vincent

Willie van Rensburg – van Rensburg, Willie

Janine Van Rensberg-Wolmarans – Van Rensberg-Wolmarans, Janine

Bryan Drayang van Rijswijk – van Rijswijk, Bryan Drayang

Marlize van Rijswijk – van Rijswijk, Marlize

Francesca van Rooven – van Rooven, Francesca

Irma van Rooyen – van Rooyen, Irma

Linda van Rooyen – van Rooyen, Linda

Liz van Rooyen – van Rooyen, Liz

Maria R. van Rooyen – van Rooyen, Maria R.

Minette van Rooyen-Zaaiman – van Rooyen-Zaaiman, Minette

Frank van Schaik – van Schaik, Frank

Lise van Schaik – van Schaik, Lise

Andries van Schalkwyk – van Schalkwyk, Andries

Betty van Schalkwyk – van Schalkwyk, Betty

Elsa van Schalkwyk – van Schalkwyk, Elsa

Estelle van Schalkwyk – van Schalkwyk, Estelle

Ina van Schalkwyk – van Schalkwyk, Ina

Jenaine van Schalkwyk – van Schalkwyk, Jenaine

Johanna Van Schalkwyk – Van Schalkwyk, Johanna

Kathryn van Schalkwyk – van Schalkwyk, Kathryn

Maggie van Schalkwyk – van Schalkwyk, Maggie

Rob van Schalkwyk – van Schalkwyk, Rob

Susan Van Schalkwyk – Van Schalkwyk, Susan

Cher van Schouwen – van Schouwen, Cher

Francois van Staden – van Staden, Francois

Magda van Staden – van Staden, Magda

Rose van Staden – van Staden, Rose

Bastian van Stenis – van Stenis, Bastian

Peter Van Straten – Van Straten, Peter

Dave van Suilichem – van Suilichem, Dave

Jacobina Van Tilburg – Van Tilburg, Jacobina

Anita Van Tonder – Van Tonder, Anita

Djoni Van Tonder – Van Tonder, Djoni

Johann van Tonder – van Tonder, Johann

Jorieka van Tonder – van Tonder, Jorieka

Roger van Tongerloo – van Tongerloo, Roger

Bev van Velden – van Velden, Bev

Louvain van Velden – van Velden, Louvain

Mariλtte van Velden – van Velden, Mariλtte

Willem van Velden – van Velden, Willem

Gerhard van Veuren – van Veuren, Gerhard

Adri van Vuuren – van Vuuren, Adri

Andre van Vuuren – van Vuuren, Andre

Joan van Vuuren – van Vuuren, Joan

van Vuuren , L.M.J. – van Vuuren, L.M.J.

Lukas Van Vuuren – Van Vuuren, Lukas

Mari van Vuuren – van Vuuren, Mari

Sabine van Vuuren – van Vuuren, Sabine

Tenika van Vuuren – van Vuuren, Tenika

Annette van Wezel – van Wezel, Annette

Maggie Van Wezel – Van Wezel, Maggie

Braam van Wijk – van Wijk, Braam

Erna Van Wijk – Van Wijk, Erna

Wimsi van Wijk – van Wijk, Wimsi

Henk Van Woerden – Van Woerden, Henk

Anton van Wouw – van Wouw, Anton

A. van Wyk – van Wyk, A.

Abraham Van Wyk – Van Wyk, Abraham

Adri van Wyk – van Wyk, Adri

Albe van Wyk – van Wyk, Albe

Appie Van Wyk – Van Wyk, Appie

Bennie van Wyk – van Wyk, Bennie

Bob Van Wyk – Van Wyk, Bob

Chris van Wyk – van Wyk, Chris

Dirk van Wyk – van Wyk, Dirk

Dirk Andries van Wyk – van Wyk, Dirk Andries

Estelle van Wyk – van Wyk, Estelle

Gillian van Wyk – van Wyk, Gillian

Kobus van Wyk – van Wyk, Kobus

Lomare van Wyk – van Wyk, Lomare

Marie Van Wyk – Van Wyk, Marie

Retief van Wyk – van Wyk, Retief

Roger Van Wyk – Van Wyk, Roger

Saskia van Wyk – van Wyk, Saskia

Trudie Van Wyk – Van Wyk, Trudie

Vasti van Wyk – van Wyk, Vasti

Roger Van Wyk – Van Wyk, Roger

Andre van Zijl – van Zijl, Andre

Adriaan van Zyl – van Zyl, Adriaan

Alda van Zyl – van Zyl, Alda

Alta Van Zyl – Van Zyl, Alta

Andre van Zyl – van Zyl, Andre

Andrew van Zyl – van Zyl, Andrew

Angeline van Zyl – van Zyl, Angeline

Anita van Zyl – van Zyl, Anita

Annali van Zyl – van Zyl, Annali

Beau Van Zyl – Van Zyl, Beau

Hannes Van Zyl – Van Zyl, Hannes

Ian van Zyl – van Zyl, Ian

J.A.Van Zyl – Van Zyl, J.A.

John van Zyl – van Zyl, John

Kobus van Zyl – van Zyl, Kobus

Mariette van Zyl – van Zyl, Mariette

Peter Llewellyn Van Zyl – Van Zyl, Peter Llewellyn

Rhonda van Zyl – van Zyl, Rhonda

Trish van Zyl – van Zyl, Trish

Rene van Zyl Eloff -– van Zyl Eloff, Rene

Andrew Vanderlinde – Vanderlinde, Andrew

Cedric Vanderlinden – Vanderlinden, Cedric

Benjamin Vandyk – Vandyk, Benjamin

Kathleen Vane – Vane, Kathleen

Wilgeforde Vann-Hall – Vann-Hall, Wilgeforde

Mandla Vanyaza – Vanyaza, Mandla

Catherine Vareshine – Vareshine, Catherine

Minnette Vαri – Vαri, Minnette

Fayetta Varney – Varney, Fayetta

Geo Varney – Varney, Geo

Neville Varney – Varney, Neville

Helen Vaughan – Vaughan, Helen

Mary Vaughan-Williams – Vaughan-Williams, Mary

V.L. Veale – Veale, V.L.

Mzimba Velaphi – Velaphi, Mzimba

George Velapi Mazimba – Velapi Mazimba, George

Pam Veldman – Veldman, Pam

Anizska Velile – Velile, Anizska

Antonia Velissariou – Velissariou, Antonia

Gillian Vellet Calvani – Vellet Calvani, Gillian

Elizabeth Vels – Vels, Elizabeth

Volga Ven Der Merwe-White – Ven Der Merwe-White, Volga

William T. Tothill Venner – Venner, William T. Tothill

Gill Venniker – Venniker, Gill

Alex Venter – Venter, Alex

Alta Venter – Venter, Alta

Bie Venter – Venter, Bie

Catherine Venter – Venter, Catherine

Charl Venter – Venter, Charl

Clarinda Venter – Venter, Clarinda

Dawie Venter – Venter, Dawie

Elna Venter – Venter, Elna

Francois Venter – Venter, Francois

Glynn Venter – Venter, Glynn

Hendrika Venter – Venter, Hendrika

Jaco Venter – Venter, Jaco

Kobie Venter – Venter, Kobie

Kobus Venter – Venter, Kobus

Lotte Venter – Venter, Lotte

Louw Venter – Venter, Louw

Mia Venter – Venter, Mia

Roelof Venter – Venter, Roelof

Spies Venter – Venter, Spies

Stef Venter – Venter, Stef

Stephan Venter – Venter, Stephan

Werner Venter – Venter, Werner

Allen Venus – Venus, Allen

Jan Verboom – Verboom, Jan

Nico Verboom – Verboom, Nico

Petra Verdoorn – Verdoorn, Petra

Henri Vergon – Vergon, Henri

Nicolaas Vergunst – Vergunst, Nicolaas

Elsa Verloren van Themaat – Verloren van Themaat, Elsa

Frans Vermaak – Vermaak, Frans

Julie Vermaak – Vermaak, Julie

Petro Vermaak – Vermaak, Petro

Jane L. Vermeiren – Vermeiren, Jane L.

Cat Vermeulen – Vermeulen, Cat

Chalynne Vermeulen – Vermeulen, Chalynne

Daan Vermeulen – Vermeulen, Daan

Gustav Vermeulen – Vermeulen, Gustav

John Vermeulen – Vermeulen, John

Leon Vermeulen – Vermeulen, Leon

Leon Johan Vermeulen – Vermeulen, Leon Johan

Marie Vermeulen-Breedt – Vermeulen-Breedt, Marie

Iris Vermont – Vermont, Iris

Laurie Vermont – Vermont, Laurie

Linda Vermont – Vermont, Linda

Anna Verschoyle – Verschoyle, Anna

Andrew Verster – Verster, Andrew

Cilla Verster – Verster, Cilla

Janie Verster – Verster, Janie

Johan Verster – Verster, Johan

Daan Verwey – Verwey, Daan

Jan Vicar – Vicar, Jan

Diane Victor – Victor, Diane

Dorette Victor – Victor, Dorette

Pierre Victor – Victor, Pierre

Gisela Viegas – Viegas, Gisela

Charlotte Viljoen – Viljoen, Charlotte

Cherry Viljoen – Viljoen, Cherry

Deon Viljoen – Viljoen, Deon

Emile Viljoen – Viljoen, Emile

Fanie Viljoen – Viljoen, Fanie

George Viljoen – Viljoen, George

Henk Viljoen – Viljoen, Henk

Jacco Viljoen – Viljoen, Jacco

Janie Viljoen – Viljoen, Janie

Karien Viljoen – Viljoen, Karien

Maria Viljoen – Viljoen, Maria

Noam Viljoen – Viljoen, Noam

Arthur Nhlanhla Villa – Villa, Arthur Nhlanhla

Edoardo Villa – Villa, Edoardo

Cynthia Villet – Villet, Cynthia

Diplomat Villi – Villi, Diplomat

Molly Vincent – Vincent, Molly

Nancy Vincent – Vincent, Nancy

Wendy Vincent – Vincent, Wendy

Barbara Vines – Vines, Barbara

Lute Vink – Vink, Lute

Reinette Visage – Visage, Reinette

Anne Visagie – Visagie, Anne

Christine Visagie – Visagie, Christine

Isabel Viseu – Viseu, Isabel

Jan Visser – Visser, Jan

Margaret Visser – Visser, Margaret

Marlene Visser – Visser, Marlene

Nellie Visser – Visser, Nellie

Pauline Visser – Visser, Pauline

Rina Visser – Visser, Rina

Trish Visser – Visser, Trish

Tamar Vivers – Vivers, Tamar

Andreas Vlachakis – Vlachakis, Andreas

Mike Vlok – Vlok, Mike

Harzy Voerman – Voerman, Harzy

Glynis Vogel – Vogel, Glynis

Willem Andries Vogel – Vogel, Willem Andries

Arie Vogelsang – Vogelsang, Arie

Faan Voges – Voges, Faan

Anne Vogt – Vogt, Anne

Harold Frederick Voight – Voight, Harold Frederick

Leigh Voigt – Voigt, Leigh

Walter Voigt – Voigt, Walter

Joachim Voigts – Voigts, Joachim

Regina Vollmeyer – Vollmeyer, Regina

Stephanaie Volpe – Volpe, Stephanaie

Vera Volschenck – Volschenck, Vera

Jan Ernst Abraham Volschenk – Volschenk, Jan Ernst Abraham

Pierre Volschenk – Volschenk, Pierre

Karen von Aartd Laserre – von Aartd Laserre, Karen

Guido von Besouw – von Besouw, Guido

Wiebke von Bismarck – von Bismarck, Wiebke

Heide-Marie von der Au – von der Au, Heide-Marie

Marlene von Dόrckheim – von Dόrckheim, Marlene

Ann Von Geusau – Von Geusau, Ann

Derek von Geusau – von Geusau, Derek

Roswitha von Glehn – von Glehn, Roswitha

Fabrizzio von Grebner – von Grebner, Fabrizzio

Christina Von Huetz-Davisson – Von Huetz-Davisson, Christina

Otto von Landsberg – von Landsberg, Otto

Renee Von Liebermann – Von Liebermann, Renee

Gerda von Malitz – von Malitz, Gerda

Amalie Von Maltitz – Von Maltitz, Amalie

Johan Von Maltitz – Von Maltitz, Johan

Heinrich Von Michaelis – Von Michaelis, Heinrich

Monica Von Moltke – Von Moltke, Monica

Karin von Veh – von Veh, Karin

Zola Vongqo – Vongqo, Zola

Anton Voorvelt – Voorvelt, Anton

David Voorvelt – Voorvelt, David

Adriaan Vorster – Vorster, Adriaan

Adriana Vorster – Vorster, Adriana

Alet Vorster – Vorster, Alet

Alma Vorster – Vorster, Alma

Andrι Vorster – Vorster, Andrι

Anna Vorster – Vorster, Anna

Charl Vorster – Vorster, Charl

Christel Vorster – Vorster, Christel

Elmine Vorster – Vorster, Elmine

Enslin Vorster – Vorster, Enslin

Gordon Vorster – Vorster, Gordon

Ian Vorster – Vorster, Ian

Jan Heyn Vorster – Vorster, Jan Heyn

Juanita Vorster – Vorster, Juanita

Liza Vorster – Vorster, Liza

Margaret Vorster – Vorster, Margaret

Mariaan Vorster – Vorster, Mariaan

Merle Vorster – Vorster, Merle

Niklas Carl Vorster – Vorster, Niklas Carl

Roelf Vorster – Vorster, Roelf

Sarie Vorster – Vorster, Sarie

Theo Paul Vorster – Vorster, Theo Paul

Bertus Vos – Vos, Bertus

Henk Vos – Vos, Henk

Johan Vos Coetzer – Vos Coetzer, Johan

Maxie Vos-Krauss – Vos-Krauss, Maxie

Hugo Vosloo – Vosloo, Hugo

Mynderd Vosloo – Vosloo, Mynderd

Nico Vosloo – Vosloo, Nico

Riaan Vosloo – Vosloo, Riaan

Veronica Vosloo – Vosloo, Veronica

Rudolph Vosser – Vosser, Rudolph

Helen Voster – Voster, Helen

John Voster – Voster, John

Theo Voster – Voster, Theo

Cameron Voyiya – Voyiya, Cameron

Vuyile Voyiya – Voyiya, Vuyile

Fatman Vuyani – Vuyani, Fatman

Cameron Vuyile – Vuyile, Cameron

Dorothea M. Vyvyan – Vyvyan, Dorothea M.







Anthony Wade – Wade, Anthony

Scott Wade – Wade, Scott

Aldith Wadge – Wadge, Aldith

Jeremy Wafer – Wafer, Jeremy

Annelie Wagenaar – Wagenaar, Annelie

Lindsay Wagener – Wagener, Lindsay

A.L. Waggenaar – Waggenaar, A.L.

Alex Wagner – Wagner, Alex

Debbie Wagner – Wagner, Debbie

Maretha Wagner – Wagner, Maretha

Margaret Wagner – Wagner, Margaret

Blanche Wahl – Wahl, Blanche

Wina Wainman – Wainman, Wina

Martin Wait – Wait, Martin

Maisie Waite – Waite, Maisie

Richard Wake – Wake, Richard

Cousin Walaza – Walaza, Cousin

Colleen Walcott – Walcott, Colleen

Herman Wald – Wald, Herman

Cecil Waldeck – Waldeck, Cecil

Christiaan Waldeck – Waldeck, Christiaan

Gillian Waldeck – Waldeck, Gillian

Ian Waldeck – Waldeck, Ian

Ron Waldeck – Waldeck, Ron

Wendy Waldek – Waldek, Wendy

Eric Wale – Wale, Eric

Erica Wale – Wale, Erica

Douglas Wales-Smith – Wales-Smith, Douglas

Andrew Walford – Walford, Andrew

Peggy Walfrod – Walfrod, Peggy

Marion Walgate – Walgate, Marion

Alvera Walker – Walker, Alvera

Brian Walker – Walker, Brian

Chantal Walker – Walker, Chantal

Claire Walker – Walker, Claire

Clive Walker – Walker, Clive

Garth Walker – Walker, Garth

Janine Walker – Walker, Janine

Lisa Walker – Walker, Lisa

Helen Wallace – Wallace Helen

John Wallace – Wallace , John

Marjorie Wallace – Wallace, Marjorie

Tiffany Wallace – Wallace, Tiffany

Sonja Wallin – Wallin, Sonja

Joyce Wallis – Wallis, Joyce

Martin Walmarans – Walmarans, Martin

Aidan Walsh – Walsh, Aidan

Bryan Walsh – Walsh, Bryan

Debbie Walsh – Walsh, Debbie

Aubrey Walters – Walters, Aubrey

David Walters – Walters, David

Lan Walters – Walters, Lan

Marlouw Walters – Walters, Marlouw

Ros Walters – Walters, Ros

Shelley Walters – Walters, Shelley

Angela Walton – Walton, Angela

Tony Walton – Walton, Tony

Konrad Walz – Walz, Konrad

Jeff Wambugu – Wambugu, Jeff

Gary Wanliss – Wanliss, Gary

Johan Wannenberg – Wannenberg, Johan

Eugenie Wannenburg – Wannenburg, Eugenie

Barbara Wannenburgh – Wannenburgh, Barbara

Ingrid Warburg – Warburg, Ingrid

Joan Warburton-McBride – Warburton-McBride, Joan

Ashley Ward – Ward, Ashley

Avril Ward – Ward, Avril

Charles Ward – Ward, Charles

Donovan Eric Ward – Ward, Donovan Eric

Edith Ward – Ward, Edith

Frank Ward – Ward, Frank

Peta Ward – Ward, Peta

Shirley Ward – Ward, Shirley

Lynn Ware – Ware, Lynn

Martie Wareing – Wareing, Martie

Robert Alfred Wareing – Wareing, Robert Alfred

A.J. Warne-Brown – Warne-Brown, A.J.

John Warner – Warner, John

Pam Warner – Warner, Pam

Val Warner – Warner, Val

Hugo Warren – Warren, Hugo

Rose Warren – Warren, Rose

Maria Warrington – Warrington, Maria

William Warrington – Warrington, William

Lori Waselchuk – Waselchuk, Lori

Richard Wasike – Wasike, Richard

Marilyn Wason – Wason, Marilyn

Jeanne Wassenaar – Wassenaar, Jeanne

Johanna Wassenaar – Wassenaar, Johanna

Marlene Wasserman – Wasserman, Marlene

Rosemary Watermeyer – Watermeyer, Rosemary

Michael Waters – Waters, Michael

Shelley Waters – Waters, Shelley

Deborah Waterson – Waterson, Deborah

Alison Watson – Watson, Alison

Bev Watson – Watson, Bev

David Watson – Watson, David

Derek Watson – Watson, Derek

Loureta Watson – Watson, Loureta

Lynnley Watson – Watson, Lynnley

Mark Watson – Watson, Mark

Olivia Watson – Watson, Olivia

Peter Watson – Watson, Peter

Stephanie Watson – Watson, Stephanie

Sue Watson – Watson, Sue

Ronnie Watt – Watt, Ronnie

Tanya Astrid Wattenland – Wattenland, Tanya Astrid

Derek Watts – Watts, Derek

Kerry Watts – Watts, Kerry

Larry Waugh – Waugh, Larry

Darren Webb – Webb, Darren

Isabelle Webb – Webb, Isabelle

James Webb – Webb, James

Joey Webber – Webber, Joey

Lilian Webber – Webber, Lilian

Peter Graham Webber – Webber, Peter Graham

Marjorie Webeloff – Webeloff, Marjorie

Fiona Weber Jankelowitz – Weber Jankelowitz, Fiona

E. Ronald Webster – Webster, E. Ronald

Paul James Webster – Webster, Paul James

Justine Weeks – Weeks, Justine

Maureen Weeks – Weeks, Maureen

Micheal J. Weeks – Weeks, Micheal J.

Aaron Wegmann – Wegmann, Aaron

George Weideman – Weideman, George

Lorraine Weideman – Weideman, Lorraine

Ingrid Weiersbye – Weiersbye, Ingrid

Maurice Weighell – Weighell, Maurice

Sabime Weight – Weight, Sabime

Maurice Weightman – Weightman, Maurice

Marie Weigt – Weigt, Marie

Paul Weinberg – Weinberg, Paul

Wolf Weinek – Weinek, Wolf

Dana Weiner – Weiner, Dana

David Weinstein – Weinstein, David

Claude Weisbuch – Weisbuch, Claude

Hans Weiss – Weiss, Hans

Michael Welchman – Welchman, Michael

Danca Welcome – Welcome, Danca

Sean Weldon – Weldon, Sean

Helen Weldrick – Weldrick, Helen

Chris Welford – Welford, Chris

Elzette Welgemoed – Welgemoed, Elzette

Gurshwon Wellman – Wellman, Gurshwon

K.G. Wellmann – Wellmann, K.G.

Alfred Wells – Wells, Alfred

David Wells – Wells, David

Peta Wells – Wells, Peta

Tenika Wells – Wells, Tenika

Daphne Welsh – Welsh, Daphne

Sophia Weltz – Weltz, Sophia

Diana Welvering – Welvering, Diana

Jean Welz – Welz, Jean

Konrad Welz – Welz, Konrad

Martin Wenkidu – Wenkidu, Martin

Pieter Wenning – Wenning, Pieter

Andrieta Wentzel – Wentzel, Andrieta

Bennie Wentzel – Wentzel, Bennie

Sandy Wentzel – Wentzel, Sandy

Uwe Werner – Werner, Uwe

Albert Werth – Werth, Albert

Melanie Wes – Wes, Melanie

Hannalie Wesjels – Wesjels, Hannalie

Anne Marie Wessels – Wessels, Anne Marie

Celba Wessels – Wessels, Celba

CP Wessels – Wessels, CP

Emile Wessels – Wessels, Emile

Hannalie Wessels – Wessels, Hannalie

Helena Wessels – Wessels, Helena

Johann Wessels – Wessels, Johann

Martens Gideon Wessels – Wessels, Martens Gideon

Martin Wessels – Wessels, Martin

Martine Wessels – Wessels, Martine

Rhι Wessels – Wessels, Rhι

Robyn Wessels – Wessels, Robyn

Saniki Wessels – Wessels, Saniki

Theresa Wessels – Wessels, Theresa

Tian Wessels – Wessels, Tian

Mike Wesson – Wesson, Mike

Ben-Christo West – West, Ben-Christo

Daphne West – West, Daphne

Melanie West – West, Melanie

Ronald West – West, Ronald

Walter Westbrook – Westbrook, Walter

Andy Westcott – Westcott, Andy

Wilhelm Westhoffen – Westhoffen, Wilhelm

Sylvie Westlake – Westlake, Sylvie

Alma Westman – Westman, Alma

Errol Westoll – Westoll, Errol

Marina Westoll – Westoll, Marina

Louwrens Westraad – Westraad, Louwrens

Pieter Westraadt – Westraadt, Pieter

Tanya Wetteland – Wetteland, Tanya

Bruce Weyer – Weyer, Bruce

Evette Weyers – Weyers, Evette

Sue Weyers – Weyers, Sue

Susan Weyers – Weyers, Susan

R.H. Whale – Whale, R.H.

Grace Wheatley – Wheatley, Grace

John Wheatley – Wheatley, John

Matthew Whippman – Whippman, Matthew

Adele White – White, Adele

Christelle White – White, Christelle

Donna White – White, Donna

Ernestine White – White, Ernestine

Ronelle White – White, Ronelle

Volga White – White, Volga

Melvin Whitebooi – Whitebooi, Melvin

Dawson Whitehead – Whitehead, Dawson

Harry Whitehead – Whitehead, Harry

Lennie Whitfield – Whitfield, Lennie

Thelma Whiting – Whiting, Thelma

Charlotte Whittaker – Whittaker, Charlotte

Jaqueline Whitten Nel – Whitten Nel, Jaqueline

Jean Whysall – Whysall, Jean

Fritz Wichgraf – Wichgraf, Fritz

Pieter Wicht – Wicht, Pieter

Uta Widera-Kleinsorge – Widera-Kleinsorge, Uta

Louise Wiechers – Wiechers, Louise

Marinus Wiechers – Wiechers, Marinus

Juliet Wiehahn – Wiehahn, Juliet

Paul Wienberg – Wienberg, Paul

Dominic Wieners – Wieners, Dominic

Dietmar Wiening – Wiening, Dietmar

Johann Wiening – Wiening, Johann

Andre Wiese – Wiese, Andre

Pat Wiese – Wiese, Pat

Annette Wietzorrek – Wietzorrek, Annette

Tony Wightman – Wightman, Tony

Alex Wiid – Wiid, Alex

Avril Wiid – Wiid, Avril

Frans Wiid – Wiid, Frans

Hannes Wiid – Wiid, Hannes

Jaco Wiid – Wiid, Jaco

Mark Wiid – Wiid, Mark

Siebert Wiid – Wiid, Siebert

Emilienne Wijckmans – Wijckmans, Emilienne

Wixie Wikberg – Wikberg, Wixie

Mark Wilby – Wilby, Mark

Genevieve Wilcock – Wilcock, Genevieve

Charmaine Wilde – Wilde, Charmaine

Barbara Wildenboer – Wildenboer, Barbara

Allan Wiles – Wiles, Allan

Brian Wiles – Wiles, Brian

Francis Wiles – Wiles, Francis

Jane Wiles – Wiles, Jane

Lucy Wiles – Wiles, Lucy

Nico Wiles – Wiles, Nico

Patricia Wiles – Wiles, Patricia

Paul Wiles – Wiles, Paul

Walter Gilbert Wiles – Wiles, Walter Gilbert

Brown Wilfred – Wilfred, Brown

John Wilhelm – Wilhelm, John

Karl-Heinz Wilhelm – Wilhelm, Karl-Heinz

Johan Wilke – Wilke, Johan

Susi Wilke – Wilke, Susi

Cat Wilken – Wilken, Cat

Jan Wilken – Wilken, Jan

Vic Wilken – Wilken, Vic

Lorraine Wilkes – Wilkes, Lorraine

Barrie Wilkins – Wilkins, Barrie

Wills Wilkins – Wilkins, Wills

Carol Wilkinson – Wilkinson, Carol

Karina Wilkinson – Wilkinson, Karina

Leslie Will – Will, Leslie

Charles Willcock – Willcock, Charles

Jade Willcock – Willcock, Jade

Marjorie Wille – Wille, Marjorie

Alison Williams – Williams, Alison

Cilla Williams – Williams, Cilla

Conrad Williams – Williams, Conrad

Eline Williams – Williams, Eline

Gareth Williams – Williams, Gareth

Graeme Williams – Williams, Graeme

John Williams – Williams, John

Joy Williams – Williams, Joy

Linda Williams – Williams, Linda

Neil Envor Williams – Williams, Neil Envor

Roz Williams – Williams, Roz

Russel Williams – Williams, Russel

Susjya Williams – Williams, Susjya

Susqua Williams – Williams, Susqua

Xolile Williams – Williams, Xolile

Mark Williamson – Williamson, Mark

Ross Williamson – Williamson, Ross

Sue Williamson – Williamson, Sue

David Willis – Willis, David

Elizabeth Willot-West – Willot-West, Elizabeth

Alan Wills – Wills, Alan

Wilkins Wills – Wills, Wilkins

Hilde Wilmot – Wilmot, Hilde

Berco Wilsenach – Wilsenach, Berco

Cari-Mari Wilsenach – Wilsenach, Cari-Mari

Adeline Wilson – Wilson, Adeline

Angus Wilson – Wilson, Angus

Anne Wilson – Wilson, Anne

Clarence Wilson – Wilson, Clarence

David Wilson – Wilson, David

Isabel Wilson – Wilson, Isabel

Janet Wilson – Wilson, Janet

Janie Wilson – Wilson, Janie

Jenny Wilson – Wilson, Jenny

Lorraine Wilson – Wilson, Lorraine

Lynne Wilson – Wilson, Lynne

Mark Wilson – Wilson, Mark

Norman Wilson – Wilson, Norman

R. Wilson – Wilson, R.

Sean Wilson – Wilson, Sean

Val Wilson – Wilson, Val

Jess Louise Wilsworth – Wilsworth, Jess Louise

Ingrid Winde – Winde, Ingrid

H.E. Winder – Winder, H.E.

Lloyd Wing – Wing, Lloyd

Luke Wingnean – Wingnean, Luke

George Matthias Winkles – Winkles, George Matthias

Flora Winship – Winship, Flora

Val Winstanley – Winstanley, Val

Austin Winter-Moore – Winter-Moore, Austin

Stefan Winterback – Winterback, Stefan

Thelma Wise – Wise, Thelma

Karen Wishart – Wishart, Karen

Wissema Jansje – Wissema, Jansje

Lore Wissigkett – Wissigkett, Lore

WMabel ithers – Withers, Mabel

Aaron Witkin – Witkin, Aaron

John Wittall – Wittall, John

Willem Wittenberg – Wittenberg, Willem

Corinne Witthaus – Witthaus, Corinne

Jodi Witz – Witz, Jodi

Lior Witz – Witz, Lior

Edwin Wocke – Wocke, Edwin

Bea Wolfaardt – Wolfaardt, Bea

Leigh-Anne Wolfaardt – Wolfaardt, Leigh-Anne

Edward Wolfe – Wolfe , Edward

Noam Wolfin – Wolfin, Noam

Adi Wolheim – Wolheim, Adi

Kim Wolhuter – Wolhuter, Kim

David Wolmarans – Wolmarans, David

Hendriett Wolmarans – Wolmarans, Hendriett

Lizelle Wolmarans – Wolmarans, Lizelle

Paul Wolmarans – Wolmarans, Paul

George Wolmerans – Wolmerans, George

Riaan Wolmerans – Wolmerans, Riaan

Joe Wolpe – Wolpe, Joe

Max Wolpe – Wolpe, Max

Alan Wolton – Wolton, Alan

E. Womersley – Womersley, E.

Egerton Wood – Wood, Egerton

Katherine Wood – Wood, Katherine

Judy Woodborne – Woodborne, Judy

Donald Woodhead – Woodhead, Donald

Val Woodley – Woodley, Val

Mervyn Woodrow – Woodrow, Mervyn

Craig Woods – Woods, Craig

Desiree Wooldridge – Wooldridge, Desiree

Susan Woolf – Woolf, Susan

Carole Woolf-Kesner – Woolf-Kesner, Carole

David Woolley – Woolley, David

Jensma Wopka – Wopka, Jensma

Margie Worthington-Smith – Worthington-Smith, Margie

Holly Wortmann – Wortmann, Holly

Florain Wozniak – Wozniak, Florain

W.G. Wren-Sargent – Wren-Sargent, W.G.

Jocelyn Wrensch – Wrensch, Jocelyn

Desirι Wright – Wright, Desirι

Gavin Wright – Wright, Gavin

Jeanne Wright – Wright, Jeanne

Joan Wright – Wright, Joan

John Wright – Wright, John

John Seppings Wright – Wright, John Seppings

Eithne Wulsohn – Wulsohn, Eithne

Ingrid Wustrow – Wustrow, Ingrid

David Wylde – Wylde, David

Geoffrey Wylde – Wylde, Geoffrey




Donald Xaba – Xaba, Donald

Eliza Xaba – Xaba, Eliza

Jan Xaba – Xaba, Jan

Musa Xaba – Xaba, Musa

Nhlanhla Xaba – Xaba, Nhlanhla

Raymond Xaba – Xaba, Raymond

Thelma Xaba – Xaba, Thelma

Virginia Xaba – Xaba, Virginia

Mzuzile Mduduzi Xakaza – Xakaza, Mzuzile Mduduzi

Shepherd Xego – Xego, Shepherd

Valentinos Xenides – Xenides, Valentinos

Helen ValeXenos – Xenos, Helen Vale

Khwe Xhu – Xhu, Khwe

Koulla Xinisteris – Xinisteris, Koulla

Rong Xu – Xu, Rong

Simon Xuma – Xuma, Simon



Yorke, Mary Ellen - Mary Ellen Yorke

Young, Ed – Ed Young

Young, Roger – Roger Young

Young, Graham – Graham Young

Younge Gavin - Gavin Younge

Yudelman, Dale – Dale Yudelman

Yule, John - John Yule


 inette Zaaiman-van Rooyen – Zaaiman-van Rooyen, Minette

Carine Zaayman – Zaayman, Carine

KonradZaayman – Zaayman, Konrad

V. Zaborouski – Zaborouski, V.

Rossi Zabunova – Zabunova, Rossi

Konni Zander – Zander, Konni

Timothy Zantsi – Zantsi, Timothy

Gail Zarrell – Zarrell, Gail

John Zaverdino – Zaverdino, John

Dorette Zeemas – Zeemas, Dorette

Charisse Zeifert – Zeifert, Charisse

Florence Zerffi – Zerffi, Florence

Jenna Zetisky – Zetisky, Jenna

Martha Zettler – Zettler, Martha

Irene Zhao – Zhao, Irene

Ndebele Zibusise – Zibusise, Ndebele

Anna Zieminski – Zieminski, Anna

Joane Ziervogel – Ziervogel, Joane

Derek Zietsman – Zietsman, Derek

Tim Zietsman – Zietsman, Tim

Ingrid Zimmer – Zimmer, Ingrid

Gisela Zimmermann – Zimmermann, Gisela

Ephraim Ziqubu – Ziqubu, Ephraim

Peter Anton Zoettl – Zoettl, Peter Anton

Emile Zoghby – Zoghby, Emile

Popi Zola – Zola, Popi

Elias Zollie – Zollie, Elias

Garth Zondi – Zondi, Garth

Michael Zondi – Zondi, Michael

Ntokozo Zondo – Zondo, Ntokozo

Muriel Zonneveld – Zonneveld, Muriel

Theo Zouves – Zouves, Theo

Thea Zouwe – Zouwe, Thea

Simphiwe Zulu – Zulu, Simphiwe

Ndabenhle Zulu – Zulu, Ndabenhle

Thabani Derrick Zulu – Zulu, Thabani Derrick

William Zulu – Zulu, William

Sandile Zulu – Zulu, Sandile

Vuminkosi Zulu – Zulu, Vuminkosi

Sphiwe Zulu – Zulu, Sphiwe

Jurgen Zummach – Zummach, Jurgen

Gisela Zummermann – Zummermann, Gisela

Tito Zungu – Zungu, Tito

George Zwaaf – Zwaaf, George

Vusi Zwane – Zwane, Vusi

Lumkile Zwane – Zwane, Lumkile

Wiseman Zwane – Zwane, Wiseman

Manfred Zylla – Zylla, Manfred

Sonja Zytkow – Zytkow, Sonja































































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