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Barbara Tyrrell Centenary Celebration


The Grand Occasion     100 Years!











Stop Press! Barbara Tyrrell goes on Safari @ 100! 



Barbara... The Queen of Africa!! - by Jom Somwang - Thailand



Barbara Tyrrell shares her latest Safari March 29th > April 2, 2012




Celebrants of the Grand Occasion




                    Birthday Girl                              Paul Mikula                            Marilee Wood                       Fugi Goobers



                           Sue Sayers                         Judy Sealy                          Tim Maggs                           The Host



                        George Domnick                          Marion Ivy                   Kristofer Karner                    Colin Sayers





The Boys' Camp





The Tyrrell Camp






Marilee Wood, Zulu beadwork authority, and curator of the 'Zulu Treasures of Kings and Commoners' 1996 exhibition, celebrated her 70th birthday with Barbara and friends.



Paul Mikula (Phansi Museum) Tim Maggs (former curator Natal Museum)  Colin Sayers (The Collector - CT)



Tim, Marilee and Marion Ivy (granddaughter of J R Ivy) arrive 'pen in hand' - with copies of Barbara's books.



And what the surprise! Her hilarious signatures celebrate and affirm her world of fun. 



It follows - Barbara Tyrrell remains unwilling to behave as the average centenarian.



Celebrators finish a meal and hey - check how they cleaned their plates!



"AU REVOIR"    ???


Over the hills and over the dales


Puffing and panting. the Nixie trails -


She puffs "Tot siens!" and pants "Goodbye!"


"Sala Kahle" - and so do I.



 but oh no no no NO..! 


On the 5th day of Safari Barbara & Co. set off to visit her centenary exhibition at the South African National Gallery!






A Centenary Celebration of the Life Work of Barbara Tyrrell


Iqholo le Afrika - Her African Pride - SANG






Oh look!



Barbara points to a historic painting titled LIWELUWELU dated 1954. The painting reappears on the cover of 'Tribal Peoples of Southern Africa' in 1968 and thereafter on reprinted editions.



Spot the author - artist - adventurer. Spot the sparkle.



Spot the privileged...



Barbara returned home after the gallery visit - whereupon friend and caregiver Louisa Geldenhuys (right) took over.



The Truly Amazing Life and Art of Barbara Tyrrell



(in the mean time)


ART TIMES featured Barbara Tyrrell on their cover - April 2012




Historic images contained therein (above and below) were provided by Gallery Ezakwantu through Cindy Tyrrell.



Artworks courtesy of the Killie Campbell Collections



National Gallery images by Gabriel Clark-Brown



Barbara's hundredth  birthday bash - March 15 2012 - National Gallery 


Contact us if you know of another artist who attended their own retrospective on their 100th birthday at their nations National Gallery! This Barbara did with her South African pride!


BT is so very cool! Check the image above (middle right) against another taken twenty years prior on the occasion of Barbara's 80th celebration (below) ! 



Barbara Tyrrell's 80th Birthday - March 15th 1992






Barbara Tyrrell stood out at another party held in 1996.



Barbara's 90th birthday celebration included her belly dancing instructors and a Thembu family.



Sure - Barbara must be aging, but it's easier to pick up the evidence by watching the little ones around her grow.



These wonderful pictures show how Barbara grew up too, now into her second century of adventure.



Nixie (Barbara's Caravan) / Alfred Martin Duggan-Cronin / Barbara Tyrrell


Contributions by Barbara Tyrrell and Alfred Duggan-Cronin to the visual recording of Southern Africa's tribal dress in their time will remain unparalleled, while their lifework will travel unchallenged through the wrinkles of time.




Happy Birthday Barbara! We are honoured to have shared moments along a common path.






Follow these links to book by Barbara Tyrrell books on offer...


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Native Life in South Africa

Suspicion is My Name

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